It’s that time of year when we’re all getting into the festive spirit and preparing for Christmas. Amongst the food and presents, music also often forms a big part of the Christmas period.

Luckily for us, a plethora of Eurovision stars have taken time this year to release some new festive tunes that we can add to our Christmas playlists. So many in fact, that we’ve split the songs up into a trilogy of posts.

As you gather around the tree and finish your final preparations, here’s another selection of the new Christmas songs from Eurovision artists that will help you celebrate the yuletide.

New music from Eurovision artists: Christmas 2021 | Part 2

Daði Freyr – “Something Magical”

“I made a Christmas song, then I made a lyric video, then I uploaded the video to YouTube and here we are.” Enough said.

Daði Freyr has a magical Christmas song for us all. Iceland’s Eurovision 2021 star adds his fun and quirky electronic touch to “Something Magical” and delivers a catchy festive tune. Daði notes that he goes through the same routine each year for Christmas, but despite that, it’s still worth it when he gets to spend it with his loved one: “There is something magical about Christmas time / When I get to spend it with my / Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby / Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby, yeah”. Fans of Daði Freyr will recognise the flying creatures in the lyric video from the singer’s previous music video for “Somebody Else Now”.

Tusse – “this is our christmas song”

As you might have gathered, there are a lot of festive songs about sharing time with family and friends. But Tusse is dedicating his Christmas track to those who may be alone and without such comradeship: “For everyone who’s home alone / I know what you’re feeling / Know that this is our song / I’m thinking about you this Christmas”. Sweden’s Eurovision 2021 star delivers an uplifting tune to hopefully give these people some festive spirit. Tusse talked more about “this is our christmas song” in a post on Instagram:

“Many live alone and around Christmas, when the community is in focus, the loneliness only becomes greater for many. We wanted to write a song about this and therefore dedicate it to everyone who recognises themselves. When the anxiety is greater than the joy, I hope that this song provides security during the Christmas season.”

Jamala – “Новий рік з тобою”

If you’re looking for sleigh bells, you sadly won’t find any in Jamala’s festive offering. Instead, the Eurovision 2016 champion incorporates her jazz and alternative sound, as well as a bit of samba in the bridge. It is still a festive song though and, as usual with some eastern European countries, Jamala sings about New Year. But in fact, the lyrics of “Новий рік з тобою” (“New Year with you”) are not the most typical either, with Jamala bringing in a sense of irony: “New life / Sweet in deed again / And you wanted a / Beautiful body / And to go to the Maldives / Hahaha hahaha / Listen! / New year with you / Exactly what I need”. Jamala explained the meaning behind the lyrics in a post on Instagram:

“I wanted to add a little irony to this New Year. And to remind that all our desires, all goals are achievable! But we should not just imagine them from tomorrow, from Monday, from the New Year. Instead fall asleep and wake up with them, go to the goal. Live with a sense of dream. Know that everything is already happening. I wish everyone in the New Year not to wait for miracles, but to create them.”

Carola – “Komma hem till julen”

Carola is keeping her new Christmas song within the family. “Komma hem till julen” (“Come home for Christmas”) is written by the Swedish singer’s son, Amadeus. Carola and Amadeus bring us a steady pop track that blends festive cheer with an emotive pull … and a key change. This emotion comes through in the lyrics, with the Eurovision 1991 winner singing about reuniting with family: “Longed to feel the peace / Waited so long for that time / Then we can start again / Because now it’s Christmas again / We finally get to come home for Christmas again”.

Sergery Lazarev & Vlad Topalov – “Новый год”

Before his solo career, two-time Eurovision entrant Sergey Lazarev was part of the pop duo Smash!! alongside Vlad Topalov. The 19 December marked the 20th anniversary of the duo’s formation. To honour this, Sergey and Vlad have reunited for the festive song “Новый год” (“New Year”). Sergey originally released the track as a solo single in 2017, which took the form of a ballad. But this new rendition adds in some dance-pop beats to make it a more uptempo affair. In the lyrics, the pair sing: “New Year in frosty windows / The lights are on for the lonely / New Year is like a new wind / Let someone meet someone”. Sergey does in fact meet someone in the music video, but it so happens to be an old flame who Vlad is now dating…

Krista Siegfrids & Mikko Leppilampi – “Valkea joulu”

If there’s anywhere in Europe where a “White Christmas” is almost a guarantee, it’s Scandinavia. So Krista Siegfrids’ wish of a “Valkea joulu” has a good chance of coming true. The Eurovision 2013 star has collaborated with fellow Finnish singer Mikko Leppilampi for a rendition of the Christmas classic. Mikko kicks things off, then Krista joins in later and the pair come together to deliver some festive harmonies. You might also recognise another Eurovision alum in the music video. Accompanying Krista and Mikko on the piano is Lasse Piirainen, one half of Finland’s Eurovision 2017 duo Norma John.

ELENA – “Colinda Craciunului”

“Hallelu-hallelujah / Through the Christmas carol / Hallelu-hallelujah / We praise the Lord”. Eurovision 2009 alumna ELENA has released her very own “Colinda Craciunului” (“Christmas Carol”). The Romanian singer is initially accompanied by an acoustic guitar, but a string quintet subsequently join in to build the atmosphere of the song. In a comment underneath the music video, ELENA expressed the emotions she’s put into the carol:

“I give you from the bottom of my heart one of the most beautiful carols I have ever sung. May the emotion of Christmas make us better, warmer, full of love. Happy celebrations! I hug you all!”

