The Eurovision 2022 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still brining us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 10

MÉLOVIN – “не зволікай”

MÉLOVIN has uploaded a live performance of the new song “не зволікай” (“Waste no time”). There’s a lot of raw emotion as Ukraine’s Eurovision 2018 star sings while simultaneously playing the piano. MÉLOVIN calls on those who are fighting for the country in the ongoing conflict to stand strong: “Keep your back straight / When they’re shooting painfully / Those who don’t stand with us / And they think they know everything / Waste no time, it’s time to fly / But for truth, for freedom, they can’t break our wings!”.

Manizha – “Soldier”

Manizha’s new song has been 11 years in the making. Yet it resonates more than ever under the current circumstances. “Soldier” is an anti-war song that poses the question to soldiers on what they plan on doing after they’ve wreaked destruction to others and those close to them. Russia’s Eurovision 2021 star talked more about the song’s creation in her final post on Instagram before the social media platform is banned from the country:

“Today, each one of us is a soldier. Each has their own fight – for life, for truth, for freedom, for safety. […] While writing the lyrics at 19, I was naive asking: “What should humanity do to stop fighting against each other?” I am 30 now. And it seems that we not only failed this mission, but keep destroying something that could stop the conflicts: seeing humanity in each other. Today is the last day of Instagram in Russia. I’ve started my way as an independent artist here. I’ve always used this platform to speak freely about whatever is inspiring or bothering me. And my last video post is a tribute to that time. I will be a soldier of my own music. I will serve for humanity. And I don’t want to be afraid.”

Alexey Vorobyov – “Гуляка”

Alexey Vorobyov has taken the words of Russian poet Sergei Yesenin and put them into his new accordion-driven single “Гуляка” (“Reveller”). The lyric video has a different central theme – Alexey’s dog Mozart. We see plenty of clips of Russia’s Eurovision 2011 entrant and his pooch enjoying their lives in California.

Todiefor (feat. Mahmood & Poupie) – “Bel Air”

Music producer Todiefor has created the bilingual urban bop “Bel Air” for us to enjoy. It features Eurovision 2019 (and soon to be 2022) star Mahmood, who delivers the first half of the song in Italian. French singer Poupie takes over for the second half, adding extra dynamism to the song. During his chorus, Mahmood tells people that sucess isn’t just handed to you but it’s something you have to work for: “But you are not / The Bel Air prince / I’d give you / So many of those slaps until you realise that / What you have / You didn’t buy it / But you don’t know / How hard it is”.

Kate Miller-Heidke (feat. Jaguar Jonze) – “You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore”

Content warning: child abuse / sexual harassment

Kate Miller-Heidke first released “You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore” as part of her 2020 album Child In Reverse. Now Australia’s Eurovision 2019 star has dropped a new version that features Australia Decides alum Jaguar Jonze. The song discusses the relief that someone has when their offender can no longer control their lives – the music video sees the two singers attending the funeral of said person. Jaguar Jonze has been a trailblazer for the #MeToo movement in Australia, particularly highlighting the toxic culture in the country’s music industry. Meanwhile, Kate shared a powerful message on Instagram about the origins of the song:

“I usually say this song is about dancing on the grave of an arsehole. My latest album ‘Child in Reverse’ is about childhood. One thing that happened to me when I was a very young child (from the ages of 4-6) was that I was sexually abused by my great grandfather Archibald Barnes. He was a paedophile and a serial offender.  I wasn’t the first or the last. (Although obviously my family didn’t know it at the time, and didn’t find out until some years later.) This song is about how I felt when he died. […] The most important inspiration was Jaguar Jonze, with whom I had a very deep conversation the morning this song was written. She described some very shocking things that happened to her as a child, and I felt very connected to her, and full of admiration for her resilience too – that’s when the song title ‘You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’ popped into my head. I think it’s one of the most powerful songs I’ve written, and it’s a privilege to sing it with Jaguar Jonze, who transformed the track with her potent raw energy.”

ELENA – “Brațele”

ELENA’s new single is “Brațele”. It’s a Romanian pop song with an emotional pull to it. This emotion stems from the theme of escaping a failing relationship. In the music video, we see ELENA’s relationship turning sour. When she sees her ex again in the subway she has to make the decision to not make the same mistake again. Romania’s Eurovision 2009 star explains more in a post on social media:

“At the beginning of a relationship, when the veil of “love” covers any trace of imperfection, you are sure that you have met the right person, even if it is not far away. Then, slowly, the indifference of the person next to you becomes the normal condition and no, it’s not ok because you can’t love for both of you no matter how hard you try. […] The most important thing is not to repeat the same mistake, because then the suffering was in vain. It is important to be well with yourself, to be able to start again, even if this means that you have to stay with yourself for a while, to be able to gather, to be able to heal the wounds, only after this time that you give yourself will you be able to be able to love again.”

