Albania’s representative for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Anna Gjebrea, recently caught up with wiwibloggs’ Deban Aderemi for an interview at Klan Tv studios in Tirana.

Whilst speaking with Deban, Anna unveils the background story behind her Junior Eurovision song, “Stand By You”. She also gives us some hints about the work going into her live performance for the stage in host city Paris.

Interview: Anna Gjebrea (Albania Junior Eurovision 2021)

In the beginning of the interview, Anna Gjebrea tells us that the original song produced by Adam Watts, Gannin Arnold and Sanni M’Maimura was in too low of a key for her voice. Therefore, they decided to tune it up for her Junior Eurovision experience and at the same time the song went through a few changes in lyrics.

When talking about the message behind “Stand By You” and the story of the music video, Anna says she wants to spread a message to Europe about the negative impacts of bullying – not only to children right now, but also their future selves.

Anna says: “Bullying is something that happens a lot today, and many many people have experienced it. And I even had some of my friends experience it, and I felt so bad.” She goes on to pinpoint the main message of the song which for her is “Strength is in numbers, we have to get together and stop bullying because it is not good.” 

During the interview, Anna reveals to Deban that her stage performance for Junior Eurovision in Paris will be directed by Luca Tommassini. He’s a very popular Italian artistic director, who was also behind the staging of Senhit performance for San Marino at Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Meanwhile, the choreography will be created by Angelo Recchia. 

Anna Gjebrea also tells us about how big a fan of Junior Eurovision and Eurovision she is, and how much she wanted to be part of the competition for her country, Albania. Deban tests her knowledge of the other songs competing at Junior Eurovision 2021, and it’s clear that Anna is definitely a big fan of the contest – she not only knows every song Deban asked her, she also sung them.

At the end of the interview, there’s a little surprise for fans, and Anna sings the English version of her song “Stand By You”.

Anna Gjebrea concludes the interview with a strong message to Junior Eurovision fans by saying “Be a buddy, not a bully”. Amen!

Are you a fan of the message in Anna Gjebrea’s song “Stand By You”? What do you think Luca Tommassini will bring to Albania’s performance? Let us know in the comments.

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12 days ago

“Be a Buddy, Not a Bully ” over 15,000 hits have been made to this song site on YouTube so far.
“Positivity”is another song that could help.

13 days ago

Wait? DEBAN IS BACK!!!! When did this happen????

Esc addict
Esc addict
13 days ago

Good luck Albania, among my winners of this year, I was not convinced by the staging of Senhit in May, so I hope it will be better for Anna this time, she has a very nice voice she can sing so if the staging is as good as the song, you will get my vote, for sure. This song needs absolutely dancers imo.

Esc addict
Esc addict
13 days ago
Reply to  Esc addict

“Be a buddy, not a bully” I find this so clever! It should be used during her performance on the big screen.