Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 24

Ronela Hajati & MatoLale – “Papi Chulo”

Ronela Hajati may not have qualified for the Eurovision 2022 grand final, but she’s not letting the result dim her star. The Albanian singer has teamed up with MatoLale for the new single “Papi Chulo” (“Pimp Daddy”). Ronela joins MatoLale for the chorus and then gets her own moment to shine solo in the third verse. The pair take a note out of Chanel’s book for the music video, incorporating plenty of booty hypnotic action.

Cleo – “Żywioły”

Cleo saw Achille Lauro riding a bucking bronco in Turin and decided she wanted a piece of the action as well (we assume). Poland’s Eurovision 2014 singer has headed to the Wild West for the music video of her latest single “Żywioły” (“Elements”), which is part of her recent album VINYLOVA. The lyrics of the song don’t actually have any western themes. Instead, Cleo sings about how opposites can attract: “Two elements still possible / Fire water, you and me, a beautiful couple / So come on anyway, the world won’t get it / So come on anyway, we live the wrong way”.

Benjamin Ingrosso – PLAYLIST

Benjamin Ingrosso has shared his PLAYLIST with us. A collection of songs that he’s particularly  enjoyed writing, they form the basis of his new album. There are 14 songs in total, including recent singles “Dancing On A Sunny Day”, “Queens”, “Afterlife” and “Black & Blue”. The rest of the LP is primarily pop based but, as Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 star explains, each song has its own unique influence:

“PLAYLIST is a very special album to me, it’s an album where I’ve put together songs that quickly became favorites of mine. Its a mix of pop songs but with influences from lots of different genres. It might not have that typical red thread but each and every song is a step closer to my musical personality, a way of getting to know me better I think?? I really hope that everyone of you will find at least one of these tracks to connect with. And in best of worlds you will enjoy all of them as much as I do! “

Måneskin – “If I Can Dream”

If you’re planning on watching the new biopic ELVIS, then you might recognise some familiar people in the soundtrack. Eurovision 2021 winners Måneskin have been invited to record a song for the movie. The Italian band cover Elvis Presley’s 1968 hit “If I Can Dream”. Måneskin swap out the brass and keys of the original for their usual guitar, bass and drum combo with Damiano’s vocals on top.

Sertab Erener & Şanışer – “Vur Yüreğim”

Sertab Erener first released “Vur Yüreğim” (“Beat, My Heart”) in 1999. A song about the perseverance of hope in the face of global catastrophes (“Even if god has forgotten you / Beat my heart, don’t stop, beat”), Turkey’s Eurovision 2003 champion has revamped the song for 2022. The new version is even more dramatic with added orchestral accompaniment and a new verse courtesy of Şanışer. The age-restricted music video is in part a replica of the original from 23 years ago, but features updated footage of recent natural and man-made disasters.

Pastora Soler – “No será de nadie”

“This summer we are going to dance a lot with this song”, noted Pastora Soler ahead of the release of her new single. And indeed, once the acoustic guitar and percussion comes in for the first chorus of “No será de nadie” (“It won’t be anyone’s”), there’s a real Spanish flair to the song that gets the listener moving. The Eurovision 2012 star discussed this musical direction and the meaning of the song on social media:

“It is special that day when you share a new song, and in this case more special because it is something different or perhaps a return to a style that I already know very well and that has given me so much joy, with more rumba rhythms, with flamenco guitars, but with a song with capital letters, with a wonderful message from those love stories that don’t have it because they have to know more than the protagonists, that not everything has to be for everyone, that there are things that cannot be told and now that everything is shared, it is also good to keep things for one.”

Anxhela Peristeri – “Adrenalina”

Anxhela Peristeri was so inspired by Senhit when they competed against each other at Eurovision 2021 that the Albanian singer has decided to release her own song titled “Adrenalina” (that’s the narrative in our fantasy). Anxhela’s “Adrenalina” swerves away from the banger territory and instead infuses a good deal of Albanian culture, including drums and a traditional post-chorus instrumental. The Eurovision alum combines traditional and modern for the music video – wearing traditional attire to begin but also rocking a pair of contemporary sunglasses.

Blas Cantó – “El bueno acaba mal”

“I don’t care anymore, that you fall in love / I no longer give flowers / Because the good always ends badly / Being a gentleman, I’m not interested”. Blas Cantó is moving on from an unpleasant relationship with “El bueno acaba mal” (“The good ends badly”). A driving pop song, Spain’s Eurovision 2021 star finally realises the suffering this other person was putting him through. Despite the sour note, Blas knows there’s still colour in his life and this is showcased in the colourful music video.

