Israel’s Eurovision 2022 selection is coming to a close this weekend. Four artists are competing for the right to represent Israel in Turin: Eli Huli, Inbal Bibi, Michael Ben David, and Sapir Saban. Each of them will perform two songs on Thursday night, only one of which will be their entry for Saturday’s X Factor final. We asked you which song you’d like to see each artist perform at the season finale, and we have a result!

Which song should Inbal sing in the final?

1. “Marionette” 804 votes, 50.28%

2. “Zaza” 795 votes, 49.72%

1,599 total votes

Which song should Michael sing in the final?

1. “I.M.”  814 votes 70.29%

2. “Don’t”  344 votes, 29.71%

1,158 total votes

Which song should Eli sing?

1. “Blinded Dreamers”, 787 votes, 68.91%

2. “Nostalgia”, 355 votes, 31.09%

1,142 total votes

Which song should Sapir sing?

1. “Head Up” 596 votes, 56.28%

2. “Breaking My Own Walls”, 463 votes, 43.72%

1,059 total votes

What’s your favourite song in Israel’s Eurovision final?

Vote for as many songs as you’d like.

  1. Inbal Bibi – “Marionette” 644 votes, 24.51%
  2. Inbal Bibi – “Zaza”, 625 votes, 23.78%
  3. Eli Huli – “Blinded Heroes”, 404 votes, 15.37%
  4. Michael Ben David – “I.M.”, 325 votes, 12.37%
  5. Eli Huli – “Nostalgia”, 264 votes, 10.05%
  6. Sapir Saban – “Head Up”, 142 votes, 5.40%
  7. Sapir Saban – “Breaking My Own Walls”, 133 votes, 5.06%
  8. Michael Ben David – “Don’t”, 91 votes, 3.46%

2,628 total votes

Do you agress with these poll results? Which songs are you hoping each act will perform in Saturday’s grand final? Let us know in the comments below.

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Charles the III
Charles the III
2 years ago

Disappointing performances across the board.

2 years ago

Duel winners:
Inbal Bibi – Marionette
Michael Ben David – I.M
Eli Huli – Blinded Dreamers
Sapir Saban – Breaking My Own Walls

2 years ago

Zaza is the only song in this competition written exclusively by a woman. There are only a handful of songs written exclusively by women that are still vying for a spot at Eurovision. I counted 5, but I may have missed a couple.

0 entries in 2021 were written exclusively by women. 16 were written exclusively by men including the UK, Germany, and Spain entries.

It would be nice to have at least one song written by a woman in Eurovision 2022.