The Eurovision 2022 season is slowly beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 49

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from Alexander Rybak, Yulia Savicheva and others in a series of separate articles during the run-up to Christmas.

LOBODA – “ЗанесLo”

One person you won’t see in the separate Christmas new music posts is LOBODA. The Ukrainian singer has advertised her new single “ЗанесLo” as a ‘New Year’s song’ – countries using the Orthodox calendar celebrate Christmas on 7 January and hence most of their festive tunes are about Novy God (New Year). However, there’s nothing especially festive about the music here, bar from some light chimes, and it’s very much in line with the Eurovision 2009 star’s usual dance-pop sound. The lyrics do at least reference cold and winter though, with LOBODA singing: “Everything crumbled like ice / You did not save the warmth / I’m freezing without you / White frost / Has brought my strong love”.

Lena – “Strip (cozy winter version)”

Another star who has released a not-so-festive winter song is Lena. Germany’s Eurovision 2010 champion last released music all the way back in June of this year, when she premiered the single “Strip”. Lena has now dropped a stripped-down version of “Strip”, which features her vocals over a laid-back percussion accompaniment. Branded as a ‘cozy winter version’, it definitely is a good song to have on as you relax by the fire during the long winter nights.

Iveta Mukuchyan – “Ay Eta”

There’s nothing quite like an Armenian ethno-pop bop. And that’s exactly what Iveta Mukuchyan brings us with her new single “Ay Eta” (“That’s It”). Filled with traditional instruments and laced with a catchy beat, it’ll quickly get the listener moving. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2016 star speaks to her parents about how we pursue our future without living in the present: “Oh mom, the better we do, the worse they will look / Souls must be cleansed / Oh, Dad, I thought the world was mine until I closed my eyes / Look inside / That’s it”.

Manizha – “Now or Never”

Manizha pleased many fans by brining the Russian language back to Eurovision earlier this year. But for her latest single, “Now or Never”, the star is reverting to English. The song goes on a journey with three distinct sections – a delicate opening, a soft-rock middle, and an ending that combines this rock edge with rich orchestral accompaniment. The lyrics also speak of a journey, with Manizha singing of her search for freedom: “Now or never / Time to leave my perfect world / Be better / Locked me in that choking hold / Oh river / Will you lead me to my freedom?”. Russia’s Eurovision 2021 star commented further about the messaging of the song on social media:

“People often tell me ‘be better’, but surprisingly these words only hinder me from truly enjoying what I am doing. I often find my answers in nature and not in their words that express their expectations. In these lyrics, there is an image of a river. For me, this river never stops, otherwise it will run dry, it is forever fluid and moves how she chooses for herself.”

Ajda Pekkan – “Bi’ Tık (Sunrise Version)”

Legendary Turkish singer Ajda Pekkan represented her country at Eurovision 1980. A couple of months ago, Pekkan released her first studio album in seven years – the self-titled Ajda. Now, the Eurovision alum has released a music video for the LP’s opening song “Bi’ Tık (Sunrise Version)”. It stars Pekkan alongside a male companion in various scenarios. However, in every circumstance, the pair are just out of reach of each other and unable to be with one another.

For those wondering what makes this the ‘Sunrise version’, Ajda ends with the ‘Midnight Version’ of the song.

KEiiNO (feat. Peder Elias) – “A New Beginning”

Eurovision 2019 group KEiiNO made “A New Beginning” after a hacker took over their old Instagram account. This also happens to be the title of the Norwegian trio’s new single. This song was funded by PwC Norge as part of their Julekalender, where the company have paid for the production of 12 new songs through the festive period. KEiiNO have collaborated with emerging singer Peder Elias for the song, which develops into a wonderful and dynamic pop track. Fred Buljo adds in some joik for the bridge, but it’s Alexandra Rotan and Peder who take the lead on the rest of the vocals: “Guess I’ve been waiting for tonight / Even though I know it’s all in my head / I’m back in your bed / I can’t travel back in time / But tonight I wanna go somewhere new / A new beginning”.

Tamta & Die Arkitekt – “FACE”

Tamta has been experimenting a bit more with her music recently. Cyprus’s Eurovision 2019 star has now collaborated with music producer Die Arkitekt for the song “FACE”. The pair deliver an electronic track with elements of techno thrown into the mix. There’s actually minimal lyrical content from Tamta except for one repeated verse: “Are you looking for thrills / Or just a pretty face / Are you down with the pills / Are you tracking the trace / Got a reputation / Hush, hush, don’t say”.

Aram Mp3 & Kami Friends (feat. 3.33) – “Շնորհավոր”

Not satisfied with just one Armenian ethno-pop bop this week and in need of another? Well Aram Mp3 has what you need. The Eurovision 2014 star has collaborated with duo Kami Friends for the new song “Շնորհավոր” (“Congratulations”), which also features rapper 3.33. You’ll be wating a little bit for Aram Mp3 to turn up though – he doesn’t make an appearance until the final chorus.

