Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 26

Vladana – “Prevarena”

After delivering a power ballad at Eurovision 2022, Vladana is demonstrating her versatility by going upbeat for her follow-up single. “Prevarena” (“Deceived”) is a dance-pop track with retro influences to the production. In the lyrics, the Montenegrin singer is saying goodbye to a partner who was unfaithful: “I can’t love you anymore / You lied to me that I was the only one / Everything still smells of me in her room / And I wonder if she knows she’s been deceived? / Like me, deceived”. Vladana shares her feelings in a more direct approach through the words on her jumper in the accompanying lyric video.

Hadise & Murda – “Imdat”

Hadise is falling for the bad boy. Turkey’s Eurovision 2009 act has joined forces with Murda for the mid-tempo song “Imdat” (“Help”). In the music video, Hadise ends up in prison for her involvement with Murda’s crime organisation. However, the latter doesn’t plan on abandoning his lover and busts Hadise out. This story roughly corresponds with the lyrics of the song. Whilst the pair have been separated for a time, they plan on staying by each other’s side from now on: “I stayed far away from your touch / Look, without you I’ve become weird […] I am only yours this summer / This love doesn’t end, even if it’s forbidden / Do you hear me if i shout help? Baby help!”.

Francesca Michielin – “bonsoir”

Francesca Michielin is starting a new era of her music with the single “bonsoir”. The title lyric is the only word in French throughout the song. Meanwhile, the Eurovision 2016 star sings in her native Italian about the inspiration her lover provides: “We spin around in circles, then we find ourselves as miracles / Bonsoir, my love, I’ll write about you / Along these streets that tell me about you”. The song starts off gently with piano accompaniment, but it explodes with life in the first chorus.

Flo Rida – “What A Night”

Flo Rida is taking something old and transforming it into something new. The rapper’s latest single samples “December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)”, released by The Four Seasons in 1975. Flo Rida adds an abundance of swagger for his rendition. San Marino’s Eurovision 2021 act revamps the lyrics to discuss overcoming adversity: “Oh what a night  / Yeah, sing it / Almost had me down, came back to life / Hell yeah I’m finna ride / Who’s gonna stop me now”.


Eurovision 2021 star Ben Cristovao has released the new album PROTENKONTRAST. It features 11 songs, including recent single “TEN VIBE”. Many of the tracks see the Czech star collaborating with other artists (only three of the 11 are solo songs). Cristovao commented on social media about the LP, saying it showcases his style in a new light:

“[I] took my music and lyrics to the next level. I showed my new perspective on rap, rnb and pop and told a little about myself.”

Stefania – “Run Together”

Ahead of the 2022 UEFA European Women’s Football Championship taking place in July, the Dutch team have shared their official song of the tournament – and it just so happens to be sung by Eurovision 2021 star Stefania. “Run Together” is a driving anthem with a dance beat in the chorus that aims to get spirits high. It comes with uplifting lyrics about being part of a team and striving for victory: “We came here to win / Let us hear you roar, don’t keep it in / No matter how the rhythm goes / I got power in my goals / When we run together we will never be alone”.

Iveta Mukuchyan – “Sirt”

Iveta Mukuchyan is playing the role of seductress in her new single. Armenia’s Eurovision 2016 star is after someone’s “Sirt” (“Heart”) and she’s not afraid to use her feminine wilds to get it. Iveta poses at a resort swimming pool to catch the attention of an onlooker (and just happens to have four dancers on hand to back her up). The song itself is a sultry Armenian pop offering with an electronic post-chorus.

Ivi Adamou – “Dipla Sou”

Ivi Adamou gave the premiere performance of her new single alongside Giorgos Kakosaios at the MAD VMAs 2022. However, the official release of “Dipla Sou” (“Next to you”) is just a solo song from Cyprus’s Eurovision 2012 star. Ivi brings a solid pop track in which she says things just fall into place whenever she’s with her loved one: “Next to you, difficult things seem simple / If I’m next to you I become a star / Where I light up in your night / Next to you, I become everything you want”.