Aurela Gaçe – “Kce Me Tupana”

Step five: add a DJ who pretends to scratch. Aurela Gaçe is taking on that role herself in the music video of her new single “Kce Me Tupana”. We see the Eurovision 2011 singer on the DJ decks getting the youthful crowd in the party spirit. Aurela’s song is also infused with more traditional Albanian instruments (and eagle cries), so the kids incorporate some traditional dancing into their party as well.

Lior Narkis and Doli & Penn – “עזוב אותי מטכנו”

Lior Narkis wants to dance to a bit of techno. The Eurovision 2003 alum has collaborated with production duo Doli & Penn for “עזוב אותי מטכנו” (“Leave me techno”). With a prominent instrumental section in the chorus, the song is designed to get the listener dancing along. Lior sings about a party that he’s attending where he asks the DJ to play some techno. To replicate this, the Israeli artists went all the way to Miami to film the music video.

Dilara Kazimova – “XARİZMA”

Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent are essential qualities of a star. Dilara Kazimova is making sure we know she has an abundance of the first through her new track “XARİZMA”: “I have everything I want, I succeed with every visit / I have the charisma”. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2014 representative shows this off in the accompanying music video. Dilara works a series of looks, including a sexy and seductive side we haven’t seen much of before.

Michał Szpak – “24na7”

“This is where I speak honestly about love for the first time. YES. I AM QUEER. He falls in love with a person, not with the body. I love human hearts and souls. I have always been a representative of all free people who have the courage to live in harmony with their feelings.”

With the arrival of his new song “24na7”, Michał Szpak has opened up a bit more about the way he loves. The Polish singer is not coming out as anything specific – Michał notes that if he was, he would be doing it in much more dramatic fashion. With “24na7”, the Eurovision 2016 star creates a hymn of love, discussing its power to blur the differences between people: “Love / It makes sense now / That 24/7 / Our heartbeat sets the rhythm of life”.

Sarit Hadad – “אחותי מתחתנת”

Do you have a sister who’s getting married? Do you need some songs for the reception? If yes, then look no further than Sarit Hadad’s new single. The Eurovision 2002 alumna has released “אחותי מתחתנת” (“My sister is getting married”). An upbeat Mizrahi-pop song, it’s very much aimed at getting people up on the dancefloor. This party spirit also comes through in the lyrics: “My sister from the station / So pick up the bride / Going to have a great evening here / There’s a wedding tonight”.

Harel Skaat & NOROZ – “ברוך הבא לבלאגן”

Harel Skaat’s new single is “ברוך הבא לבלאגן” (“Welcome to the mess”). Israel’s Eurovision 2010 star has collaborated with rapper NOROZ for the track. It’s a dynamic song with a beat drop in the chorus that makes it almost ready for the dancefloor. Harel sings: “I prayed that still / There are a lot of people out there / Who want peace at home / Only miracles have happened here / That we open the shutters / Welcome to the mess”.

Saara Aalto feat. No Fear Children – “This World”

Saata Aalto started writing and recording songs from a young age. In fact, the Finnish singer was 12 years old when she first wrote “This World”. After stumbling across the song 21 years later, Saara decided the message about helping children in need was still relevant now. Thus, the Eurovision 2018 star has released the song alongside a children’s choir. We even get to hear 12-year-old Saara performing the first verse and chorus. Profits from the song will be split between the UK and Finnish branches of Save the Children.

Paula Seling – “Soare Soare”

With Europe now well into summer, there’s plenty of “Soare Soare” (“Sun Sun”) to go around. Romania’s Paula Seling is bringing some sunshine of her own with a brand new single. The two-time Eurovision star delivers a mid-tempo track enriched with string accompaniment. In the lyrics, Paula tells the story of two soulmates: “At the fountain in the garden / In the shade of the berry  / Longing and longing are more common / Longing and longing are met / And they love each other until they die”.

Stella Mwangi – Icon

“If you’re into BOMB a$$ Music then you’ll LOVE my New EP ‘ICON'”, notes Stella Mwangi. Norway’s Eurovision 2011 star delivers plenty of attitude in the seven tracks featured on Icon. Including pre-release singles “Icon” and “I Do What I Want”, the EP is centred around the theme of Stella being a woman in charge who knows her own power. It’s her second so-called ‘Hollywood record’, made to be featured in TV shows, films and video games.

Elnur Huseynov & Fidan Aliva – “Take Me to Infinity”

To infinity and beyond! Two-time Eurovision act Elnur Huseynov has teamed up with Fidan Aliva for the new single “Take Me to Infinity”. It’s a dark pop song that develops a danceable beat from the first chorus. In the verses, the Azeri singers have lost all hope and are almost ready to give up. In the chorus, they then ask for someone to bring salvation: “Take me to infinity / I’m like a bird who’s in a need of it / To the castle I behold / Take me to infinity / From nowhere to hope”.

