Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2023 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 41

Conchita Wurst – “Call Me Up”

Those who are subscribed to Conchita Wurst’s streaming platform will already be able to watch the music video for the star’s new single “Call Me Up”. Whilst everyone else has to wait until the YouTube premiere on Thursday, we can at least listen to the audio. And what an audio it is — a dynamic track with a driving beat running throughout. Lyrically, Austria’s Eurovision 2014 champion is coming to the realisation that the only person she needs in life is the one looking back in the mirror. Wurst gives more detail about this in a press release:

“Our society constantly teaches and shows us that we can only be complete together with another person. That is also why I have too often made my personal well-being dependent on other people’s decisions, or on whether I get the confirmation I hope for from others. In the course of the song I ask myself ‘Do I need someone to be someone?’ and come to the conclusion that it is time to discard this concept, because I am complete and whole.”

Paulie Garand feat. Ben Cristovao & Majk Spirit – “Starkids”

Ben Cristovao has joined Czech rapper Paulie Garand and Slovak rapper Majk Spirit for “Starkids”. The Eurovision 2021 star delivers the chorus of the song, with Garand and Spirit contributing the verses in between. The trio discuss how they’ve learned to live an unconstrained life in the stars without any shackles to hold them down: “And we are Starkids / We wander beyond the borders / Shadows of missile warheads / Nothing is beneath me / I fly through the darkness without gravity / And I raise my glass, I hold my breath for a moment / For the people we lost”.

Blas Cantó – “Marte”

Blas Cantó was hoping to sing of the “Universo” at Eurovision 2020 and had a giant moon with him when he eventually hit the stage in 2021. Now the Spanish singer is up amongst the stars once again, but this time taking a visit to “Marte” (“Mars”). Cantó’s new single is a fun pop track. The lyrics see him falling head over heels for a special someone: “With you I accelerate, even if I’m going to crash / Whenever I have you in front of me you have me on Mars / And I run out of air.”

Laura Tesoro – “WE HERE”

Eurovision 2016 star Laura Tesoro is making it clear that she is here for her friends when they’re in need. The Belgian star wants them to know they will never be on their own: “You wanna cry, we cry together / You wanna run, we run together / You wanna hide, we hide together / You won’t be alone, won’t be alone / We here”. The repeated mantra of “WE HERE” is very easy for listeners to pick up and helps create a little earworm.

Luca Hänni – “Clouds”

Luca Hänni has his head up in the “Clouds”. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2019 star has dropped a catchy guitar-driven pop track that matches his warm personality. But, the lyrics speak of relationships that aren’t always so cheery. Hänni sings about “ups and downs” when it comes to love and how we all have to push through the lows in order to fly into the sky for the highs.

Roxen – “A trecut vara”

As the seasons change, so do our lives. Roxen notes that “A trecut vara” (“Summer has passed”) and it’s time to start a new chapter. Romania’s Eurovision 2021 singer hopes this chapter will see the return of someone special: “Maybe you can stay with me tonight / And now that summer has passed / Take me in your arms like the last time”. The message comes wrapped up in a mid-tempo track perfect for those autumnal nights.

Joci Pápai & Majka – “Barokk”

Over half a year of work involving almost 100 people, and now “Barokk” (“Baroque”) is finally released. Joci Pápai is joined by rapper Majka for the new single. They tackle a world of sin and hopes for a new age where peace leads the way: “Send rain now, it’s needed, wash away the sin, I’m waiting / So dry my tears, it’s going down deep, but you’re not here”. Hungary’s two-time Eurovision star spoke on Instagram about the importance this song has for him:

“This song saved me, because while I was writing it, I was reborn! ‘Barokk’ is about the sin in this fast-paced world of fully exploiting and killing the nature around us, the world, and how we spill each other’s lives in wars! This is a PRAYER, a plea to God to forgive our sins and show us a way out of this world plagued by wars and natural disasters, to give peace of mind to EVERYONE! Listen to it too, I trust that it will heal you!”

Edsilia Rombley – “Je Daagt Me Uit”

“A song that allows me to show a different side of myself”. Forget what you know about Edsilia Rombley, the two-time Dutch Eurovision star is showcasing another shade of her musical palette with her latest single. This is particularly seen in the accompanying mini-clip Edsilia posted on social media, where she delivers a pop star performance — including added water effects. Edsilia sings “Je Daagt Me Uit” (“You are challenging me”), but she’s also challenging herself to grow and evolve.

