After three years, one pandemic and a lot of personal and professional difficulties, The Rasmus have dropped their tenth studio album.

RISE celebrates the band’s resilience during a period of uncertainty, which saw them lose a guitarist and cancel all of their gigs. 

But Lauri Ylönen, Eero Heinonen, Aki Hakala, and newest member Emilia “Emppu” Suhonen rose above, going on a journey that brought them even closer together — even if they live apart from each other in Hawaii, Australia and Finland. 

The Rasmus return with new album RISE

“I think it’s nice that the album tells a story,” Lauri tells our Dayana in Helsinki. “There were really dark times, and then it ended up brightly.”

“Empuu joined us. We wrote three more songs — “Jezebel,” “Rise,” “Live and Never Die” — which are all really uplifting and hopeful songs.”

“I think that it’s nice that album has different vibes. Very dark moments, a song like “Be Somebody” or “Clouds.” It’s full of contrasts and I enjoy that. That’s always been the recipe of Rasmus music. We have this combination of joy and positive things and the melancholy….this positive sadness.”

Lauri also explains why he’s moving to Hawaii, why the group almost split, and why the album was originally called “Night Division.” He also discusses the two-year and very emotional process of writing the band’s book.

The album’s release coincides with the release of the new music video for “Live and Never Die,” which you can watch above. 

The song starts with an anthemic whoa oh aye oh aye oh before serving some California rock positivity. 

“Will I fight or will I run in a battle without a gun?” Lauri sings. “Will I jump through rings of fire, fly even higher into the sun?”

You know our man is gonna soar!

What do you think of Rise by The Rasmus? Have you bought it yet? Let us know down below.

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4 months ago

Great album. Some real bangers in here. Desmond Child has worked his magic yet again!

4 months ago

Great album, wishing it’ll chart well although they haven’t had much time for promotion as they’ve got a busy tour going on!

Radio interviews would be a good way to promote, hopefully they’d have time for those, perhaps in UK as they will be there next month!

Esc addict
Esc addict
4 months ago

Real icons!