If you’d like something a bit more jazzy, then Aram Mp3 has also recently released his own rendition of the 1970s hit “Siro Hasak”.

Ilse DeLange – “Don’t Hold Back”

December is the month of Christmas TV commercials. And if you’re in the Netherlands, then you might have recognised a familiar voice on the one for PLUS Supermarkt. Eurovision 2014 silver medallist Ilse DeLange was chosen to compose and sing the background song for the commercial. The Dutch singer then decided to record a full-length version to release as a single. Titled “Don’t Hold Back”, it’s a chilled country track that aims to highlight those who do good for others: “‘Cause you don’t hold back on the love, the love that you need to / When kindness is what you give, it always surrounds you”. This is also the theme of the commercial, which Ilse revealed on Instagram as being the reason she wanted to write the song:

“When I saw the images, they immediately appealed to me. There are so many people who do so much good for others and it is nice that they are ‘seen’, because often they are much too modest for that themselves. So I thought I’d try to do something of a tribute to these kind of good-doers!”

Madame Monsieur – Des gens mortels

French duo Madame Monsieur have gifted us the new EP Des gens mortels (Mortal people). It features six songs, including the recent single “On est tous le con de quelqu’un”. The other five songs continue the Eurovision 2018 act’s French-pop and electro-pop styling, predominantly at a mid-tempo level.

Victor Crone – “Love Someone Like Me”

Victor Crone gives us the new single “Love Someone Like Me”. Estonia’s Eurovision 2019 star is in shock that the person of his dreams has chosen to partner-up with him: “When you’re next to me / I can’t believe it / I am falling down in your arms / You make me feel and how / Could you love someone like me”. Musically, the track is an acoustic-guitar driven pop song.

Rosa López – “Si No Te Vuelvo a Ver”

“If I don’t see you again / I will break again / Into pieces of paper / In remains of yesterday / You are wrong / Destiny / Gets old / Take me / To your mouth”. Rosa López is pleading with her lover to stay by her side. Spain’s Eurovision 2002 entrant has released “Si No Te Vuelvo a Ver” (“If I Don’t See You Again”). The production has a consistent beat running throughout the track, and then brings in some synths for the background of the chorus.

mor ve ötesi – “Forsa”

It’s been a while since we had new music from Eurovision 2008 band mor ve ötesi. But the Turkish group have now dropped the new single “Forsa”. And it’s as if the band never left. They bring a spirited rock performance just as they did on the Eurovision stage 13 years ago.

Uzari – “Птица-траектория”

Uzari has been competing in the tenth season of The Voice Russia. Belarus’s Eurovision 2015 singer has also released the new single “Птица-траектория” (“Bird-trajectory”). With production by Ragatana, the track has a lot of drama in the post-chorus instrumental. This is enhanced by the visuals, with the music video featuring some standout costumes. In a press release, Uzari explains more about the song and the accompanying video:

“The main idea of the video is confrontation and struggle with a difficult life situation. A kind of allegory, comparing a person with a bird that is tied and cannot fly away. The song ‘Птица-траектория’ is a synergy of folklore, electronic music and deep text.”

Lordi – Lordiversity (Abracadaver)

Lordi continue the digital release of their new album series, Lordiversity. The second LP is Abracadaver, which sees the Finnish band going full force and delivering a series of thrash metal songs. There are 12 tracks on the album, including the pre-release title song “Abracadaver”. Song #10, “Evil”, was originally from their 2020 album Killection.

Aless (feat. Ben Cristovao) – “Slobodná”

Czech star Ben Cristovao recently featured on the new single by Slovak singer Aless. The Eurovision 2021 artist contributes the second verse of “Slobodná” (“Single”). Sadly, Benny doesn’t make an appearance in the music video. Instead, there are pans of the surrounding landscapes while he raps.

Sevak – “До луны”

Sevak has released a new song, which means it’s time for another moody R&B ballad. This time, it comes in the form of “До луны” (“The moon”). To be fair, the production here has more drive to it than other songs of the genre. Lyrically, Armenia’s Eurovision 2018 representative details his struggle to be with the person he loves after they went away: “Yes, touch you like the moon / So far / So difficult / So impossible”.

Nina Badric – “Pamtim”

Nina Badric’s new single is “Pamtim” (“I remember”). It’s an emotive ballad that gradually builds over the course of its duration. Croatia’s Eurovision 2012 star sings about the love that her partner used to give her, before they ended up giving it to someone else: “I still remember / Your touches / Your eyes are innocent / What bound my soul / I still remember your kisses / What others stole”.

“Pamtim” features on Nina’s new Best Of album, Dani I Godine (Days and Years), which rounds up all of her greatest hits between 2014 and 2021.