Lordi – “Merry Blah Blah Blah”

Now for the true meaning of “Jingle Bell Rock”. The music behind Lordi’s “Merry Blah Blah Blah” is at least on the festive side, with plenty of sleigh bells in amongst the mid-tempo rock production. However, the lyrics are a bit more gruesome: “You eat those pigs and turkeys because they taste so good / Well, Santa made their wish come true and now they’re eating you […] I put vengeance on my wish list and that’s what Santa brought / So have a merry something and a happy blah blah blah”. This is extended into the age-restricted music video, which visually shows every lyric in cartoon, and slightly gory, form.

Ott Lepland – “Jõulud rõõmsaks”

After qualifying through the Eesti Laul 2022 quarter-finals, Ott Lepland will have to wait until next February for the semi-finals. That leaves plenty of time for the Estonian singer to relax, enjoy the Christmas period, and sing his new festive tune “Jõulud rõõmsaks” (“Merry Christmas”). A cheery pop track, Ott sings about the classic theme of only needing his loved ones in order to be happy at Christmas: “Give me your heart / And I’ll make a poem about you / But the greatest gift / What makes a Merry Christmas / You are it”.

Rebeka Dremelj & Sebastian – “Ko primeš me za roko (božična)”

Eurovision 2008 star Rebeka Dremelj is celebrating 20 years of friendship with fellow Slovenian singer Sebastian. The pair have come together for their first duet and it just so happens to be a Christmas one. “Ko primeš me za roko (božična)” (“When you take my hand (Christmas)”) is a fun and happy song with plenty of festive spirit. The pair take this theme of friendship and put it into the lyrics of the song: “When you take my hand, everything is as it was then / All the joy is at the door, but time has stopped / When you take my hand, everything is as it was once / The New Year is upon us and everything will be as it was then.

Jessica Andersson – “Christmas Morning”

Jessica Andersson gives us a festive ballad with “Christmas Morning”. Sweden’s Eurovision 2003 representative (as part of the duo Fame) is accompanied by percussion as she sings about the one thing that really matters at Christmastime: “You’re the best gift I ever could get / So on this Christmas morning / I just started to realise / Oh, on this Christmas morning / I don’t need no presents tonight / ‘Cause all I wish for is you by my side”.

Jóhanna Guðrún – “Ætla ekki að eyða þeim ein”

Jóhanna Guðrún’s Christmas song may start off with some slow wintry bell chimes, but don’t be fooled into thinking it continues in the same vain. From the first chorus onward, “Ætla ekki að eyða þeim ein” (“I’m not going to waste it alone”) turns into a catchy pop track. Iceland’s Eurovision 2009 runner-up, known to international audiences as Yohanna, sings about how she’s not going to let opportunities pass her by when it comes to finding love over the festive season: “And if I find someone I want to accompany me home / Then there’s Christmas / I’m not going to waste it alone”.

Eimear Quinn – “Winter Solstice”

Eimear Quinn has always had “The Voice” and it comes to the forefront once again in her new ethereal song. The northern hemisphere “Winter Solstice” is marked on 21 December, when the north pole reaches its maximum tilt away from the Sun. Ireland’s Eurovision 1996 winner has noted that she filmed the music video herself on her phone. Though we’re going to assume she also added in some stock footage and didn’t in fact film all the landscape shots from the air. Eimear also commented about why the “Winter Solstice” means so much to her:

“I’ve always loved this day. Not only for the optimism it brings, but also for the ‘holding’ that I feel our Earth mother gives us as she tips to her furthest extreme from our life-giving sun. The stillness of the dark, and the acknowledged need for rest and dormancy, before the cycle starts again. I hope you enjoy my new hymn to this sacred day. (Ps , I made the video alone on my iPhone…. So, as Adele might say… go easy on me x)”

Goran Karan & 4 Tenora – “Divna je noć”

Croatia’s Eurovision 2000 entrant, Goran Karan, has collaborated with Dora 2019 participants 4 Tenora for “Divna je noć” (“It’s a beautiful night”). They naturally make the most of having five voices by bringing in an increasing amount of harmonies through the ballad. Lyrically, they sing about the joy of having a full house of loved ones at Christmas: “It’s a beautiful night / My home is full / All the good people I love / They are here with me”. The music video also showcases this, with Goran and 4 Tenora sharing a meal with friends and family.

Birthe Kjær – “Det Er Nu, Det Er Jul”

Birthe Kjær represented Denmark at Eurovision 1989, finishing third. Now, Birthe has released the song “Det Er Nu, Det Er Jul” (“It’s Now, It’s Christmas”). It couldn’t get much more Christmassy than this, with the Danish singer bringing an abundance of cheer.

Fans of Birthe will pleased to know she’s released a second festive song this year. The Eurovision alum has also recorded her own version of “O Hellige Nat” (“O Holy Night”).


Click on the link below to read our previous roundup of other new Christmas songs released recently by past Eurovision artists:

Which of these new Christmas songs is your favourite? Who are you hoping to see featured in our next festive music roundup? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 years ago

Yohanna, always

2 years ago

My favourite was Mikko Leppilampi & Krista Siegfrid’s song, Mikko was also hosting Eurovision back in 2007!

2 years ago

Nice beat, Jamala~ <3

2 years ago

Awwww… isn’t Sergey looking cute, gorgeous and sexy again in his latest video? It is a very easy consumable song… sounds and looks like a russian Last Christmas