Norway Melodi Grand Prix 2022 Finalists. Top row: Sofie Fjellvang, Frode Vassel, Subwoolfer, Farida, Maria Mohn. Bottom row: Christian Ingebrigtsen, Oda Gondrosen, Anna-Lisa Kumoji, Elsie Bay, NorthKid

We’ve had four regular semis and two second chance shows. And now, after all that, Norway is ready to choose its Melodi Grand Prix 2022 winner. Local fans can catch the country’s Eurovision selection by switching their televisions to NRK 1, while international viewers can watch online.

Here’s when and how you can watch the grand final of MGP 2022.

Watch Melodi Grand Prix 2022 | Livestream

Grand Final — 19 February 2022

Time: 19:55 CET to 22:00 CET

The programme will be streamed live on NRK’s dedicated Melodi Grand Prix portal. It will be available to watch worldwide and will remain online for catch-up viewing after the original broadcast. 

Click to Watch Melodi Grand Prix 2022 Grand Final

The grand final will begin with ten acts. In the first round, they’ll perform in the following order:

  1. Oda Gondrosen “Hammer of Thor”
  2. NorthKid “Someone”
  3. Anna-Lisa Kumoji “Queen Bees”
  4. Farida “Dangerous”
  5. Sofie Fjellvang “Made of Glass”
  6. Frode Vassel “Black Flowers”
  7. Christian Ingebrigtsen “Wonder of the World”
  8. Maria Mohn “Fly”
  9. Subwoolfer “Give That Wolf a Banana”
  10. Elsie Bay “Death of Us”

After an initial stage of voting, the top four acts will progress on to the gold final. However, it doesn’t end there. More voting will produce a top two who must then face off again in the gold duel. Afterwards, votes from the various Norwegian regions will decide the winner.

Will you be watching final in Norway? Which act are you most excited for? Let us know below.

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9 months ago

Subwoolfer and Elsie Bay for the gold duel!

9 months ago

I’ll be cheering for Oda firstly, then Subwolfer, and thirdly Elsie. I wouldn’t mind Maria with Fly winning too!

9 months ago

If subwoolfer and elsie bay won’t win, I won’t mind Oda winning

Mr X
Mr X
9 months ago

Gooo Subwoolfer Gooo