Ten acts will take to the EMA 2022 stage for semi-final two on Saturday 12 February. Six will make it through to the grand final next week.

Previously, we asked you to vote for your favourites and shoutout who you think should take those six qualification spots.

In the end, 1,141 votes were cast. Now it’s time to reveal the result.

Note that this poll was largely done based on 30-second clips of the songs (except for the two acts who progressed through EMA Freš – the search for unknown artists). Opinions may very well change once we hear the full songs performed live.

Mia Gucek is a favourite to win semi-final two of EMA 2022

Based on your votes, semi-final two is looking to be a one-horse race. Mia Guček easily came out on top. Her song “Independiente” received 329 votes – that’s 28.83% of the total. Whilst we may have only heard a short snippet of her song, it was enough to intrigue many of our voters.

The race was much tighter as we move further down. Squeaking into second place by only four votes is Leya Leanne. She earned 130 votes (11.39%) for her song “Naked”. Leya is one of the up-and-coming acts who won EMA Freš. She now has to battle against the more established artists; however, it seems like she’ll still be able to put up a decent fight.

If it was up to you, the other four qualifiers would be BQLLPSAnabel and Vedran Ljubenko. LPS are the other act to have progressed through EMA Freš.

In fact, these four acts ended up on two different ties in the poll. BQL and LPS both picked up 126 votes (11.04%), while Anabel and Vedran Ljubenko were both awarded 91 votes (7.98%).

That would then mean we’d have to say goodbye to Klara Jazbec, Gušti feat. Leyre, Hauptman and Eva Moškon. But with things so close down this end, could the full-versions of their songs give them a lifeline? It isn’t long until we’ll find out.

Poll results: Who should qualify from EMA 2022 semi-final two?

  1. Mia Guček – “Independiente”, 329 votes (28.83%)
  2. Leya Leanne – “Naked”, 130 votes (11.39%)
  3. BQL – “Maj”, 126 votes (11.04%)
  4. LPS – “Disko”, 126 votes (11.04%)
  5. Anabel – “Tendency”, 91 votes (7.98%)
  6. Vedran Ljubenko – “H₂O Dieta”, 91 votes (7.98%)
  7. Klara Jazbec – “Vse Kar Imam”, 86 votes (7.54%)
  8. Gušti feat. Leyre – “Nova Romantika”, 73 votes (6.40%)
  9. Hauptman – “Sledim”, 51 votes (4.47%)
  10. Eva Moškon – “Kliki”, 38 votes (3.33%)

Total votes: 1,141

EMA 2022: Show details

Each semi-final will feature eight pre-qualified acts alongside two EMA FREŠ qualifiers. There will be six qualifiers on both nights, with the public televote selecting three and an expert jury choosing another three, resulting in a 12 song final.

The grand final is set for Saturday 19 February, where Slovenia will choose their act for Eurovision 2022. The overall winner will be determined by a 50/50 split between the public and a jury made up of five different panels.

Do you agree with the poll results? Are you hoping to see Mia Gucek qualify from semi-final two of EMA 2022? Let us know in the comments below.