Teddy Scholten 1959 “Een beetje” (The Netherlands)

The 1950s were, of course, when it all began. Eurovision was first held in 1956, with hosts Switzerland emerging victorious. And, except for a pandemic-shaped gap in 2020, the contest has never looked back. The Netherlands dominated Eurovision’s brief run in the 1950s, winning twice. France also notched up its first win.

All four early winners were special in their own way, but which one was your favourite? Some months ago, we asked y’all to decide. And the results are in!

After counting 1,193 votes, we can confirm that the Netherlands’ 1959 victor Teddy Scholten is your favourite Eurovision winner of the 1950s with “Een beetje”. 

The Netherlands’ Teddy Scholten is your favourite Eurovision winner of the 1950s with “Een beetje”

After three consecutive years of staid ballads, the crown went to something peppier. The Dutch number beat out the equally catchy “Sing Little Birdy” from the UK by a margin of 5 points, securing 21 points in total. In this poll, Teddy took 464 votes or 38.89% of all votes cast. Scholten passed away in 2010, aged 83.

In second place, we have the much-missed Lys Assia with “Refrain”. The Swiss singer will always be remembered as the contest’s first-ever winner in 1956. She remained close to Eurovision, right up to her death in 2018. Here, “Refrain” attracted 418 votes or 35.04% of all votes cast.

Bronze goes to the other Dutch winner from this decade — Corry Brokken. The songstress first competed in 1956. But it was on her second attempt one year later that she emerged on top. “Net als toen” still holds a place in the hearts of 191 of you, taking 16.01% of the tally in this poll. Corry returned a third and final time in 1958. On that occasion she finished last, giving her the honour of being the only person to both win and come last in the Eurovision final. She later presented the contest in 1976. Brokken died in 2016.

France’s André Claveau rounds out the poll with “Dors, mon amour”. The 1958 champ is best known for beating out Italy’s Domenico Modugno and the legendary “Nel blu dipinto di blu”. The evergreen number came third, while a returning Lys Assia secured silver.

Poll results: Who is your favourite Eurovision winner of the 1950s?

  1. 1959: Teddy Scholten — “Een beetje” (The Netherlands) 38.89% (464 votes)
  2. 1956: Lys Assia — “Refrain” (Switzerland) 35.04% (418 votes)
  3. 1957: Corry Brokken — “Net als toen” (The Netherlands) 16.01% (191 votes)
  4. 1958: André Claveau — “Dors, mon amour” (France) 10.06% (120 votes)

Total Votes: 1,193

Do you agree with the results? Who did you vote for? Let us know below.

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4 months ago

Lmao 1959 was for me the worst song of the 50’s

1) France 1958
2) Switzerland 1956
3) Netherlands 1957
4) Netherlands 1959

Maya G
Maya G
4 months ago

My rank for the winners of 1956-1959:

  1. Dors, mon amour
  2. Een beetje
  3. Refrain
  4. Net als toen

The 1950s contests had some great music, but my favorite songs never won.

  • 1956 – My winner is Belgium’s Messieurs les noyés de la Seine or Italy’s Amami se vuoi
  • 1957 – My winner is Italy’s Corda della mia chitarra. A beautiful masterpiece.
  • 1958 – My winner is Sweden’s Lilla stjärna. Sweet and lovely.
  • 1959 – My winner is Italy’s Piove (Ciao, ciao bambina). Such passion.
Ria van de Velde
Ria van de Velde
4 months ago

I like 1957: Corry Brokken — “Net als toen” more

4 months ago

Oh my god, the results are exactly the same with my ranking! Teddy brought something new to the competition, while Refrain was so magical! Net Als Toen was also good, Andre was boring tho