Tamta – “Pandora”

In Greek mythology, Pandora’s curiosity led her to open a box that unleashed curses upon humankind. Tamta isn’t planning on doing anything quite as drastic. But Cyprus’s Eurovision 2019 star is reasserting herself as a woman who will do as she pleases: “And I am whatever I want / I don’t give an account / Now now now / I do what I like / Now the time has come”. This comes packaged in artistic pop track with a catchy and repetitive hook in the chorus. Tamta also performed the song at the MAD VMAs 2022.

Blue – “Dance With Me”

“I see you looking at me / I can tell by your eyes that you’re feeling me / And I really want you to get close to me / So won’t you dance with me”. Eurovision 2011 alum Blue have caught the gaze of someone across the room and want to spend the rest of the party with them on the dancefloor. Musically, “Dance With Me” harks back to the British boyband’s hits of the early 2000s. And listen out for their revamped rendition of the children’s nursery rhyme “If You’re Happy and You Know It” in the bridge.

Monika Linkytė – “Degtukas”

Monika Linkytė has released the new single “Degtukas”. Lithuania’s Eurovision 2015 representative delivers an upbeat song with disco influences. And the disco theme continues into the accompanying music video, where we see Monika take to the dancefloor with friends.

Poli Genova – “Give Me Your Love”

After premiering “Give Me Your Love” at the BG Radio Music Awards 2022, Poli Genova has now officially released the song on streaming platforms for us all. The two-time Eurovision star for Bulgaria serves up a catchy pop track that takes its inspiration from the ’80s. Lyrically, Poli has her eyes on a certain person and she wants them to prove just how far their love can go: “Show me how much you can give me / Show me where you can take me / Show me the reason you need me / Give me your love”.

AYS – “Тaю”

Eurovision 2018 star Aisel has undergone a rebrand. Now going by the name AYS, the Azeri singer is beginning a new era of her musical career and teaming up with music producer Natella Krapivina. Natella has worked extensively with Eurovision 2009 alumna LOBODA, and this can be heard in the new music she’s now releasing with AYS. “Тaю” delves into the dark electronic pop that eastern European music is often known for.

Eva Boto – “Nočem, da greš”

Eva Boto has released “Nočem, da greš” (“I don’t want you to go”). The title lyric becomes a strong recurring refrain in the song that the listener can sing along with, particularly from the mid-point onwards. Over the top of this, Slovenia’s Eurovision 2012 representative sings of how she would do anything to stay by the side of the person she loves: “I would give you everything / Every song, every thought, every night for you / I don’t want you to go”.

Fyr Og Flamme – “Mig Der Kalder”

Fyr Og Flamme are making a foray into cinema. Their new single “Mig Der Kalder” (“Me Calling”) is on the soundtrack of the new Danish film Lille Allan – den menneskelige antenne (Little Allan – the human antenna). The Eurovision 2021 duo’s ’80s-inspired sound and use of synths works well with a movie that includes aliens and UFOs.

Anna Bergendahl – “Demons and Dreams”

Not a revamp of the board game Dungeons & Dragons, “Demons and Dreams” is in fact the new single from Anna Bergendahl. Sweden’s Eurovision 2010 star brings us an uplifting country-pop song, which is slightly more cheery in nature than her recent string of Melfest entries. Lyrically, Anna says she’ll be here to help squash our demons and support our dreams: “So just tell me all about your demons / Keeping you awake through seasons […] And tell me all about your dreaming / The ones that are too big”.

PAENDA, VLLN & Sol Novaro – “Run”

PAENDA’s partner keeps on running, running, running from this crazy life. The Austrian singer has leant her vocals to the new dance track from music producers VLLN and Sol Novaro. PAENDA sings to her partner, who appears to be afraid of committing to their relationship. But the Eurovision 2019 star tells them running away won’t solve any problems: “I want you to know, know / No matter where you go, go, go / This is never done / If you run, run, run, run”.

