The Eurovision 2022 season is slowly beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 2

Gjon’s Tears – “Silhouette”

“Silhouette” is the first solo single from Gjon’s Tears since he competed at Eurovision 2021. Although fans of his two entries to the contest have had to wait for new music, they won’t be disappointed with the eventual product. Sung in French, “Silhouette” showcases the Swiss singer’s vocals and impassioned musical style. In a series of videos on Instagram, Gjon’s Tears revealed how the song came about, including the fact it was co-written by Eurovision 2019 champion Duncan Laurence. The lyrics are about “silhouettes leaving a land because of the war, hoping for a safer place to rebuild themselves”.

The Black Mamba – “Sweet Amsterdam”

The Black Mamba were so taken by their trip to the Netherlands for Eurovision 2021 that they’ve decided to dedicate their new single to one of its cities. Rotterdam takes a back seat, though, and it’s “Sweet Amsterdam” that comes to the forefront instead. The Portuguese band deliver a groovy tune in which vocalist Pedro Tatanka sings about living life freely: “Light up the fire, set up a jam / Cut off the wires, free as a man / And dance to the fire, my brother Sam / Say goodnight, sweet Amsterdam / I’m comin’ for you”. The band explained the story behind the song in a post on social media:

“‘Sweet Amsterdam’ is the story of two friends who decide, in the early 70s, to leave everything behind and set off on a new adventure towards Amsterdam, which was one of the hippie capitals of the world.”

Marco Mengoni (feat. Madame) – “Mi Fiderò”

“Mi Fiderò” (“I will trust”) was included on Marco Mengoni’s recent album MATERIA (TERRA). Now, Italy’s Eurovision 2013 star has released the pop track as a single with its own music video. The song features Sanremo 2021 participant Madame, who contributes the second verse. The pair sing about being brave enough to dive into love and having trust in their partner: “I will trust your hands and the night / That take me to places I didn’t know / I will trust your courage more than mine / When out of fear I’ve hidden mine even from God […] I will trust… without fearing anything”.

Joep Beving (feat. S10) – “De Leven”

Ahead of revealing her Eurovision 2022 entry, S10 has released “De Leven” (“The Life”). The song is in collaboration with Dutch composer Joep Beving and is raising money for the charity of the same name. Beving’s manager, Mark Brounen, is currently seriously ill with colon cancer and has set up De Leven in order to raise money for cancer research. The song itself is a touching ballad, and it’s a cover of the single originally released by Dutch singer Sef.

Lake Malawi – “Spinning”

“My mum took me to a spinning class” is certainly an intriguing opening line to a song. And it’s exactly how Lake Malawi open up their new single “Spinning”. Vocalist Albert Černý proceeds to describe his desires for the instructor: “The coach’s cheeks are cherry red / She’s spinning ‘round inside my head like ooh / Just like ooh / I only think about you / When I’m riding / My bike like that / Now you’re making me sweat”. Despite the lyrical content, there’s a distinct lack of bicycle action in the accompanying music video, as Albert’s bike gets stolen. Instead, Czechia’s Eurovision 2019 star has to hitch a ride from someone while we listen to the funky pop track.

There’s an additional Eurovision connection in this particular song. It was co-written and produced by Norway’s Eurovision 2017 representative JOWST.

Edurne – Catarsis (Deluxe)

If the first version of Edurne’s album Catarsis (Catharsis) wasn’t enough for you, then you’ll be pleased to know the Spanish singer has now dropped a deluxe version. This second edition features six new tracks that weren’t on the original, including singles “Yanay”, “Boomerang” and “Llegaste a mi vida”.

Natalia Podolskaya – “Быть самой собой”

Natalia Podolskaya’s new single is “Быть самой собой” (“Be yourself”). It’s a solid pop track, but Podolskaya once again sings in a minor key so there’s an emotional pull in the music as well. Lyrically, Russia’s Eurovision 2005 star calls out for her lover, who she’s been separated from: “Are you out there somewhere / I’ll reach out with my hand / You are in the very centre / Of my heart”.

