The Eurovision 2022 season is in full swing. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 6

Jamala – “Хай буде так, як хочеш ти”

Andriy “Kuzma” Kuzmenko was a Ukrainian singer who led the rock band Skryabin. He later became a writer and his debut book, Я, “Побєда” і Берлін (Me, “Victory” and Berlin), is now being turned into a film. Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala has contributed to the soundtrack of the new film by reinterpreting one of Skryabin’s songs, “Хай буде так, як хочеш ти” (“Let it be as you wish”). While not one of the group’s most famous tracks, Jamala wanted to sing it nonetheless. She noted on social media:

“Despite the rather danceable rhythm, it seems to me insanely deep and infinitely personal. It is about us, about the simplest feelings. That everyone does nonsense in life and looks around for the guilty. And on an equal footing they are offended when there is no one to blame.”

Jüri Pootsmann – “Jäljed jätsid tuulde”

Eurovision 2016 star Jüri Pootsmann made an appearance at the grand final of Eesti Laul 2022 to perform his new song “Jäljed jätsid tuulde” (“Traces left in the wind”). The indie-pop song has been patiently awaiting its release for two years after it was written at a songwriting camp in summer 2020. The music video arrives this Wednesday 16 February.

Olga Seryabkina – “Бывшие”

“Exes always talk badly behind your back / And I’m so f***ed up / They think I’ll be lonely without them”. Olga Seryabkina is here to prove she is not phased by her ex-partner. Russia’s Eurovision 2007 star and former Serebro member delivers a nice dance-pop track with “Бывшие” (“Exes”), which has some deep-house elements in the mix as well. The age-restricted music video sees Olga relaxing in a chauffeured car whilst drinking champagne.

Lindita – “#GMFU”

Lindita is done with her man and she says they’ve “#GMFU” (Got Me F***ed Up). Albania’s Eurovision 2017 representative is tired of her partner’s failures and constant questions: “Your consistent wishes got me f***ed up / It ain’t my fault you can’t do better / You just fall under pressure / You go down beyond measure”. There’s some swag and attitude in Lindita’s delivery of the R&B track to add an extra bite to the lyrics.

TIX – “Hvis Jeg Forlot Verden”

TIX is releasing a brand new album at the end of February. Ahead of this, he’s dropped the single “Hvis Jeg Forlot Verden” (“If I Left The World”). It’s a strong pop song, though it would have been perfectly fine without the key change at the end. Lyrically, Norway’s Eurovision 2021 star is dealing with the aftermath of a break-up. His ex-partner seems to be doing fine but TIX is struggling a bit more to move on to new things. The Norwegian singer questions his ex about whether they would try to reverse time if he was to suddenly pass away, like he would for them: “If I left the world, would you / Find a way to make time turn around? / Would you? Would you?”. There’s also a reference in the lyrics to his recent appearances on Hver gang vi møtes.

Luca Hänni – “Millionär”

They say money can’t buy happiness. And indeed, Luca Hänni has found something else to make him feel rich – true love. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2019 star has released “Millionär” (“Millionaire”). A solid pop offering, Luca says he doesn’t need a cent more when he has his lover by his side: “More is not possible, we are always in the plus / I’m not missing anything, you’re pure luxury / Throw kisses, make me a millionaire”.

Sterre Koning (feat. Waylon) – “Laat De Weerld Maar Draaien”

Sterre Koning was a member of the Netherlands’s Junior Eurovision 2016 group Kisses (alongside Greece’s Eurovision 2021 representative Stefania). The Dutch singer has added another Eurovision connection for her latest single by bringing in two-time Eurovision star Waylon. They come together for “Laat De Weerld Maar Draaien” (“Let The World Spin”). Sterre leads much of the song, with Waylon adding some harmonies for the chorus. The music video premieres on Monday.

