Back in June we told you how Little Big, who were due to represent Russia at Eurovision 2020 with their eccentric viral hit “Uno“, had fled Russia for the United States. Well now they have given an interview to BBC Newsnight about life in Russia for musicians, following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Little Big openly condemned the war in Ukraine with their recent single “Generation Cancellation,” explicitly stating in the YouTube description that they are against Russia’s invasion.

Band members Sonya Tayurskaya and Ilya “Ilich” Prusikin have already paid a price for being so outspoken, as they told Newsnight host Kirsty Wark from their new home in Los Angeles. 

“There are blacklists in Russia for a lot of artists who are against the war, and we’re on this blacklist.” 

“We can’t make concerts, it’s impossible in Russia now.”

The pair confirmed that Ilya had been asked to remove an Instagram post condemning the war. 

“After the war started, on the the 2nd of March, we decided to move from Russia,” Sonya said.

“When the war started we made a post, ‘no war’, and somebody called Ilya and said ‘please delete this picture’.”

“You feel in danger when you want to say something about the war in Russia, That’s the reason why we wanted to move.”

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The band told the BBC that they now feel safe in Los Angeles because they can speak freely and continue to work. 

They plan to keep performing and organise a charity concert in LA in the summer.

“It doesn’t matter whether they are Ukrainian or Russian soldiers, people are dying and that’s not normal. We think that it must be stopped,” Little Big said. 

Due to their stance on the war in Ukraine, the band do not believe that they will be able to return to Russia any time soon. 

“Maybe when Putin leaves, we’ll go back to Russia. But for now, it’s impossible.”

Little Big said that a lot of artists from Russia have considered leaving the country, and they do not believe that the majority of Russian people support the war. 

“All of our friends are against the war and Putin’s government,” they said. 

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1 year ago

Russians have A LOT of making-up to do in the future. Not going to be easy, or even possible, unless they overthrow Putin.

1 year ago

Meanwhile Ilya was making homophobic “jokes” in homophobic Russia, pre-war.

1 year ago
Reply to  Babes

Meanwhile and pre-war in the same sentence. That you’re talking b*lls**t you probably know yourself, don’t you?

1 year ago

I think it is a brave decision and good of them to speak so openly about this issue. No matter how hard Russia’s government tries to condemn its people, it is impossible for them to remain unaware of what is happening in Ukraine. I hope more people in Russia will take a stand.