Hurricane Serbia First Rehearsal Eurovision 2021

Beovizija and Serbia’s national broadcaster RTS went their separate ways last autumn, paving the way for the all new Pesma za Evroviziju 2022 selection show. The format might be different, but the schedule remains the same. Once again we’ll be treated to three consecutive nights of Balkan realness. It all begins with semi-final one on Thursday night followed by a second semi on Friday. This will culminate with the grand final on Saturday. All the action takes place on RTS 1 and everything will be livestreamed online.

Here’s when and how you can watch Pesma za Evroviziju ’22.

Watch Pesma za Evroviziju ’22 online

All three shows will be live-streamed on RTS’s online portal RTS Planeta.

Click to Watch Pesma za Evroviziju ’22 Grand Final

However, you will need to create an account to watch there. Thankfully, RTS have also set up a livestream on their official YouTube channel. The link for semi-one is embedded below while the streams for semi-two and the final will become available here.

Semi-final one — 3 March

Time: 21:00 CET to 23:30 CET

The running order is:

  1. Sanja Bogosavljević “Priđi mi”
  2. VIS Limunada “Pesma ljubavi”
  3. Zorja “Zorja”
  4. Bojana Mašković “Dama”
  5. Boris Subotić “Vrati mi”
  6. Ivona “Znam”
  7. Bane Lalić and MVP “Tu gde je ljubav ne postoji mrak”
  8. Angellina “Origami”
  9. Ana Stanić “Ljubav bez dodira”
  10. Julija “Brzina”
  11. Aca Lukas “Oskar”
  12. Konstrakta “In corpore sano”
  13. Igor Simić “To nisam ja”
  14. Mia “Blanko”
  15. Jelena Pajić “Pogledi”
  16. Biber “Dve godine i šes’ dana”
  17. Marija Mikić “Ljubav me inspiriše”
  18. Lift “Drama”

Nine acts will qualify based on a mixture of public and jury votes.

Semi-final two — 4 March

Time: 21:05 CET to 23:35 CET

The running order is:

  1. Srđan Lazić “Tražim te” TBD
  2. Julijana Vincan “Istina i laži”
  3. Marko Nikolić “Dođi da te volim”
  4. Zoe Kida “Bejbi”
  5. Orkestar Aleksandra Sofronijevića “Anđele moj”
  6. Chegi & Braća Bluz Band “Devojko sa plamenom u očima”
  7. Euterpa “Nedostaješ”
  8. Dušan Svilar “Samo ne reci da voliš”
  9. Ivana Vladović and Jovana Stanimirović “Prijaće ti”
  10. Gift “Haos”
  11. Zejna Murkić “Nema te”
  12. Sara Jo “Muškarčina”
  13. Marija Mirković “Požuri, požuri”
  14. Rocher Etno Band “Hajde sad nek’ svak’ peva”
  15. Vasco “Znaš li”
  16. Tijana Dapčević “Ljubi, ljubi doveka”
  17. Gramophonedzie “Počinjem da ludim”
  18. Naiva “Skidam”

Nine acts will qualify based on a mixture of public and jury votes.

Grand Final — 5 March

Time: 21:05 CET to 00:35 CET

The final will feature the 18 semi-final qualifiers. Once again a public and jury split will decide the final result.

Who are you cheering in Serbia? Let us know below.

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2 years ago

It’s a split decision between zorja and Sara Jo for me, although I would prefer the first one to come victorious. She’ll become my top 1 spot in my Eurovision list for the year if she wins.

2 years ago

Here’s the link. Not sure if it’s geoblocked though…

Last edited 2 years ago by willchrisiam
Eurovision fan
Eurovision fan
2 years ago

There is easier step if you want to watch via phone or tablet: Just install Orion TV and without any registration just find RTS 2 TV channel. It works perfectly live.

Last edited 2 years ago by Eurovision fan
Eurovision fan
Eurovision fan
2 years ago

Have you seen Angellina’s outfits and dancers? She looks stunnning.

2 years ago

There are 4 songs if they win I will be happy Zorja, Sara, Angellina and Marija Miki?. I will not be sad is Zoe goes however it is a mid table the 4 I listed would probably be my 5 while the others will lie between 40-20

Hu Hu Hu hurricane
Hu Hu Hu hurricane
2 years ago on 2020 they streamed the contest in this channel. if someone is interested. I would love to know when is hurricane gonna perform so I know if I have to tune on time or I can get a little bit late XD

2 years ago

I think Olivera Kovacevic said that their show was during the voting.
Semi 1: Hurricane show
Semi 2: Yugoslav show
Final: Italian night

Last edited 2 years ago by willchrisiam