Amaia – “Bienvenidos Al Show”

Welcome to the show! Amaia has dropped the new single “Bienvenidos Al Show”. While it starts off slowly with piano accompaniment, things pick up from the first pre-chorus. Spain’s Eurovision 2018 representative sings about not conforming to societal pressures and just being herself: “I’m not small anymore, I’m not old either / I want to be what is expected of me / And continue to be me at the same time […] I don’t care, I’m not going to pretend anymore”.

TIX – “Pust”

Content warning: rape / sexual abuse

Norway’s Eurovision 2021 act has released “Pust” (“Breath”). It is worth translating the lyrics in full to completely understand the song. TIX sings the words of a letter he received from a female fan. After having her drink spiked and being raped by a man, this fan tells TIX how she struggled to let love back into her life. Things end on a happier note, though, as she says she has finally found someone she hopes to spend her life with – the pair met at one of TIX’s concerts.

Be aware that the music video shows all the events of this fan’s story (portrayed by actors).

Barbara Pravi – “Prière pour soi”

Barbara Pravi’s ode for International Women’s Day was “Prière pour soi” (“Prayer for yourself”). France’s Eurovision 2021 star prays for the strength to carry her through the days when she feels empty: “Give give give me strength / You whose weapons are love, light and joy / I make room for you on this day of distress”. The accompanying music video features Barbara’s female friends and family who inspire her on a daily basis – watch out for wiwiblogger Oranie in the mix. Barabara explained more on Instagram:

“In interviews I am often asked which women inspire me. I answer that they are the women of my daily life. So to illustrate this new prayer, I invite you to meet these warriors of my daily life. Those I see acting, living, those I admire. Those who exist for real, here, now, and who fight with themselves and others to be respected, fair, upright, proud. They are the women who inspire me. […] This prayer is for them, for all those who do not appear in the video but who burn in my heart, and also for all those whose voice of the warrior resonates within. This voice that picks me up every time I fall, reminds me why I do things, gives me strength, light and hope. The most powerful voice of all.”

Francesco Gabbani – “Volevamo Solo Essere Felici”

“Volevamo Solo Essere Felici” (“We Just Wanted To Be Happy”) is the title track of Francesco Gabbani’s upcoming album. A spirited Italian pop song, it creates a slight atmosphere of nostalgia. This is encapsulated in the accompanying music video, which sees the Eurovision 2017 star reminiscing about his high school prom. In the lyrics, Francesco escapes from the pain of the world just for one night: “We just wanted to be happy / Like laughing for no reason / Biting daring dreams / And trusting people / Just being different / And getting somewhat wasted”.

Natalia Podolskaya – “Мама”

Natalia Podolskaya dedicates her new song to her “Mama”. Russia’s Eurovision 2005 star says she’ll always return to her for comfort: “Mama, I’m running to you again / To drown in your arms / Mama, I keep so carefully / The warmth and tenderness of your kind eyes”. This message is wrapped up in a classic eastern Europe ballad with acoustic guitar flourishes in the background.

Benjmain Ingrosso & FIrst Aid Kit – “Come Give Me Love”

For those that don’t know, Benjamin Ingrosso is a big fan of Italian food (he has Italian heritage). So much so that he has his own TV show, titled Benjamin’s, where he hosts various guests in a restaurant as he cooks up some delicious dishes. The show isn’t entirely without music though, and in the latest episode Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 star took time to perform a duet with folk duo First Aid Kit. They performed a rendition of Ted Gärdestad’s “Come Give Me Love”.

Pastora Soler & María Peláe – “La Quería”

Eurovision 2012 star Pastora Soler appears on “La Quería” (“I Wanted Her”). It’s a new version of the song by María Peláe and is included on María’s new album. The track has plenty of traditional Spanish flair and taps into some flamenco elements. The pair sing to their ex-lovers and tell them there’s no going back to what once was after breaking up: “Don’t come looking for me / That in your nights of passion / You say my name without thinking / Why would it be?”.

Anxhela Peristeri – “Jemi Larg”

Anxhela Peristeri’s latest music video is for “Jemi Larg” (“We are far”), another of the songs from her recent EP n’Tirane. Once again donning a red dress, Albania’s Eurovision 2021 singer performs in front of a retro car and landscape background. Lyrically, Anxhela sings of the distance between her and her ex-lover: “Two steps away from me you are / Two steps, is like 2000 for us / Someone who comes back you are not”.

