Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 29 part 2

With so many songs to cover this week, we’ve split this roundup into two bitesize halves. You can find part one by clicking here.

Monika Liu – “Bossa”

Four months after performing at Eurovision 2022, Monika Liu returns with the new single “Bossa” (“Boss”). Whilst many might be giving us summery pop tracks at this time of the year, Monika veers in a very different direction. The Lithuanian singer uses her jazz training to create an atmospheric song in which she discusses the loneliness of the afterlife: “I want to forget everything / Turn back time and live again / Two hearts cold and eyes closed / I feel this freedom is fake”.

Netta and Ron Barzilai – “האהבה אשר בינינו”

אני לא (I’m not) is the new documentary by Israeli filmmaker Tomer Heymann. It follows the life of Oren, who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. Eurovision 2018 champion Netta was asked by Oren and Tomer to record a song for the film. After watching a preview, Netta agreed to do so alongside her little brother Ron, whom also has Asperger’s. “האהבה אשר בינינו” (“The Love Between Us”) is a cover of the track recorded by Shashi Keshet in 1972 (again for a film). Netta strips everything back and delivers an acoustic rendition, accompanied only by Ron on the double bass and some light backing vocals. Netta spoke more about the opportunity to work with her brother on Instagram:

“I have been in a relationship with the audience and the media for years. If you do a quick Google, you can find out everything about me. But for the amazing Ron, we tried to shield and protect as much as possible from this world, and also from an unwanted outing of his Asperger’s that might hurt him. Ron is angry with me, and has been angry with me for years that I think he needs protection from the world, and he is painfully right. Ron, I love you and I’m happy that we created something that is only ours. I wish all neurotypicals were a little more like you.”

Efendi & MadTeen – “Efendi”

Many artists release self-titled albums. But Efendi has gone one further and dropped a self-titled single. However, the Eurovision 2021 star isn’t singing about herself in the percussion-driven track. Joined by fellow Azeri singer MadTeen, the pair sing to each other and hatch a plan to run away together: “If this city bothers you, let’s get out of here / Let’s run away to a faraway land / Let them search / There is one you and one me”. 

Bilal Hassani – “Transfert Trottinette”

Achille Lauro isn’t the only one who loves a bit of Britney. In a new single, Bilal Hassani exclaims “Britney I love you” while also discussing sex practices: “A bunch? No of PreP / Poppers in the head”. Musically, “Transfert Trottinette” is a club ready and slightly sassy dance-pop offering that the listener can quickly bop along to. 

Connect-R & Johny Romano – “Iasomnie”

Connect-R is hoping some “Iasomnie” (“Jasmine”) tea will calm his mind. Moldova’s Eurovision 2006 rapper can’t stop thinking about a special person and needs something to help him sleep: “In the summer I walk with tea / Jasmine tea / And when I don’t sleep, I drink it with a straw / That if it’s summer, you know I’m not sleeping again / My thoughts don’t leave me, I just keep my eyes on the phone / Thinking of you”. Connect-R is joined on the song by Johny Romano, who contributes a rap verse in English.

Hurricane – “Wow”

Hurricane left all of Europe saying “Wow” after their appearance at Eurovision 2021. And the Serbian trio continue to drop jaws with their new music. Sanja Vučić, Ivana Nikolić and Ksenija Knežević deliver a full-force Balkan pop banger in which they hope to create fireworks with a person they have their eyes on: “We would, we would be a good couple / If only we at least tried / Come on, let’s get to the point / Come, come, come, come, for us it’ll be wow”. We don’t get to see this particular person in the music video, but we’re going to assume they’re a fan of motorbikes.

Eneda Tarifa – “Kjani Trima”

“Kjani Trima” is the new single by Eneda Tarifa. Albania’s Eurovision 2016 representative delivers a subtle but catchy song with a mixture of digital production and more traditional woodwind. The accompanying music video showcases both sides of this. At times we see Eneda acting as a DJ underneath a disco ball; while at other times we’re shown historic ruins.

A few weeks ago, Eneda also released a summery single alongside Renis Gjoka, titled “Cep Me Cep”.

Saufra – “Haray”

Eurovision 2010 star Safura is serving up a slice of ethno pop. The Azeri singer’s new single is titled “Haray”. A largely mid-tempo offering, the post-chorus instrumental still brings in a solid beat infused with a digitally processed line that gives the aura of traditional vocal singing.

Joci Pápai – “Ott vársz rám”

Joci Pápai’s chilled summer single is “Ott vársz rám” (“You’re waiting for me there”). The Hungarian singer is making a long journey but Joci knows there’ll be someone waiting for him at the end: “There is no one else here / You who were feared / You are life / Who is waiting for me there? / You are waiting for me there”. This is directly portrayed in the accompanying music video, with the two-time Eurovision star arriving as night falls.