ByeAlex – “Low”

It’s been seven years since ByeAlex released a solo single – he’s been performing as part of the band ByeAlex és a Slepp in the years since then. Hungary’s Eurovision 2013 singer wrote “Low” when he was in quarantine at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Two years later, ByeAlex has decided to share the song with the world. It’s a chilled electro track in which the Eurovision alum sings in English for one of the first times in his career: “You’ve been playing with my heart / And I’ve played with you from the start / But baby I won’t let you know / That I’m low”.

Douwe Bob – “Season Of Your Dreams” & “Summer Breeze”

Eurovision 2016 act Douwe Bob is getting into the summer spirit with a couple of new songs. The Dutch singer has released a single consisting of the A-side “Season Of Your Dreams” and the B-side “Summer Breeze”. The former has a slight rock & roll feel to it, while Douwe slows things down for the latter and delivers a mid-tempo country-pop track.

Justyna Steczkowska & LUNA – “Nie mój sen”

Fans of Justyna Steczkowska are being well fed at the moment. The Polish singer is back with a new single for the third week in a row. This time Justyna is collaborating with LUNA for “Nie mój sen” (“Not my dream”). LUNA opens the mystical and spiritual song, then Eurovision 1995 star Justyna takes over for the second verse. The music video was filmed at night in the middle of Poland’s Crooked Forest, which helps add to the atmosphere of the song.

Magalí Sare (feat. Salvador Sobral) – “Sempre vens assim”

Poetry has long been an influence for musical artists, and that is also the case for “Sempre Vens Assim” (“You always come like this”). Catalan’s Magalí Sare took the words of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa and transformed them into a song. She then asked Eurovision 2017 champion Salvador Sobral to join her on the track, which he gladly did. The result is a happy song with a fun chorus that transports you to the streets of Portugal, via Barcelona.

Roxen – “UFO”

C’mon Roxen, teleport us to Mars! Romania’s Eurovision 2021 star is heading into outer space and leaving their suitor behind. Roxen says they have dreams that reach beyond this other person: “You need to know, I’m not your baby / I’m a UFO / Not like the other ones you used to know / Just leave me and my crazy dreams alonе”. Sonically, “UFO” is a deep house offering with plenty of digital elements to the production.

Dmitry Koldun – “Нереальная”

“Without you there is no me / My God, you are perfect / What you do is always beyond / You are my unreal”, sings Dmitry Koldun in his new breezy pop song. Belarus’s Eurovision 2007 representative is announcing just how amazing his lover is and how they make him whole. The music video for “Нереальная” (“Unreal”) sees Koldun enjoying some sunshine and walking around a seaside resort home.

Nina Sublatti – “For My Friend”

Nina Sublatti’s new song is “For My Friend”. It’s a ballad underlined by repeated piano chords and atmospheric production. Georgia’s Eurovision 2015 warrior sings of how she’s overflowed with tears as a result of this friend. However, the final lines of the song imply that these tears may have been wasted: “I have cried / Overflowed / This is for my friend … And I don’t even need you”. 

Lordi – Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular (Lordiversity)

The next album in Lordi’s Lordiversity series to get its digital release is Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular. This latest LP features ten songs in addition to an intro and outro. Musically, it focuses on industrial metal so it’s full of electric guitar riffs.

Basim & Skinz – “Versace Badekåber”

These aren’t just any Badekåber, they’re “Versace Badekåber” (“Versace Bathrobes”). Denmark’s Eurovision 2014 star Basim has teamed up with Skinz for this new single that takes inspiration from fancy bathroom attire. It’s a catchy and infectious pop track, and it serves a small slice of summer whilst Europe waits for winter to end.

Max Mutzke – “Gute Geschichten (Version 2022)”

“Gute Geschichten” (“Good stories”) was included on Max Mutzke’s 2021 album, Wunschlos süchtig. Germany’s Eurovision 2004 entrant has now revamped the song for 2022 and released it as a single. It’s not a massive overhaul of the original, but the production has been bulked out a bit more for this new version. The lyrics remain the same, with Max singing: “And every step is for you and for me / We don’t leave anyone behind / Let’s be like the thinkers and poets / Tell the good stories / Only tell the good stories”.