Kasia Moś feat. Jarecki, Mateusz Krautwurst & Kasta – “Femme Fatale”

Kasia Moś has brought together a full team for her new single “Femme Fatale” (“Fatal Woman”). Poland’s Eurovision 2017 star is joined by Jarecki and Mateusz Krautwurst on vocal, with Kasta providing a rap line from two-thirds into the song. The quartet discuss a woman who leaves her mark: “She is landscapes of experience […] She is the result of causes […] He remembers with a shudder, I do not understand the time”.

Arvingarna – Sånger mellan hav och land

As part of their TV show Arvingarnas sommar, Eurovision 1993 group Arvingarna have been covering a number of classic songs composed about Sweden’s west coast (the show was filmed just outside of Gothenburg). These cover songs now form the EP Sånger mellan hav och land (Songs between sea and land). Featuring five tracks, the two new songs previously unreleased are “Linnea” and “Det är dans på Brännö brygga”.

Ott Lepland – “Hommikud”

Not everyone is a morning person. But Ott Lepland feels joy every time he opens his eyes, as he gets to wake up next to his loved one. Estonia’s Eurovision 2012 representative sings, “I’m with you at dawn / I wake up in the mornings / Carefree journey ahead / Now it’s time for us to fly”. Musically, “Hommikud” (“Mornings”) is a bright pop song that can help get the listener’s day off to a cheery start.

Tijana Bogićević – Blizu

Blizu (Near) is the new album from Tijana Bogićević. The Serbian star shares nine tracks through the LP, including recent singles “Javna Tanja” and “Umem”. Although they were both ballads, the rest of the LP has more variety and mixes in elements of pop rock, ’80s pop and more. Along with the full album, Tijana has also uploaded music videos for a number of the LP’s new songs – “Blizu”, “Veliki prasak”, “Ponovo ljubav” and “Razocarao”.

Anna Sahlene – “Hungry”

Anna Sahlene placed third at Eurovision 2002, has competed three times at Melodifestivalen, and most recently finished fourth at Eesti Laul 2022. But even after all of that, the Swedish singer is still “Hungry” for more: “I’ve just finished my appetiser / I’m still hungry / I ain’t done yet / I need music, pleasure, chocolate, sex, money”. Anna hopes the song will also provide us all with the motivation to keep striving for more success:

“Stay hungry for you passion, for opportunities, for joy, for growth, for pleasure. Don’t let anybody tell you nothing else! Regardless your age, gender, background, insecurities- you can do it. You do YOU, boo!”

Rykka – “You Got Me”

Rykka is currently blasting through space in a rocket to Mars (at least in the interactive story world they’re creating through Olympus Mons). Whilst they travel through the stars, Switzerland’s Eurovision 2016 star has released the new single “You Got Me”. An indie pop song, Rykka says they’ll always support their family and friends as they’re stronger together: “Going crazy and I’ll come with you / We’ll take it so far like we do / I’m gonna be there when it all comes down / You got me”.

Miro & ALMA – “Повече”

At the BG Radio Music Awards 2022, Miro and ALMA premiered their new single “Повече” (“More”). Miro, who represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2010, kicks the dance-pop song off with the first verse and chorus. ALMA then takes over before the pair unite for the final moments.

Mia Dimšić – “Stuck On You”

Mia Dimšić recently dropped the new single “Stuck On You”. The Croatian star performed the song during some of the pre-parties ahead of Eurovision 2022 but has now released it into the world for all to hear. Mia sings to the person who she can’t get out of her mind: “I’m stuck on the feeling / Of everything you do / From shallow to deep end / You got my heart beating / Baby, I’m stuck on you”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Love the Benjamin Ingrosso and Blas Canto songs!

1 year ago

Please fix Blas Canto’s description. He represented Spain in 2021 (2020 cancelled). Not 2019.

1 year ago

It’s just amazing how many songs and albums Benjamin Ingrosso has put out recently. Even more surprisingly is that most of it is pretty good! „Bullet“ is really, really catchy.

1 year ago


1 year ago

Where is Mollys song?
Also Benjamin comes out with a new song every minute…no point even putting him on here lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Anna

Even if you don’t like Benjamin’s music, I don’t understand why you have to be rude!

1 year ago

I think I talk for all the Spanish eurofans when I say: that’s what Blas Cantó should have sung at ESC. It’s much more his style.