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In Spain we call it ‘nos va a dar algo’. Benidorm Fest keeps on giving, and Spanish artists keep on commenting about Eurovision. Now it’s time for Rigoberta Bandini, our choice for Spain in our Wednesday Wishlist series during the summer. Call us visionary.

Rigoberta Bandini has considered Eurovision for Spain

In an interview with Agencia Efe, Rigoberta Bandini confirmed that she has considered taking part in Eurovision. However, it looks like it may not be this year: “Everything is up in the air still”, she says.

“I wouldn’t mind doing it (Eurovision), but I don’t know if it’s time”, she adds. There are several factors to be considered, one of them being the time commitment. 


Who is Rigoberta Bandini?

Rigoberta Bandini is one of Spain’s hottest artists. She began her career when she was very young, providing the voice of a cartoon character. She then went on to become an electronic pop producer and hitmaker. Her breakthrough song “In Spain We Call It Soledad” earned her popularity all over the country and she’s went on a national tour this summer. “Perra” is another one of her hits.

Rigoberta’s catalogue includes slickly produced, fresh and quirky electronic pop, mixed with spoken word or choir-like interludes. Spain has often been criticised for picking extremely safe and sometimes lame songs for Eurovision. Any song Rigoberta Bandini has produced is anything but safe and lame.

Lately, Bandini has had a tiny connection to Eurovision. Her latest single is called “Julio Iglesias”, he who came fourth for Spain in 1970. He had an extremely successful career afterwards, with millions of records sold worldwide. But that’s a very slight connection to Eurovision there, isn’t it?

Spain Eurovision 2022 rumours

Spain’s Benidorm Fest has created unprecedented attention for Eurovision in Spain. The rumour mill keeps on spinning, and many popular artists are starting to talk or tease about Eurovision.

Just on Thursday, another fan favourite, Ana Mena, published a photo of Massiel’s victory on Twitter and Instagram following a social media black out.

Two other fan favourites have actually confirmed they submitred an entry to Benidorm Fest. Rayden and Tanxugueiras have tried their luck. Rayden has even announced the name of his entry “Calle de la llorería”. 

Tanxugueiras won the fan vote La Elección Interna in Summer. Some days ago, they also confirmed to our colleagues at Eurovision-Spain they have submitted an entry.

Ana Mena, Rigoberta Bandini, Tanxugueiras and Rayden are four of the five names we mentioned in a post in Summer. The other one was Ladilla Rusa, who had announced in August that they had already prepared a hit for Benidorm.

Well, that may be more of a miss, because they recently announced a concert in Madrid on May 14. That’s the date of Eurovision 2022. Maybe someone was seeking a bit of free promo…

What do you think about Rigoberta Bandini? Will she enter Benidorm Fest this year? Do you want her to represent Spain? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

I was hoping Rigoberta would also be part of it and I wondered if she had submitted “Julio Iglesias””, but I’m happy that Tanxugueiras tried their luck.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sabrina

Tanxugueiras would be great

1 year ago

At least these are rumors with actual info to back them up! Isn’t it fun talking about artists who want to do Eurovision or havent closed themselves off to it at least that fans also want?