Lidia Kopania – “Różowe Zorze”

After a string of English-language songs, Eurovision 2009 alumna Lidia Kopania is returning to her native Polish for her latest single. “Różowe zorze” (“Pink auroras”) is a percussion-driven offering. It moves along at a steady pace but there’s enough going on to at least have the listener swaying in places.

Franka – “Zagrli me snažno”

Franka is hoping for a bountiful supply of hugs this summer season. Croatia’s Eurovision 2018 star has released “Zagrli me snažno” (“Hug me tightly”). It jumps on the ’80s-pop trend and has a driving drum beat from start to end. Speaking about the song, Franka notes why she wanted to go upbeat for the new track:

“Summer is the time when I like to hear the positive dance rhythm the most. After the time when we had to be apart, I would like us to hug each other strongly this summer, celebrate love, be happy and feel only dance rhythm and good emotions! Summer is officially starting and it’s time to be positive!” 

Edgaras Lubys feat. Erica Jennings – “Cry (on those summer days)”

Many people are probably hoping to smile and laugh through the coming summer. But Erica Jennings has been shedding a few tears. The Eurovision 2002 singer has collaborated with Edgaras Lubys, who himself has competed four times in Lithuania’s Eurovision national selection (under the name Amberlife). The pair are also delivering an ’80s synth-pop track with “Cry (on those summer days)”. It sees them moving from darkness to light: “Maybe it was wrong to wipe those tears away / You made me cry on those summer days / Everyone hurts sometime / So cry, cry baby cry”.

Bermudu Divstūris & Apvedceļš – “Brāl’ Ar Dzīvi Nekaulē”

“Brāl’ Ar Dzīvi Nekaulē” (“Brother does not bargain with life”) is the new single from Bermudu Divstūris. The song comes from the duo’s recent album Vidēji Glīts. It features Latvian music group Apvedceļš, adding an element of country to Bermudu Divstūris’s music. The Eurovision 2011 duo describe the track as follows:

“A song that makes your shoulders move and your feet move in a whirlwind of dance. The taste, feel and music center of summer turned to full volume.”

Vincent Bueno – Soul Therapy

Eurovision 2021 act Vincent Bueno has dropped the new album Soul Therapy. In addition to recent single “Rays On A Shell”, there are seven other songs and nine interludes. The tracks incorporate R&B, soul and rap, plus feature a mixture of English and German. The LP focuses on the Austrian singer’s life journey and how he’s overcome mental challenges. Vincent spoke more about this on social media:

“Sometimes, facing your problems and issues can be very challenging but in the long run it’s necessary to confront them. I’m thankful for every therapy session I went to and also every friend that listens in times of need.”

Doris Dragović – “Sve Smo Mogli Imat”

Doris Dragović recently released the single “Sve Smo Mogli Imat” (“We Could Have Everything”). It quickly develops into an upbeat and cheery track from the first chorus, though the lyrics see Doris regretting not making the most of a previous relationship: “And we could have everything / The last one laughs and asks about the dawn / Now only paper towers stand / Where were we?”. In the music video, we get three Doris’ for the price of one, with the two-time Eurovision star performing alongside herself.


Click on the links below to read about more songs released in the past week by Eurovision stars:

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

I still can’t get over how surreal it is that Flo Rida can be officially designated a Eurovision veteran. For San Marino. What is life?

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1 year ago

I like Vladana’s new song more than I liked her Eurovision entry 🙂

1 year ago

Vladana and Aisel are totally slaying in this week’s collection…

1 year ago

Montenegrin festival Skale saw Jelena Tomasevic and Nevena Bozovic debut new song as well, not just Vladana. Where aren’t they on the list?
Sara Jo, Zorja and Angellina participated as well.
The organization was atrocious so there’s no need to link those videos, better just the audio. None of them sang live anyway.

1 year ago
Reply to  willchrisiam

as well, as well
That’s what happens when you comment while eating breakfast and packing your stuff at the same time so you wouldn’t be late for work…

1 year ago

Can we PLEASE stop including Flo Rida in this?