Måneskin "Zitti E Buoni" Italy Eurovision 2021
Photo: EBU / Thomas Hanses

Google Trends’ annual Year in Search lists have just landed for 2021. And, as per usual, Eurovision and its stars feature prominently.

Eurovision on Google Trends 2021

“Eurovision 2021”, “Eurovision Song Contest” and other variants were among the most popular and fastest-growing search terms in:

  • Croatia #8 on most-searched
  • Finland #2 on discussed topics
  • Ireland #4 on television
  • Russia #3 on events
  • Sweden #5 on trending and #2 on entertainment
  • Ukraine #7 on most-searched and #2 on TV series

Eurovision Singers on Google Trends 2021

Måneskin are at #5 on Italy’s people list while Sanremo 2021 is #7 on events. But the group truly went global in 2021. They pop on lists throughout Europe – #5 on international singers in Belgium, #10 on musicans in the Netherlands and #8 on artists in Norway. Meanwhile, the band’s frontman Damiano David is at #10 on Belgium’s international singers list.

Additionally, many Eurovision singers left an impact on home soil.

  • Belgium: Hooverphonic are #1 on the Belgian singers list while their frontwoman Geike Arnaert is at #6. 
  • France: Barbara Pravi is #2 on the singer and musican ranking. 
  • Israel: Eden Alene makes #9 on the country’s people countdown.
  • Russia: Manizha is #5 on people.
  • Slovenia: Ana Soklic is #8 on people.

Past Eurovision acts on Google Trends

It’s not all about the class of 2021.

Denmark was gripped by ABBA mania. ABBA is #1 on music, while band members Agnetha Fältskog and Benny Andersson are at #2 and #7 respectively. Agnetha also makes #6 of the foreign personalities list.

Norway’s figures include KEiiNO’s Alexandra Rotan at #3 on artists along with 2016’s Agnete at #10. The late Melodi Grand Prix 2019 competitor Hanke von Helvete is at #9. Ukraine’s 2013 singer Zlata Ognevich is at #9 on the country’s most-searched people list.

The above statistics offer just a high-level overview of Eurovision’s cultural impact over the past 12 months. It’s not a complete picture since Google doesn’t provide data for every territory, and the data it does give varies from country to country. Still, it’s fairly obvious that the contest is Europe’s most popular tv event.

Additional reporting by Renske

Are you surprised by the trends? Or are they as expected? Let us know below.

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2 years ago

Eurovision 2021 was #2 most searched term in the category “events” in Serbia

2 years ago

Eurovision 2021 is at 8th in the overall Belgian trends ;p

2 years ago

Great impact, i thought Eurovision would be trending in UK too following the nul points discussion?

Esc addict
Esc addict
2 years ago

Eurovision 2021 impact everywhere, not surprising it was one of the most successful year imo