Flo Rida, Erik E Smooth Hicks & Miri Ben-Ari (feat. MLK) – “Symphony of Brotherhood Rise”

“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.” The words of Martin Luther King Jr. have inspired many, not only at the time of the speech in 1963, but also in the 58 years since then. These words also open the new song “Symphony of Brotherhood Rise”, which includes a verse from Flo Rida. San Marino’s Eurovision 2021 rapper spoke on Instagram about why being involved with this song was so important to him:

“I’m filled with gratitude to be a part of History with our new song Symphony of Brotherhood Rise featuring My Civil Rights Hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!!!! Let’s all continue to spread Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy to the World, because we all need it especially right now. Shout out to the extraordinarily gifted Hip-Hop Violinist herself Miri Ben-Ari & my brother Erik ‘E Smooth’ Hicks, because we all had the same exact Spirit & Purpose when we came together to make this record! Dr. King’s message of Hope will resonate and shine forever!!!! God Bless.”

Sertab Erener (feat. Selin, Âlara Canay) – “Güle Güle Şekerim (Her Dem Yeşil)”

Sertab Erener returns to her Her Dem Yeşil (Evergreen) project, where she’s reworking a number of her old songs and re-releasing them with an updated new sound. The next song to be given an update is “Güle Güle Şekerim” (“Goodbye My Sugar”), which comes from the Turkish singer’s 2001 album, Turuncu. While the original was a solo offering, this updated track features vocals from Selin and Âlara Canay in a call and response section. The final result is a breezy song that the Eurovision 2003 champion gives new life.

Luca Hänni – “Warum musstest du gehen”

“I wrote [this song] for a good friend who unfortunately left us far too soon! In memory of René.” Luca Hänni honours his friend with his new single and asks “Warum musstest du gehen” (“Why did you have to go”). After a slow start, it develops into a mid-tempo pop song. Despite the sadness Luca has in knowing he won’t be able to see his friend again, the Eurovision 2019 star still knows their memory will last forever: “We’ll meet again / In eternity / Why did you have to go / The memories I have of you / Nobody can take them from me”.

Evridiki – “Thelo”

Three-time Eurovision star Evridiki is listing all the things she wants in her new single “Thelo” (“I want”). The Greek-Cypriot singer is not asking for much, just the touch of the person she loves: “I want / To live in your body / For a moment, a century”. The song has softer verses with orchestral accompaniment, while the chorus is edgier and adds in some guitars. This juxtaposition is also showcased in the music video, with the verses being filmed in black and white before colour is added in for the chorus.

Tanel Padar & Suured Tüdrukud – “Tähti üheks õhtuks”

Tanel Padar is almost the same age as the song “Tähti üheks õhtuks” (“Stars for one night”). The track was originally recorded by Estonian band Rock Hotel, which was fronted by Eurovision 1996 star Ivo Linna. Now Tanel, who won Eurovision in 2001, has recorded his own version of the hit alongside Eesti Laul 2021 singers Suured Tüdrukud. This new rendition was premiered in December 2021 at Spordiaasta tähed (Sport stars of the year) but has now been uploaded to streaming services for all to enjoy.

Gromee & Sara Chmiel – “Za szczęście, za zdrowie, za miłość”

Gromee’s latest collaboration is with Polish singer Sara Chmiel. The Eurovision 2018 DJ has produced “Za szczęście, za zdrowie, za miłość” (“For happiness, for health, for love”). Although there’s a catchy beat running through it, the single itself takes on an earthier feeling compared to a full-on dance song. In the lyrics, Sara sings about taking a moment to remember the good times she experienced in the past: “Today I will drink my last toast to what it used to be / For happiness, for health, for love / Today I will drink one last time for beautiful moments and our friendship / Someday time will take us, someday everything will pass”.