Lior Narkis & Eyal Golan – “מסיבה עם פפיון”

If you’re heading out for a party, then Lior Narkis would recommend you wear a certain item of clothing. Israel’s Eurovision 2003 singer has teamed up with Eyal Golan for “מסיבה עם פפיון” (“Party with a bow tie”). It’s a fun song with a beat drop and a post-chorus instrumental that blends dance beats with a trumpet riff.

Joci Pápai & Gabi Tóth – “Meg volt írva”

Two-time Eurovision star Joci Pápai has collaborated with A Dal alumna Gabi Tóth for the song “Meg volt írva” (“Was written”). The two Hungarian singers deliver an atmospheric track with a slight dark undertone to it. In the lyrics, Joci and Gabi say they choose each other to be their companion: “I can hide inside my heart sometimes / The embrace, the oblivion, would falter / Your red lips are mine, your kiss is honey / The bond is just ours, what was written”.

Elena Ionescu – “Mister Jack”

Elena Ionescu is having to deal with a lazy lover. Romania’s Eurovision 2012 singer and former Mandinga member has released the new pop single “Mister Jack” – a reference to the Tennessee whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s. In the music video, Lena is slaving away in the house – cooking and cleaning – but her partner is purely focused on his video games. The only thing he does accept from Elena is another glass of whisky.

Miquel Abras (feat. Sergio Dalma) – “Fills del Mar (20 anys)”

Eurovision 1991 singer Sergio Dalma features on the new single by Spanish musician Miquel Abras. “Fills del Mar (20 anys)” (“Children of the sea (20 years)”) is a revamped version of the song originally included on Miquel’s 2018 album Punt de Partida. Sergio appears for the second verse and sings together with Miquel during the chorus.

Poli Genova & Lubo Kirov – “Тръгни навреме”

Poli Genova has teamed up with fellow Bulgarian singer Lubo Kirov for the new single “Тръгни навреме” (“Go on time”). The two-time Eurovision participant starts proceedings off before Lubo comes in for the second verse. Musically, the song wouldn’t have been out of place at Eurovision in the ’90s, with a synth backing melody and increasing number of guitars.

Kenan Doğulu – “Yeşilmişik”

Yeni Türkü Zamansız is a tribute album to the Turkish band Yeni Türkü. Several acts from the country have recorded covers of the group’s songs. This includes Eurovision 2007 star Kenan Doğulu, who adds his spin to the song “Yeşilmişik”. Kenan keeps the influence of traditional instruments, but updates the production with some more digital sounds included in the mix as well.

Athena – “Mamak Türküsü”

Kenan Doğulu isn’t the only Eurovision act to feature on Yeni Türkü Zamansız. Turkey’s 2004 representatives Athena have also been included. They cover the song “Mamak Türküsü”. Athena add a rockier spirit to their version of the song.

Ulrikke – “Love You to Love Me”

Ulrikke’s new song is the cinematic pop-ballad “Love You to Love Me”. The Norwegian singer dedicates it to her boyfriend, Oskar Nordberg. Ulrikke sings about how he not only gave her love, but also a better understanding of herself: “Took a tired heart made it brand new / Nearly torn apart but I had to / Find you just to find me / Had to love you just to love me”. The Eurovision 2020 entrant explains more in the description of the lyric video:

“After I met Oskar, I simply found myself. Became even more confident in myself, and I have learned to appreciate all the things I before was not so fond of myself. I really had to love him to love me. This song is simply a declaration of love for the dream man. The song also sounds sonic as ‘home’ to me. Cinematic, big and emotional. Things are starting to fall into place.”

Mira Awad – Woman

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Mira Awad released the new album Woman. The LP contains nine songs with a mixture of Hebrew, English and even Portuguese-language tracks – it includes the previous single “Sorriso (Smile)”.


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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Älskar tolkningen av Ted Gärdestad av First Aid kid och Benjamin!

Alfonso Moreno Domínguez
Alfonso Moreno Domínguez
1 year ago

I think that what Manizha is doing is very brave.

ESC Stan
ESC Stan
1 year ago

I heard her live at a festival on Saturday. Not only did she play a stripped back version of Zero Gravity, she also played this (!!!). Unfortunately without Jaguar. I listened to it after. God they make a powerful couple!

1 year ago

OMG Francesco Gabbani !!!! What a beautiful song.

1 year ago

Ulrikke song is the opposite of lose you to love me by Selena Gomez

1 year ago

loved the new ones from Mahmood and Francesco

1 year ago

What a gorgeous song and video from Francesco! His positivity is infectious, as always. The song title actually translates as ‘We just wanted to be happy’.

1 year ago

No Mahmood

1 year ago

Easy to pick my favorite from this week’s list: It is Francesco Gabbani. Both the song and the video are so incredibly uplifting!

1 year ago

Tix completely swept me of f my feet with this song. Like…. I could never expect him releasing…this kind of….thing :'(