Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2022 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 44

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from Amaury Vassili, Yohanna and others in a separate article during the run-up to Christmas.

VICTORIA – “The Worst”

VICTORIA has been fairly quiet since performing at Eurovision 2021. However, the Bulgarian singer has now followed her success at the contest up with the new single “The Worst”. It’s more dynamic than her Eurovision offerings but it still retains similarly clever lyrical content. VICTORIA sings the chorus from the perspective of the voice inside her head, which tries to tell her she’s worthless: “You’re the worst / I will make sure that nobody loves you / You’re the worst / And I’ll make sure that nobody cares […] And the worst / Is that I’m just a part of you”. In a press releases, VICTORIA notes that “The Worst” was one of the songs she wrote whilst in Rotterdam for Eurovision:

“I will be honest. The months after Eurovision were challenging. However, ‘The Worst’ is an inspiring song that we created with Maya Nalani, Oliver Bjorkvall and Helena Larsson in Rotterdam. We were locked up in a hotel room for two weeks during the ESC and we devoted ourselves to creativity. The lyrics are about that voice in your head telling you that ‘no one cares about you’ and how you shouldn’t lose yourself in it. I’m also working on my next record, which I will present very soon.”

Jüri Pootsmann – “Ümber sõrme”

Estonia’s Jüri Pootsmann has dropped the new song “Ümber sõrme”. It’s an alternative-pop track with slightly dark, electro production. But the Eurovision 2016 singer’s deep vocals bring a comforting ease to proceedings. Written alongside Eesti Laul 2021 act Karl Killing, Jüri noted on social media that it took the pair all summer to perfect the song.

Arilena Ara (feat. Gjon’s Tears) – “Dance Me”

Arilena Ara has been teasing her new album for the past few months. But now the Albanian singer has finally released POP ART THE ALBUM (fully in capitals for emphasis). The LP features 12 songs, including previous singles “Murderer”, “Aligator”, “Thirr Policine” and “Ke Me Mungu”.

Another of the songs, “Dance Me”, sees the Eurovision 2020 entrant collaborating with Switzerland’s Eurovision 2021 representative Gjon’s Tears. Whilst you might have expected these two power vocalists to deliver a dramatic ballad, they actually bring us a Katy Perry-style dance-pop track. It’s bilingual, with Arilena singing in English and Gjon’s Tears adding in a French verse.


Italian operatic trio Il Volo have released the new album IL VOLO SINGS MORRICONE (putting album titles in full capitals is obviously the new in-thing). The LP does exactly what it says in the title – Il Volo cover 14 songs originally composed by Ennio Morricone, who passed away in 2020. In addition to the pre-release singles “Your Love” and “The Ecstasy of Gold”, the Eurovision 2015 alumni also put their own spin on other songs from Morricone’s acclaimed soundtracks. “Nella fantasia” was part of the Golden Globe Award winning soundtrack for The Mission, whilst “E più ti penso” features in BAFTA Award winning score for Once Upon a Time in America. And there’s a lot more to discover on the album as well.

Jeangu Macrooy (feat. Pete Philly) – “A Little Greener”

Jeangu Macrooy is cultivating a garden of love. The Dutch singer has released “A Little Greener”, an easy-going track with indie and soul influences. Jeangu sings of the need to nurture a relationship so that the love can grow to its full potential: “Love will bloom like a flower in the garden / If you water it, yeah / Love won’t bloom like a flower in the garden / If you don’t cherish it, no / The grass will always looks a little greener x4 / On the other side”. The Eurovision 2021 star is joined by Pete Philly, who contributes the bridge as a rap.

Lara Fabian & Félix Lemelin – “Chez nous”

Lara Fabian coached Félix Lemelin during the sixth season of La Voix (the French-Canadian version of TV singing competition The Voice), where he made it to the semi-finals. Now Lara has composed the new song “Chez nous” (“With us”) that she performs together with Félix. Luxembourg’s Eurovision 1988 singer starts the song off before Félix joins in and they deliver some nice harmonies in the chorus (and there’s a key-change for good measure). Lyrically, the pair sing about obtaining the courage to begin an adventure: “I see, I see this dream right in front / I’m scared, I’m scared, but I’m really, really going / With an open heart I fly / Heartless I take off”.

Westlife – “My Hero”

Eurovision 2016 star Nicky Byrne and his bandmates of Westlife have released “My Hero”. An uplifting ballad, the quartet bring the feels and deliver vocals in the chorus that really cut through. In the lyrics, the Irish boyband thank someone for helping them through difficult times: “You’ve seen the long nights, the I’m not alrights / The ebb in the tide, that’s sold in the red eyes/ You don’t know how you’re saving my life tonight / ‘Cause I feel like / You are my hero”.