Alicja – “Sekret”

It’s not just Ronela Hajati who has a “Sekret”. Eurovision 2020 entrant Alicja also has some things she’d like to keep hidden from prying eyes. The Polish singer secures her secrets within a mid-tempo R&B track.

Jüri Pootsmann – “Vaata mind”

Ahead of his upcoming album in November, Jüri Pootsmann has dropped a new pre-release single. It’s an intriguing track with a mixture of electro and drum beats. Estonia’s Eurovision 2016 star is hoping that all eyes are on him and wants a certain person to “Vaata mind” (“Look at me”). 

Lake Malawi – “Joanne”

Lake Malawi are having to come to terms with the fact their partner hasn’t been completely faithful. The Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2019 group sing to “Joanne” about her behaviour but also how they could move forward from here: “I saw you in the headlights with someone / And I’m thinking that explains the dryness in my mouth […] So sad, hey whatever, Joanne / I’ll take you out tonight, Joanne / Only you and I”. Despite Joanne’s actions, the song has a positive ending courtesy of Lake Malawi’s forgiveness. This also applies to the ending of the music as well, with a sprightly saxophone solo inserted into the final chorus.

Gromee & Wac Toja & Sara Chmiel & Jan Borysewicz – “Sztuka Latania”

Gromee believes “Sztuka Latania” (“The Art of Flying”) by rock band Lady Pank is “one of the best pieces in the history of Polish music”. The Eurovision 2018 DJ has now decided to release his own version of the classic hit. Gromee has brought in Wac Toja and Sara Chmiel to contribute the vocals, while Jan Borysewicz is on guitar. The lyrics of the song see someone getting ready to take a leap of faith: “Every day I think, looking at the world from it / What will happen when I finally make that step […] Overall – life is brutal / Otherwise, everything’s perfect”.

Timebelle – “$1”

Timebelle are counting their “$1”. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2017 group bring us a pop rock offering that vocalist Miruna leads with plenty of attitude. The dollars she’s counting are metaphorical and relate to her treatment by an ex-partner: “Cuz if I had a dollar / For every time it hurt / You’d be surprised / I’d be so rich”. The group explained the message of the song further in the description of the accompanying music video:

“$1 is a statement song. Don’t lose yourself in your pursuit of making others love you. Be unapologetic wild, unapologetic free and those who can dance on the same rhythm will stay in your tune. Those who can’t, better choose another rhythm.”

Angelica Agurbash & Karen Tuz – “По нервам”

Belarus’s Eurovision 2005 act Angelica Agurbash has been working on a duet with Armenian-born singer Karen Tuz for five years. After numerous demos, the pair finally found the best song for their partnership. “По нервам” (“Nerves”) is a melodic pop track that discusses the longing the two stars have for someone to be by their side and help warm their bodies during the autumn and winter months.

PAENDA, YUNA & Martin Van Lectro – “Fire in the Heart”

PAENDA is heating up and ready to unleash the fuego she’s holding inside. Austria’s Eurovision 2019 representative isn’t going to let one rejection stop her from pushing on: “Rip the band aids off the wounds / Gotta get back up / I won’t let a ‘no’ tame me […] Oh just a spark in the dark, glowing bright in my heart / There is fire in the heart”. This latest song sees PAENDA collaborating with music producers YUNA and Martin Van Lectro for club-ready dance track.

Riskykidd, YoungASko & Pantass – “Dollis Hill”

Riskykidd may have represented Greece at Eurovision 2014, but the rapper was born in the UK’s capital city. He’s now returned to his hometown for his new single “Dollis Hill”, which is an area of northwest London. Riskykidd discusses his ambitions and how he’s continued to strive towards them: “When I first went independent / They didn’t think I’d survive […] I learn from all my flops / Now I’m acing the test”. 

Boggie – “Árnyék”

Boggie’s new song, “Árnyék” (“Shadow”), is a personal one. Hungary’s Eurovision 2015 representative touches on mourning and grief following the loss of her mother and the relationship they shared. This emotion comes through in the song but is also accompanied by an eerie and mysterious undertone to the production.

