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He’s the Eurovision 2007 star who remains Belarus’ most successful entrant to date. In a recent television interview on Moskva24, Dmitry Koldun revealed several details about the conflicts he has had with both Viktor Drobysh and Philipp Kirkorov. And now, in the full version of the interview that was released on YouTube, Koldun has discussed his post-Eurovision life further.

In this extended version of the interview, Dmitry Koldun revealed that, in 2006, he signed a ten-year contract in which Russia’s public broadcaster Channel One was the biggest shareholder. During that time period, Koldun did not have a large say in regards to his own career development.

Next to that, he further detailed his work relationship with Philipp Kirkorov after Channel One declared that Koldun couldn’t work with the “Work Your Magic” producer anymore. Instead, he was forced to work with Alexander Lunyov, who had composed Dima Bilan’s Eurovision 2006 entry.

Dmitry Koldun speaks about Channel One contractual pressure

In the televised segment of the interview with David Winner, Koldun detailed his path to Eurovision. He spoke of the many obstacles that he had to endure on his journey to the contest. When the Minsk native eventually went and finished sixth, still Belarus’ best result to date, it did not ease the situation. Rather, it only complicated it. In the full version, Koldun told David Winner:

“[After Eurovision], the most unpleasant part happened. Viktor Drobysh said that we should record an album in America, and Philipp said that we should do more of that rogue prince out of me, the wizard. Channel One said: ‘You don’t need one or the other, you will now work with Alexander Lunyov, because… because we decided that way’. It was said that ‘You don’t have to tell us: “I want to work with Philipp there”, you don’t need to do that’.”

“I was a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Chemistry, who ended up in all that just from another world. And in just that one year, that all happened. I didn’t take any decision, just you know, I swam in the stream.”

During the first part of the interview, Koldun noted that after Eurovision he “had nothing at all” and didn’t experience the wealthy lifestyle that it might have seemed at the time. Indeed, Channel One tried to create an illusion on television by giving him an expensive car to attend public events. Koldun explained:

“They gave me a car, Channel One provided a car for me. I drove in it. Like you said, that I had to go to something [important]. I had a Porsche Cayenne, which I drove a time or four. That’s all. (…) To some kind of award gala, I would be arriving [with it].”

Koldun on his relationship with Philipp Kirkorov post-Eurovision

After not being able to work with Koldun anymore, Philipp Kirkorov turned cold towards him for a long time. Although the two are back on speaking terms these days, the post-Eurovision artistic break-up lead to long-term tensions between the two. Koldun told David Winner:

“I very much believe that he was not satisfied with what happened. It was hard to find a person that was satisfied with it. That’s not how it was supposed to happen, but it’s how it happened.”

“It’s completely possible that very deep inside him, the unpleasant aftertaste of that situation stayed with him. On the other side, I don’t think that Philipp often reminisces about it, if we didn’t ask that question. Because Philipp has a very fruitful life, these very multifaceted, prolific artistic activities, which he is busy with. I also do not reminisce about it, because I have somewhere to put my energy towards, in art, in other things. I don’t have desires to remember it. Those who often remember it, clearly have a goal. There is such [talk as] ‘You have everything because of him!’. No, I don’t think so.”

Are you surprised by Dmitry Koldun’s statements from this interview about Channel One and Philipp Kirkorov? Do you still remember his Eurovision performance. Let us know in the comments down below!

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5 months ago

I’m always fascinated by people who are surprised that they have to follow the contract they signed.

Look at Maruv. She didn’t like it so she didn’t sign it. Solved. Read the damn thing and decide whether it’s for you or not.

Agent 007
Agent 007
5 months ago

They made him follow the contract… how dare them!

5 months ago

Koldun really doesn’t seem to have a nice 2021… First the BTRC story (or should I say storIES) and now that. I hope he now can enjoy his summer and relax for a while…

Fast Food Music Lover
Fast Food Music Lover
5 months ago

That’s really sad. Kudos to him for sharing his story to warn others from falling into similar trap. He is very talented and no one can take his talents away from him. Hope he can rise up soon and make a name of himself again.