Sasha Song – “Bad Boy”

Sasha Song sang all about “Love” at Eurovision 2009 (then credited as Sasha Son). Now the Lithuanian star is hoping more for a bit of loving. Sasha has decided to ditch his partner of three years for the girl he’s had his mind on for all that time: “Can we take it nice and slow, slow / Break it down and drop it low, low / I’m a bad boy, I’m a bad boy / Let’s make love all night long”. While the song is mostly in English, Sasha brings in his native Lithuanian for the bridge.

Lior Narkis & Narkis – “אחד למיליון”

“Celebrate life / Get excited in the first rain / Like a child / All kinds of colours / A connection of one in a million”. Lior Narkis is celebrating the connections we make with other people, and he’s doing it with someone who happens to share a very similar name – fellow Israeli singer Narkis. The pair join forces for “אחד למיליון” (“One in a million”). Eurovision 2003 star Lior delivers the first verse and chorus, then things change pace a bit as Narkis comes in for the second set. The beat turns a bit more consistent as Narkis & Narkis close the song out together.

Ruslan Alehno – “Спешите жить”

Time is a cruel mistress that eventually catches up with all of us. And that’s why Ruslan Alehno is encouraging us to live life to the fullest while we can. In the verses of “Спешите жить” (“Hurry up to live”), Belarus’s Eurovision 2008 act recounts the feeling of moving from your 20s, to your 30s, to your 40s. Then in the chorus, Ruslan declares we should live life without regret:  “Hurry up to live, dream, love / Give and celebrate / Hurry up to sing, to look at life / With different eyes / Hurry up to be yourself”.

The Starlings – “Just Come Home”

Tom Dice now performs as part of duo The Starlings. Belgium’s Eurovision 2010 star sings alongside his wife Kato Callebaut, which makes the emotion in their songs that little bit more special. Their first single of the year is “Just Come Home”. Tom and Kato sing, “Just come home / Fight another storm / Feels like we are losing hope / Oh, my heart explodes”.

Manu – “All That Matters”

ManuElla has dropped the ‘Ella’ and now goes simply as Manu. Slovenia’s Eurovision 2016 representative has started off 2022 by releasing “All That Matters”. It’s a soft-rock offering in which Manu says she finally sees the path she has to take through life: “If all the world’s a stage / Then all my life has been an empty page / But now I see the road ahead / That leads to where I’m meant to be / And love is all that matters”. Manu commented more about the message of the song on Instagram:

“What I want to give you is a reminder, that LOVE really is ALL THAT MATTERS and that we all hold it inside. We just have to let ourselves feel it, embrace it, so the world can be wonderful again as it truly is. Without illusions of the mind.”

Timebelle – “I Wanna Be Your Slave”

As an added extra, here’s a Eurovision crossover for you. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2017 group Timebelle have covered “I Wanna Be Your Slave”, first released by Eurovision 2021 winners Måneskin. It’s not a straight-up cover, though, as Timebelle do it to the rhythm of Peggy Lee’s 1958 rendition of “Fever”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Honestly Gjon can send “Silhouette” as the Swiss entry this year and I wouldn’t mind; it’s SO GOOD and beautiful…for me he will always be the winner of Eurovision 2021 <3.

1 year ago

btw, maneskin will be the music guest next weak on snl, with will forte (!!!!) hosting the episode…

1 year ago

I’m obsessed by Gjon’s Tears new song! Another masterpiece!

1 year ago
Reply to  Irene

Co-written by Duncan Laurence.

1 year ago

Gjon’s new song is an utter masterpiece and it was worth waiting for it ??

1 year ago

Wow, there are really some gems in this week’s collection. First, the song from S10 is really impressive and very touching. Can’t wait to hear her entry for Eurovision! Also beautiful is the ballad by The Starlings. But the uptempo songs are very good too this week, especially Gromee, Natalia Podolskaya and Lake Malawi!

1 year ago

What happened to Natalia Podolskaya? I don’t even recognize her.