Dian Solo & Georgi Kostadinov – “Funky Taxi Driver”

When you’re in need of a lift from A to B, who better to help you out than a “Funky Taxi Driver”. Bulgaria’s Dian Solo is putting these drivers at the heart of his new song. The Eurovision 2008 participant and Deep Zone Project member has brought in Georgi Kostadinov to provide the vocals for this funky and soulful song: “Let’s dance, let’s funk / Let’s do all those moves / Funky taxi driver”. The accompanying music video features Dian Solo and Kostadinov actually driving a number of people around.

Edurne & Antonio José – “El Amor No Existe”

Eurovision 2015 star Edurne recently collaborated with Antonio José for “El Amor No Existe” (“Love does not exist”). The song was the opening track to her latest album, Catarsis (Deluxe), and now the pair have released it as a single with a music video. A radio-friendly Latin-pop song, it discuses the tricky situation of navigating life post-breakup. The Spanish singers want to move on and forget, but their ex-partner keeps coming back to try and restart the relationship: “And don’t promise me more love / Because love does not exist / Just when I close them / You open more scars”.

Piotr Steczek (feat. Kasia Moś) – “Avoid The Water”

Kasia Moś is supporting the call for action on global warming. Poland’s Eurovision 2017 star features on “Avoid The Water”, the new single by composer and musician Piotr Steczek. In the lyrics, Kasia sings about toxic water, dying trees and summits where world leaders lie to the population. She says we shouldn’t ignore the warning signs, otherwise tragedy could be upon us: “It’s our home, the only one we know / Why we’re taking it for granted? / Now it’s turning into dust!”.

Maya Sar – “Vjetar”

Maya Sar represented Bosnia & Herzegovina at Eurovision 2012. The singer has recently released the single “Vjetar” (“Wind”). Beginning with a soft piano intro, the song grows into a solid mid-tempo offering with some soulful backing vocals behind Maya in the final few choruses. The Bosnian star sings about how the forces of nature have pushed her in the direction she needs to go: “I see everything, I see you’re trying / What I want is not what you offer / I’m going now, stay happy / The wind still carries me”. This single was created with help from the Plan B foundation, which supports artists in their musical endeavours.

Judah Gavra – “Dreamer”

It’s been almost two years since his last solo single, but finally the Kdam 2013 and 1in360 finalist Judah Gavra is back with his new song “Dreamer”. In that time, Judah has had a huge shift in his life – he left New York and moved to Mexico. After initial lack of inspiration from moving to a new country, the lyrics and melody for “Dreamer” came to him on a rainy day. Much like the whole creation process, Judah’s “Dreamer” is a personal, inspirational and nostalgic journey that offers us a pop sound with eastern flare, nodding to Judah’s Yemen-Israeli roots. Lyrics such as “I’ve been trying to self-control / But everything else led me to you“ tell us to listen to our heart. That’s exactly what Judah did by moving to Mexico with his partner Kevin Atherton – one half of an aerial straps duo who appear in the “Dreamer” music video. At the end of the video, Judah is crowned by his partner. (Mario)

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Also, Antonio José (Edurne’s duet partner in El amor no existe) represented Spain at the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Melissa J
2 years ago

I’m really digging a lot of TIX’s new songs, really looking forward to his new album coming out!

Cozmin COZMA
Cozmin COZMA
2 years ago

Roxen’s song – UFO was second after Amnesia in the last year internal selection and the HoD told us that she preferred UFO over Amnesia…….
However I find it lovely, Roxen is never disappointing us!

2 years ago

Lol lindita’s video not being available in albania

2 years ago

My favorites from this week are the dreamy pop from Dmitry Koldun and the cute dutch ballad by Sterre Koning (feat. Waylon) . Also nice to hear something new from Maya Sar, I still adore her Eurovision song.