Vaidas Baumila – “Apžavai”

Eurovision 2015 star Vaidas Baumila seems to own the longest telephone wire ever. The Lithuanian singer spends much of his new music video singing down the phone to his lover while simultaneously looking for them in fields, mazes and quarries. In his long phone call, Vaidas tells them he can’t break free from their attraction: “Those dangerous charms / The flame burns black / It’s scary, but it’s hard not to give up / It is too late to look for a way out now”. Musically, “Apžavai” (“Fascinated”) is a pop rock song with a guitar solo ahead of the final chorus.

Charming Horses & Alivo feat. Jamie-Lee – “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”

Kate Bush has become so tired of continuously “Running Up That Hill” that Jamie-Lee has taken the baton up for her. Germany’s Eurovision 2016 representative has provided her vocals for the remix of Bush’s classic track by DJs Charming Horses and Alivo. Being a remix, there are more electronic and dance beats added in to help Jamie-Lee stay motivated as she begins her journey up the slope.

Robben Ford & Bill Evans feat. Max Mutzke – “Common Ground”

Germany’s Max Mutzke features on “Common Ground”, the new single from American musicians Robben Ford and Bill Evans. A jazz-rock offering, Max sings about the need for people to put their differences aside to help everyone move forward: “So many different points of view / Don’t know where this world is bound / If we’re ever gonna come together / Got to find some common ground”. The Eurovision 2004 act comments in the video’s description on how excited he was to be able to work with saxophonist Bill Evans in particular:

“When I was a little boy, I went to Bill Evans concerts with my father. I listened to his music over and over. Bill has always been a musical inspiration for me. Now he is my friend and that is an incredible joy for me. What a great person. At his request, I am singing a song on his and Robben’s album. It’s a dream come true.”

Eimear Quinn & Sarah Class – “Naiades of Nymphes”

“The precious fragments of poetry in Ancient Greek by the mysterious Sappho are given a new life in the ‘Naïades of Nymphes’ honouring love between women in all its nurturing and delicious forms.” Ireland’s Eurovision 1996 champion Eimear Quinn first came together with Sara Class for “Naiades of Nymphes” in 2020, when the song was included on Sarah’s album Natural High. But the pair have now released the aria duet as a standalone single with a new mix and accompanying atmospheric music video.

Al Bano & Jasmine feat. Clementino – “Nessuno Mai”

Al Bano is passing his musical expertise down to the next generation of his family. The two-time Eurovision star has teamed up with his daughter Jasmine for a rendition of “Nessuno Mai” (“No One Ever”). It’s an updated version of the song released by Mina in 1959. Al Bano and Jasmine’s release retains the swing beat of the original to keep part of the classic feel, but a rap verse from Clementino also adds new dynamism. Lyrically, the trio discuss everlasting love: “Nobody, I swear to you, nobody / Not even fate / Can separate us / Why this love / That heaven gives us / It will always live”.

Al Bano has also recently released another collaboration. He teamed up with Iranian singer Fariman for the song “Rise from the Fall”.

Koza Mostra – “Bilio”

Ethno-rock band Koza Mostra released “Bilio” at the end of June. There are lengthy instrumental sections that highlight the Greek folk element. But Greece’s Eurovision 2013 representatives make more of the rock aspect compared to their appearance at the contest. This includes some rough and harsh vocals at times as lead singer Ilias Kozas notes how his mum promised to shield him from harm: “Oh dear mother – death and horror – you already knew / Love, affection – though you gave me – with your sweet embrace”

Ilias has also recently released the solo single “Higher & Higher”.

Serhat – “Chocolate Flavour” (Rishi Rich Remix)

Serhat has been performing renditions of “Chocolate Flavour” for over 15 years. But it’s only now that we have an official music video for the song. The video is for the Rishi Rich Remix of “Chocolate Flavour”, released last month. Shot over three days, it features the two-time Eurovision star enjoying some summer sunshine with five Brazilian models and hoping to experience their essence: “My chocolate flavour / Do me a favour / Leave your taste all over me again”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

DCAI got released in that week too. Alvan robbed again

Maya G
Maya G
1 year ago

Another Eurovision connection to Netta’s beautiful new song: It was composed by Shaike Paikov who also composed the Israeli ESC entries for 1989 (to which he also wrote the lyrics) and 1993.

1 year ago

The Monika Liu song is very nice.

Hello hi
Hello hi
1 year ago

Anyone know when there be an update on 2023 host ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Hello hi

just confirmed. BBC have announced they have accepted the offer to host. Bids to be submitted for host city

1 year ago

Chocolate Flavor…lol. Is this song referring to brown women?