Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 29

Elena, Christian D & Dony – “Bailar”

First up is a Romanian triple threat. Eurovision 2009 singer Elena has collaborated with Christian D and Dony for the new single “Bailar” (“Dance”). Despite all hailing from the eastern-central European country, all three artists sing in Spanish. They want to dance their lives away in tropical climates with their lovers: “I want to live a life in Puerto Rico / That sorrows are forgotten singing from the heart / Tell me my soul if you want to dance with me / That I want to dance to the rhythm of our love”. The song naturally has a Latin feel to go along with the Spanish lyrics, but the post-chorus also adds in an electronic dance section.

Cleo & Lexy Chaplin – “Polskie Mexico”

“Welcome to Polish Mexico / Cold vodka with paprika / The evil never sleep amigo / In Polish San Escobar”. Yes, that’s right; Polish star Cleo has added a Latin/Mexican touch to her new song. After setting herself up as the head of a cartel in Central America, Cleo is making a living by selling “Polish mango” and “Slavic fire water” (aka onions and vodka) to esteemed people such as Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson and Cardi B. The Eurovision 2014 alum has also brought onboard Polish social media star Lexy Chaplin to provide a rap verse. (And a certain butter churner also makes a comeback)

Sara Jo & Edita – “Varalica”

Let them eat cake! Sara Jo serves aristocratic splendour alongside fellow Serbian superstar Edita in the music video for their new duet “Varalica” (“Imposter”). The pair deliver a solid pop track that they take further with their attitude (and higher courtesy of a whistle note by Eurovision 2013 star Sara). The lyrics of the song see Sara and Edita moving on from someone who did them wrong, but taking the chance to get their own back as well: “I was cheated on this colourful evening / I was deceived by your smut / I was cheated on, and I’m cheating on you”.

Sinan Hoxha (feat. Anxhela Peristeri) – “Puthje”

If you’re looking for a summer track that’s still wrapped up in ethnic Albanian sounds, then Eurovision 2021 star Anxhela Peristeri has one for you. She’s teamed up with Sinan Hoxha for “Puthje” (“Kiss”). The pair split up the vocals pretty evenly, with both delivering some of the verses and chorus. The accompanying music video features Sinan and Anxhela singing at a Mediterranean resort and on a yacht.

3JS – “Talent”

Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and “Talent”. Dutch band 3JS are focusing on the latter characteristic for their new single. The Eurovision 2011 trio discuss the fact that talent means nothing if what you’re doing doesn’t come from the heart: “Do you know what you want or not quite? / Talent that you are there, what is it worth to you? / Wonder of nature, have you marched a hundred thousand hours? Oh / Does it come from your heart? Because you do it with your heart”. Musically, it’s a retro pop rock song that subtly includes some synths behind all the guitars and drums.

Arvingarna – “Stannar du kvar”

Swedish dansband Arvingarna want to know if their lovers will stay with them. “Stannar du kvar” (“Do you stay”) is the latest single from their upcoming album. The Eurovision 1993 stars don’t stray too far from their usual repertoire and bring a 90’s pop feel to the track.

Kikki Danielsson – “Några steg på botten”

Two-time Eurovision star Kikki Danieslsson brings us the new single “Några steg på botten” (“A few steps at the bottom”). It’s a steady country track that the Swedish singer delivers with a raw vocal. Kikki is accompanied by a mixture of acoustic guitar and accordion melodies.

PAENDA, Moodygee & Jordiz – “I Fly High”

PAENDA has been giving us a year of dance music and this continues with the new single “I Fly High”. Once again collaborating with music producer Moodygee, they’ve also brought in DJ Jordiz for this latest song. It’s an EDM track with a classic beat drop in the chorus that’s designed to get a crowd going at a party. Lyrically, Austria’s Eurovision 2019 singer tells us that she aims for cloud nine when out at the weekends: “Half my crew back me up for the night / Feeling myself and I think that I might / Get real high, I’mma fly like a kite / For the weekend […] I fly high for the weekend”.

Hersi Matmuja – “Kënga e Çobanit”

“Kënga e Çobanit” (“Shepherd’s Song”) is a folk song originating from northern Albania, more precisely Kukes. This is where Hersi Matmuja was born, and so there’s a special connection for the Eurovision 2014 singer. This is Hersi’s first single in a long time, and the Albanian star noted on social media that, for this reason, she relates to the shepherd in the story: “I am a bit like that shepherd who once left and did not know if he would return, and if he did, who he would find”. The music video was filmed at Bele waterfall and in the meadows of Novosej.

Buba Corelli (feat. Jala Brat & Coby) – “Divljam”

Bosnian artist Jala Brat is “Divljam” (“Going wild”) with his new song. The Eurovision 2016 star performs alongside Buba Corelli and Coby on the Balkan dancehall track, which utilises a traditional instrumentation melody in the chorus to add an extra flavour. In the lyrics, the three rappers discuss how they’ve got their eyes on a particular person in the club and they have a desire to spend the night with them: “And I’m going wild, uh, I’m targeting her / That little, that little gypsy / And I’m going wild / Me-me-mix, baby”. Rather than a traditional club, the accompanying music video is set in a large cage, with Jala Brat, Cuba Corelli and Coby joined by a group of female dancers.

