EMA Fres 2022 Finalists in Slovenia

It started with a series of online duels in late December. And now, Slovenia’s RTVSLO has confirmed that EMA Freš will conclude with a televised final on Friday 28 January.

EMA Freš 2022 final set for 28 January

EMA Freš is a preliminary round for Slovenia’s main EMA selection show. It is designed to give newcomers a shot at competing alongside more established stars. Originally, the show was set to culminate in two TV specials, with two songs qualifying from each programme. However, organisers have now decided to revert back to the 2020 format and hold just one final. There will still be four winners — two chosen by the public and two more chosen by an expert jury.

The EMA Freš final will air on RTVSLO 1 on 28 January at 20:00 CET. The dates for the main EMA shows have yet to be announced.

EMA Freš 2022 finalists

Throughout December, a list of 24 acts was whittled down to 14 via a mixture of online and jury voting. The final 14 are:

  • Mia Vučković – Telenovela
  • De Liri – Obstajam
  • Jon Vitezič – Jesus Style
  • INA – Moj dopamin
  • Marijan & Špela – I am so in Love
  • Stela Sofia – Tu in zdaj
  • Leya Leanne – Naked
  • Nika S. – Počakaj me
  • Katja Kos – Deadly Flower
  • Jaka Hliš – Svoje sreče krojač
  • Anja Vodošek – Maniac
  • EMMA – Moja sreča
  • LPS – Disko
  • LUMA – All in

Eurovision 2012’s Eva Boto will host the event, along with Melani Mekicar and Arne Me đedović.

EMA 2022: 16 pre-announced acts

The top four Freš acts will join 16 pre-announced acts. They are:

  • Anabel – “Tendency” (Songwriter: Ana Teržan – Anabel)
  • Batista Cadillac – “Mim Pravil” (Songwriters: Urban Lutman, Matija Koritnik, Martin Štibernik, Tadej Košir, Benjamin Krnetič)
  • Bowrain & Brina – “Čas Je” (Songwriters: Tine Grgurevič, Gregor Kosi)
  • BQL – “Maj” (Songwriters: Anej Piletič, Raay, Marjetka Vovk)
  • David Amaro – “Še Vedno So Lepa” (Songwriters: Goran Šarac, Rok Lunaček)
  • Eva Moškon – “Kliki” (Songwriters: Nermin Puškar, Srečko Meolic)
  • Gušti feat. Leyre – “Nova Romantika” (Songwriter: Miha Guštin – Gušti)
  • Hauptman – “Sledim” (Songwriters: Žan Hauptman, Vid Turica)
  • Jonatan Haller – “Ozborje” (Songwriters: Jonatan Haller, Satja Medvešek, Jernej Drnovšek, Miha Rednak)
  • July Jones – “Girls Can Do Anything” (Songwriter: July Jones)
  • Klara Jazbec – “Chasing Dreams” (Songwriters: Ed Fisher, Klara Jazbec, Ani Cordero)
  • Le Serpentine – “Tud Teb Se Lahk Zgodi” (Songwriter: Žiga Jokić)
  • Manouche – “Si Sama?” (Songwriter: Robert Pikl)
  • Mia Guček – “Independiente” (Songwriters: Mia Guček, Octavian Rasinariu, Patrick Jamnik)
  • Vedran Ljubenko – “H₂O Dieta” (Songwriters: Vedran Ljubenko, Jakov Zadro)
  • Zala Smolnikar – “V Ogledalu” (Songwriter: Zala Smolnikar)

The dates of EMA 2022 are not yet confirmed, however the semi-finals and grand final are expected to be held some time in February 2022.

Who are your EMA Freš favourites? Let us know below.

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Ukraine stan
Ukraine stan
2 years ago

LPS “Disko” is such a great song, can’t wait to hear a full version of it.