Magdolna Rúzsa – “Domine”

Magdolna Rúzsa is tapping into her faith for the new single “Domine”, which was the closing track of her recent album Karma. A steady ballad, Hungary’s Eurovision 2007 star sings to God and entrusts him to carry her when she’s in trouble. This is exactly how the song was first created. In a long post on Instagram, Magdolna explained the backstory to this new single:

“Last year, life really hit me. That’s when this song was born. I remember going from one interview to another all day and not being able to show that I wasn’t well with my face, because the show must go on. […] I don’t know others who are like this, but I need days at this point for light to enter the dark pit into which life has entered. Well then, there he finally reached out to me and lifted me up! He yanked me out of the pit, dusted me off, and led me on. He must have known what I couldn’t already know, and he carried it, carrying it on his back to make it easier for me. As always, for a lifetime, for better or worse. The next day, ‘Domine’ was born, which will be forever a symbol for me to entrust my things to God. Who knows how many times he has carried his back and how many times he has given wings.”

Alicja (feat. Hodak) – “Spójrz”

Alicja continues her musical rebrand with the new single “Spójrz” (“Look”). Venturing into hip hop and R&B, the song features a rap verse from Hodak. This more urban side of Alicja also comes through in the lyrics. Poland’s Eurovision 2020 entrant no longer has the patience to wait around for her lover to treat her correctly. Instead, Alicja is going to move forward and chart her own path: “Don’t ask, just look / No words needed here / After all, I don’t have time to play anyway / I feel sorry for the tears / It won’t change anything anymore”.

Bujāns – “He, She, You & Me”

Bujāns is a duo comprised of Latvia’s Eurovision 2009 star Intars Busulis and Eurovision 2006 singer Reinis Sējāns. They’ve now released “He, She, You & Me”. A slightly cheesy euro-dance track, it’s reminiscent of some songs from Eurovision of the late 2000s and early 2010s. This cheese also filters through into the lyrics, with Intars and Reinis singing about uniting together: “Together we can jump / Together we can fly / He, She, You & Me / We are one big family”. Intars commented further about the message of the song in a post on Instagram:

“This song is a message to all generations, to the whole nation .. as a string of soul FROM US TO YOU filled with love .. we hope to give strength and joy .. the amplitude of movements and the relentless rhythm of life.”

Max Mutzke (feat. Carolin Kebekus) – “Nimmst du mich in der Arm”

Earlier this year, Max Mutzke released his new album Wunschlos süchtig. One of the songs included on the LP was “Nimmst du mich in der Arm” (“You take me in your arms”). Now, Max has released a new version of the song. This rendition features the Eurovision 2004 alum teaming up with fellow German singer Carolin Kebekus for a duet. The accompanying music video is a simple affair, but one that matches the emotive nature of the song – contemporary dancers perform on stage as Max sits in the theatre whilst singing: “Are you hugging me just as a friend? / At the end of the day I haven’t dreamed / With the rest of my strength I fought my way to you / Oh, are you hugging me, just as a person?”.

Max has also uploaded a music video for the original solo version of the song. It’s exactly the same – it just doesn’t have Carolin’s voice in the background.

PAENDA & Maone – “Deep Vibes”

PAENDA is vibing deeply in her latest single. A collaboration with music producer Maone, Austria’s Eurovision 2019 singer adds her light vocals to the soft house beats. In these lyrics, PAENDA asks her partner not to leave her and hopes they can rekindle the “Deep Vibes” they once had with another: “Just tell me that you’ll stay with me / ‘Cause you don’t want me to see me kissing somebody / Even though you don’t feel what you felt for me / Tell me, do you still feel all the deep vibes”.

Vanilla Ninja – “Waterfalls”

Vanilla Ninja’s latest music video is for the single “Waterfalls”. Part of their comeback album, Encore, it’s a mid-tempo rock offering. In the lyrics, lead vocalist Lenna Kuurmaa says she’s battling waterfalls to try and keep the love between herself and her partner alive: “I can’t live / I can’t forgive / By diving through waterfalls / And fighting through waterfalls”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Manizha’s new song is great!

Agent 007
Agent 007
2 years ago

Manizha the queen is stunning

2 years ago

The divas are ruling this week: Clearly my favs are Ajda Pekkan and Loboda! The video from Ajda Pekkan looks really expensive! Just like her new lips… ?
Seriously, her new song sounds really great, it has a nice ethno club rhythm.

2 years ago
Reply to  usain1

It is a really cool song but the translate is totally different ‘ bi tik’ means ‘just a little bit more’ she sings’ come closer just a little bit more to my heat that is hotter than ember’ ‘just let yourself into my flow a little bit more’ its has nothing to do with ‘click’

2 years ago
Reply to  usain1

Yeah , Ajda is almost 80 and she looks fabolous 🙂