Amaury Vassili – Une voix et des chansons

Amaury Vassili will now forever be associated with turtles. That was the Eurovision 2011 star’s costume of choice during the recent season of France’s Mask Singer. Vassili went on to win the whole thing following a number of strong performances. The French pop-opera singer has now released a new album that features five of the songs he sang on the show. The other 14 songs on Une voix et des chansons (A voice and songs) are some of Vassili’s greatest hits, including his Eurovision entry “Sognu”.

Loulou Lamotte – “Miljonär”

“Everything can stop in life when you’re not feeling well. The energy just isn’t there to move on. Along with the contrast of something that is supposed to be the ‘best’ day of your life.” That was the inspiration behind the cover art of Loulou Lamotte’s latest single. It also speaks of the emotion the Swedish singer portrays in the lyrics of “Miljonär” (“Millionaire”). Not focused on the money side of the word, Loulou sings about how we don’t always have that ‘perfect’ life people dream of. Musically, the Eurovision 2020 entrant brings us a steady ballad that gradually builds to the final chorus. 

Sinplus – “Dark Horse Running”

“Dark Horse Running” is the start of a new chapter in Sinplus’s music (an EP and album are in the works for the coming months). A gritty track that mixes rock & roll and punk, Switzerland’s Eurovision 2012 duo sing about being an outsider and sticking to your own path: “I’m willing to  / Be who I am today / Until tomorrow appears / Dark horse in a storm / I keep a runnin’, I keep a runnin’”. In a press release, Sinplus detailed the backstory of their new single:

This is one of those songs that came out of nowhere, we just finished playing a great festival in Germany and we felt incredibly inspired, grabbed the instruments and in one night the song was there. And one thing we know is that when this happens you can’t lock it away for too long. In any given day, an underdog can rise up. Dark Horse Running is a song for the outsiders. It’s a powerful reminder for us in primis, and for whoever has decided to not adapt to the mainstream but go their own way. We kept it dirty and real in order to feel that wild spirit of a Dark Horse.

Jala Brat, Ra Bra & Mone – “Makarov”

Jala Brat’s latest single is “Makarov”. Bosnia’s Eurovision 2016 rapper collaborates with Ra Bra and Mone for the track. They reference the Makarov pistol, a Soviet semi-automatic weapon. Though, hopefully there’ll someday be a world where the pistol is no longer in use.

Jóhanna Guðrún – Fjalla-Eyvindur og Halla

Fjalla-Eyvindur and his wife Halla were Icelandic outlaws. They fled into the highlands of Iceland and spent 20 years living in this remote part of the country during the 1700s. Their story has continued to be told in a number of ways. One of the most recent of these is the rock opera Fjalla-Eyvindur og Halla. A cast album for the show has now been released, which features Eurovision 2009 star Jóhanna Guðrún (Yohanna).

Noa Kirel, Svika Pick & Zooki – “הרקדן האוטומטי 2022”

Svika Pick was an Israeli singer and songwriter who sadly passed away in August this year. Eurovision fans will have heard his work, as he co-wrote Dana International’s Eurovision 1998 winning song “Diva” (in addition to Sarit Hadad’s “Light A Candle” and Oleksandr Ponomaryov’s “Hasta La Vista”). To honour Pick, Israel’s Eurovision 2023 entrant Noa Kirel has added her vocals to a re-worked version of Pick’s hit “הרקדן האוטומטי” (“The Auto Dancer”). The song has been updated by producer Zooki, who adds in a more contemporary dance beat.

Sofi Marionva & Preslava – “Mangava Tut”

Our crystal ball is predicting great things for this final song. Two icons of the Bulgarian music scene — Preslava and Eurovision 2012 act Sofi Marinova — have joined forces for “Mangava Tut”. The pair deliver a turbo folk song with plenty of traditional instrumental breaks. Marinova and Preslava sing about their struggle to move on from a broken relationship: “If two hundred new pubs, open them today / I will drink a little in them / I suffer that you are gone / Old love, I know there is none”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Its still such a crime that Sofi Marinova didn’t qualify in Baku. Such a great song.

1 year ago

Loving the Lake Malawi track.

1 year ago

Ok, I have to admit this week it’s just two songs that caught my closer attention, they’re the ones by Edsilia and Angelica Agurbash …