Robin Bengtsson – “If I Was You”

Robin Bengtsson’s new single is “If I Was You”. Sweden’s Eurovision 2017 singer delivers a bright guitar-driven pop track with a rich sound in the chorus. Robin sings to his ex-partner about how their life has fallen apart without him in it, and that they should think about rectifying the situation: “Ain’t it funny, ain’t it sad / You found a dessert looking for that greener grass / Ain’t it precious how things turned out / Darling, karma always comes back around / So if I was you / I’d be on my mind right now”.

Alsou – “Я люблю тебя”

“‘I love you’ is such a simple and short phrase in all languages of the world, but in life it is the most difficult and longest! Do not forget to tell her to each other.” Alsou is making sure her lover knows exactly how she feels. The Russian singer says “Я люблю тебя” (“I love you”) a total of 26 times in her latest single (i.e. in every line except one). In between hearing the Eurovision 2000 star’s declarations, the song is filled with electric guitar solos that give it a rather old-school feel.

Gaia (feat. Francesca Michielin & Margherita Vicario) – “Ginga”

Sanremo 2021 contestant Gaia recently dropped her new album Alma. For one of the LP’s tracks, “Ginga” (“Swings”), Gaia brought on board Eurovision 2016 star Francesca Michielin as well as fellow Italian singer Margherita Vicario. Gaia opens things up with the first verse and chorus. Margherita and Francesca then come in to deliver the second and third verses respectively. Sonically, “Ginga” is a slow but rhythmic offering that once again sees Gaia blending Italian and Brazilian Portuguese influences.

The Glowsticks (feat. Ben Cristovao, Mc Roger & Savara) – “Regina”

Ben Cristovao brought aspects of his Angolan heritage into his intended Eurovision 2020 entry “Kemama”. Now the Czech star has participated in a cross-continental collaboration that highlights this afrobeat style along with Brazilian funk carioca and Toronto R&B. “Regina” was put together by Canadian production team The Glowsticks. The track features four languages, with Eurovision 2021 alum Benny adding in English and Czech for his verse.

Jala Brat – “Trči”

Jala Brat’s latest single is “Trči” (“Run”). Beginning with a dark piano melody, Bosnia’s Eurovision 2016 representative then jumps in with fiery rap that continues at pace through to the outro. Jala raps about a woman he was once with, but who seemingly got comfortable with other people as well: “Have you ever loved me as much as I have, have you ever? / One hundred thousand have you ever, darling, seen? You never did / No where, no where, eh, and she would go everywhere, eh”.

Aurela Gace – “Djali im i keq”

Following on from a couple of more upbeat songs, Aurela Gace returns to balladry for her latest single “Djali im i keq” (“My bad boy”). But regardless of the tempo, there’s still an Albanian musical flavour running through it. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2011 star is note dealing well with a breakup from her bad boy. Aurela keeps returning to an establishment they frequented as a couple, hoping to see her partner magically return as well: “Know how many times / I came here for you / A glass of tears / It fills this commodity”. This story is shown fairly literally in the music video, with Aurela heading out into town and eventually drinking her sorrows away with a glass of wine.

VOSTOK – “Alice”

Last year, Kristian Kostov unveiled the VOSTOK project. Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2017 singer has now returned to it for the new single “Alice”. It opens with a spooky melody that sounds like the haunted version of a children’s nursery rhyme. Kristian also uses darker takes on such rhymes in the lyrics: “Pretty little Alice found a ring / How much sorrow could it bring / Twinkle, twinkle little shiny star / How I wonder what you are”. For those who wish Halloween would last longer than one night, then this song should keep the ghoulish spirit alive.

Cor (feat. Trijntje Oosterhuis) – “Jayce”

Trijntje Oosterhuis features on “Jayce”, a song from the new album by Dutch rapper Cor. The Eurovision 2015 star provides a sung vocal line in between Cor’s rap verses. All of it is underlined by paired-back production, with Trijntje and Cor largely accompanied by a singular guitar.

Tanel Padar – “Müüt”

Eurovision 2001 champion Tanel Padar celebrated his 41st birthday on 27 October. On the same day, he released the new single “Müüt” (“Myth”). The Estonian singer delivers a solid rock offering with plenty of guitars and drums, but also an interesting synth section in the bridge. In the lyrics, Tanel gives the person of his affections some time and space to decide if they would like to proceed with a relationship, noting that this shows his caring side: “You have time, you have space to think / Until all answers are available / You see how I try / Say what I just want now / My fault may be a myth / You hear how I care”.