Connect-R & Smiley – “Rita”

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Well, Connect-R has something to say and he does so through his new song “Rita”. Moldova’s Eurovision  2006 rapper has teamed up with Romanian musician Smiley for the summery track with Latin influences. The story of the song centres around a woman called Rita who is about to get married. However, Connect-R is jealous of her spouse-to-be and wishes he could be the one she ties the knot with: “And she’s getting married today / My Rita, Rita, don’t give him your skin, you lips / Oh, my Rita, Rita / Give me another chance, I want to show you how it is / He doesn’t deserve you / My Rita, Rita, don’t give him what was just mine”.

Eva Boto – “Kdo Ti Bo Dušo Dal”

Eva Boto recently competed in the 2021 edition of Slovenian music festival Melodije morja in sonca (Melodies of the sea and the sun). The Eurovision 2012 alum performed the new song “Kdo Ti Bo Dušo Dal” (“Who Will Give You A Soul”) and was ranked first by two out of three voting groups – selected radio stations and the public televote. After tying for overall first place with Tatjana Mihelj, Eva sadly lost the tie break, which was determined by the act with most votes from the expert jury panel (Tatjana topped this voting group).

“Kdo Ti Bo Dušo Dal” starts off slowly, with Eva accompanied by piano chords. But things soon begin to build and there’s a burst of energy in the chorus that leads onto an anthemic ending. Lyrically, the Slovenian star sings to the ocean and wonders about the life it leads: “Is there laughter on your waves now? / Is it sad because I don’t know how to hug you? / Your wounds from us are deep to the bottom / Without you the world will fall asleep / Who will give you a soul?”.

IVAN – “I don’t know”

“I don’t know” – that was the thought of IVAN for the past seven years on whether to release this song. The Belarussian star revealed it’s been sat in demo form for all that time. But, he’s finally decided that now is the time for it to be released into the world. Sonically, it’s a pop rock track that progresses at a steady pace throughout its duration. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2016 alum questions whether the person he has feelings for will reciprocate them: “Should I lay down and die / Are these dreams only lies / Will my heart ever know / I don’t know”.

Max Mutzke – “Beste Idee”

Max Mutzke represented Germany at Eurovision 2004. And now his music will be present at another international event – Max’s new single “Beste Idee” (“Best Idea”) is being used as the theme song for German broadcaster ARD’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics Games 2020. A rousing percussion-driven pop song, Max sings about community and solidarity, and lists off a number of well-known partnerships in the chorus: “Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones / Sarah Vaughan and Nat King Cole / Prince Philip and [Queen] Elizabeth / June Carter and Johnny Cash”. The accompanying music video sees Max climbing a mountain – not an Olympic sport, but some exercise nonetheless.

Jessy Matador – “Chronique d’un yakuza”

France’s Jessy Matador has released the single “Chronique d’un yakuza” (“Chronicle of a yakuza”). Yakuza are members of organised crime syndicates originating in Japan. Despite the subject matter, the song isn’t completely dark and it still has the Eurovision 2010 star’s usual afrobeat influences that Jessy brings from his Congolese heritage.

Engelbert Humperdink & Tonekind – “Quando Quando Quando”

“Quando Quando Quando” (“When When When”) is a song with a long history and a couple of pseudo-Eurovision connections. Originally released in 1962, it was entered into Italy’s Festival di Sanremo that year, where it placed fourth sung by Tony Renis and Emilio Pericoliand. Engelbert Humperdink, the United Kingdom’s Eurovision 2012 representative, later recorded his own English-language version in 1968. Now, Engelbert’s rendition has been remixed again by music producer Tonekind. Adding in an electronic dance beat, it brings the song 50 years forward in time to the present day. The lyrics, while now vocoded, remain the same, with the British singer asking a person when they’ll become his lover: “Tell me when will you be mine / Tell me quando, quando, quando”.

D.Lewis (feat. Sarah McTernan) – “Summer Love”

Europe is two-thirds of the way through summer, but Eurovision 2019 alum Sarah McTernan intends to keep the positive vibes going with another summery pop song. The Irish singer features on “Summer Love”, the new single from D.Lewis. Despite being the featured artist, Sarah provides most of the vocal, with D.Lewis delivering a rap verse part way through. Sarah has her eyes on a certain person and wants them to spend the summer days and nights with her: “Even though the sun is down / Be my only / I know it – this feeling, this feeling inside / It’s summer love”.

Lev Kitkin (feat. Jimmie Wilson) – “Big Love”

Jimmie Wilson has a soulful voice, so that made him the perfect person to provide the vocals for “Big Love”, the new song by Moscow-based music producer Lev Kitkin. It’s a soulful house song with a smooth saxophone solo halfway through. San Marino’s Eurovision 2017 star sings about how he’s falling for someone big time: “You shot my heart with the big gun / Now I’m falling deep into your song / Got me pleading love and it’s the real one / The big love, the big love”.

Stefy De Cicco, Axel Black & White (feat. Stella Mwangi) – “I Like”

Stella Mwangi is the featured vocalist on the latest single from music producers Stefy De Cicco and Axel Black & White. It mixes together house and hip hop verses with a more EDM stylised post-chorus. In Stella’s rap, Norway’s Eurovision 2011 star teases her suitor with what she can do to him at night: “Tell me do u like what I like / Get excite how I like when I rock the mic / So come on rude boy / I put you to bed, boy”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Also Kateryna Pavlenko (as Monokate) released a song in collaboration with Dan Alien and Blueberry called “Play/Rec”