Iceland Daði og Gagnamagnið "10 Years" Eurovision 2021
Photo: EBU / Andres Putting

In March, Daði & Gagnamagnið released the quirky sci-fi-themed music video for their Eurovision 2021 entry “10 Years”. But now Daði Freyr wants to get fans involved. He’s asking for fans to send him content to use in a new music video for his Eurovision entry.

Daði announced details of his new music video with a post on Twitter.

The linked submission form goes into a bit more detail of the sort of media Daði would like fans to submit. He says he’s after videos of fans performing the “10 Years” dance or using the “10 Years” Instagram filter, screen recordings of Daði’s hologram performance from, videos of fans watching “10 Years” performed at Eurovision, photos or videos of fans wearing their Daði sweaters, and fan art.

There’s currently no deadline for submissions. Daði says he’ll let fans know when time is up.

Daði Freyr gets his fans involved

This isn’t the first time Daði Freyr has got fans involved with “10 Years”. Back at the beginning of the year, Daði announced that he wanted the public to be part of a background choir singing in “10 Years”.

When the song was finally released, the people’s choir could be heard angelically singing “Finds a new way to grow” behind Daði’s lead vocal. Germany’s Eurovision 2021 star Jendrik cheekily revealed that he had also sent in his vocals to be part of the choir, making him involved with two Eurovision 2021 entries.

Daði also released full credits, listing all the singers who contributed to the song.

Daði Freyr’s new EP and upcoming tour

Daði has also released his new EP Welcome. It features “10 Years”, 2020 entry “Think About Things”, Söngvakeppnin 2017 runner-up “Is This Love”, earlier single “Feel the Love” and new tracks “Clear My Head” and “Somebody Else Now”.

Daði is also looking ahead to his rapidly selling out 2022 international tour. But he’s clear about one thing — this won’t be a Daði & Gagnamagnið gig. He has confirmed that the fake band exist only at Eurovision. With the song contest over, Daði will perform live with his touring band, musicians Pétur and Ylva.

What do you think? Will you submit material to be part of the new “10 Years” video? Should more Eurovision artists make fan videos? Tell us your thoughts below!

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Euro Fan
Euro Fan
2 years ago

Even it was sad that Iceland didn’t perform live this year, but they finished 4th place was a huge success!

2 years ago

I was actually informed about that through Daði’s community tab on YouTube (yes, I have subscribed to him) and I unironically want to participate but I’m too introverted to do that

2 years ago
Reply to  Sot

Completely my same case 🙁