Timebelle & Alejandro Reyes – “Barba”

Timebelle represented Switzerland at Eurovision 2017, while Alejandro Reyes finished as the runner-up of the country’s 2018 national final Die Entscheidungsshow. Now, they’ve joined forces for the bilingual English-Spanish song “Barba” (“Beard”). That is correct, they’ve created a song revolving around the theme of bristling, bushy beards. Timebelle expanded on this in the music video’s description:

“A sexy reggaeton, ‘Barba’ is a flirtatious game between two people, where one is attracted by another’s beard, and the beard becomes the main character whose abilities to seduce are without any doubt endless. ‘Barba’ is just a reminder on a reggaeton rhythm that sometimes the simplest things can create a significant amount of pleasure and satisfaction.”

Louis Held (feat. ela.) – “Immer wieder”

Eurovision 2014 singer ela. has collaborated with German rapper Louis Held. The pair come together for the song “Immer wieder” (“Again and again”). Louis contributes a series of rap verses and then ela. appears in between for a more melodious chorus. The former Elaiza member joins Louis in the music video, where they perform in a factory (though you initially think it’s Louis’ apartment).

Jan Johansen (feat. Ella Hedström) – “En liten droppe i havet”

Eurovision 1995 alum Jan Johansen has teamed up with fellow Swedish singer Ella Hedström for the new single “En liten droppe i havet” (“A littele drop in the ocean”). The song was inspired by the work of Swedish charity Ankarstiftelsen (The Anchor Foundation), who recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. It’s a bright track that’s driven by ukulele and acoustic guitar.

Magdalena Tul – “Rediscovered You”

Magdalena Tul’s latest single is “Rediscovered You”. Poland’s Eurovision 2011 entrant now works with a USA-based record label. After all of this travelling around, Magdalena has realised that it helps put things into perspective; particularly, how much she loves a certain individual: “I travel the world to follow my dream / Now all I do is dream of you / I travel the world and finally discover / That I rediscovered, rediscovered you”. The accompanying music video for the mid-tempo song is shot from the perspective of Magdalena’s lover, as they watch the Eurovision alum enjoy some time on the beach.

Sofi Marinova – “Zlato moe”

For Sofi Marinova, it’s all about the eyes. In the chorus of her new single “Zlato moe” (“My gold”), the Eurovision 2012 star sings of how her lover’s pupils woo her every time: “Ah, your eyes / Eyes irresistible / They always do with me / Things inexplicable”. Sofi has some eye-catching iris’ herself in the music video, with the Bulgarian singer wearing bright blue contact lenses for part of it.

Alfie Arcuri – “Devils Lips”

Australia Decides 2019 singer Alfie Arcuri has been keeping busy, also competing in the Golden Stag Festival 2019, New Wave 2021, and co-writing Sandro’s Eurovision 2020 song “Running”. Alfie now has his new single “Devils Lips”, a tantalising piece of synth-pop. The song shows off his substantial vocal talents, as he sings of being swept away by a devilish lover. The song comes with a peachy-keen quirky music video. (Robyn)


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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Tomas Davitt
Tomas Davitt
2 years ago

Damn that Alfie Arcuri song is great, he would be in the running for australia decides if he entered that

2 years ago

Arilena and Gjon’s song is awesome!

2 years ago

Not a single Albanian word from Arilena and Gjon’s duo. Sigh

2 years ago

that magdalena tul song started playing on accident and i thought the intro was my stomach growling LOL

2 years ago

Always great to listen to Jeangu, I just love this guy.

Gaia’s album is very good but made me think that she should pick a different song for Sanremo, because there are much better tracks than “Cuore amaro” there. Maybe the problem was that she needed en entry in Italian and a good part of the songs on “Alma” are in Portuguese or mixing both languages.

2 years ago

I love Ennio Morricone. I will be giving Il Volo’s album a lot of my time, probably.

2 years ago

VICTORIA – The Worst on repeat! Amazing song!

2 years ago

Thank you for putting this list together every week. My picks this time are the corny ballads by Westlife and Lara Fabian

2 years ago
Reply to  usain1

Corny? The eternal cliché in Eurovision that all adjectives connected to the word “ballad” have to be pejorative is endless …as if the same would never be applied to the word “uptempo”.

2 years ago

Oh, absolutely! I love Loboda & Ani Lorak and all the other eastern queens. Actually I totally fell in love with the russian pop sound and their melodies, especially when it comes along in minor.