Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2023 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 43

S10 – Ik Besta Voor Altijd Zolang Jij Aan Mij Denkt

S10 dived into the deep at Eurovision 2022. Now, fans of the Dutch singer can jump into the depths of a brand new album. Ik Besta Voor Altijd Zolang Jij Aan Mij Denkt (I Exist Forever As Long As You Think Of Me) has 14 songs, including her Eurovision entry and recent single “Laat Me Los”. Those who only know S10 from Eurovision will find there’s much more to discover in her music, with the LP providing a nice mix of nederhop and alternative pop songs. To coincide with the album release, S10 has also uploaded a music video for track number three, “Nooit Meer Spijt” (“Never Regret”).

Stefania – “Yalla Baby”

Stefania hails from the Netherlands and represented Greece at Eurovision 2021. But, now she’s adding an Arabic flavour to her music repertoire courtesy of the new song “Yalla Baby” — yalla being an Arabic word meaning “let’s go” or “come on”. Stefania sings to her lover and calls on them to join her: “Baby we’re here to win it / Everyday, every week I need you every second / No more time to waste / Baby let’s make this happen”. The Middle Eastern influences also appear in the music, with folk instruments included in the post-chorus musical interludes.

Jamala – ПОКЛИК

Since fleeing from Ukraine as a refugee, Jamala has been travelling almost constantly to raise funds for others who have been affected by the ongoing war. In any spare moments between all of this, the Eurovision 2016 champion has let her thoughts flow into writing the new EP “ПОКЛИК” (“CALL”). There are four songs — two in English and two in Ukrainian — all of which speak of Jamala’s longing for her native country to be free once again. Speaking about the project on social media, Jamala noted:

“This year, many of us have heard our calling. To fight. To rescue. To love. The mini album was recorded in different parts of the planet, and my thoughts were always at home. For me, this post is full of warm feelings for brave people who fight tirelessly for their own will and great culture. In the EP you can hear the Crimean Tatar instrument of the dojru, and folk singing, and the words of Simonenko, which I, like a mantra, have been repeating in recent months.”

Gjon’s Tears – “Pure”

Gjon’s Tears has released the new song “Pure”. It moves away from the power ballads that we’ve become accustom to from Switzerland’s Eurovision 2021 act. Instead, the addition of drums and guitar gives this latest track a bit more of a groove to it. Lyrically, Gjon’s Tears sings about the beauty that can be found in between life’s tribulations: “Life is hard but it’s worth it / When it’s pure my god, my god, it’s beautiful / Like a whisper that bewitches me / When it’s pure my god, my god, life is pretty”.

Miki Núñez & Marmi – “Barcelona”

Miki Núñez was born in Terrassa, which lies in the province of “Barcelona”. The Eurovision 2019 star is now ready to traverse the length and breadth of the province in order to be with the person he loves: “With you I would travel all over Barcelona / And I would swim the entire Amazon, to see you once again […] I would surf all those waves, to have you here by my side”. Miki appears from the second verse of the song, while the start is led by collaborator Marmi.

Dilara Kazimova – “Darıxsam da”

“Since the day you left / My heart is frozen / Even if I miss you / Even if I call you / Even if I can’t / We are separate people”. Dilara Kazimova’s fairy tale relationship has unfortunately reached its closing chapter. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2014 representative wraps the story up through a solid Azeri pop track. But, like every good novel, there’s a slight twist at the end — watch the music video to find out.

Michael Schulte & Max Giesinger – “More To This Life”

Eurovision 2018 alum Michael Schulte has been friends with Max Giesinger for more than ten years. The pair started their singing careers by posting covers together on YouTube, before then competing against one another in the first season of The Voice of Germany. This friendship has only continued to grow over the past decade and the pair have now released their first joint single. “More To This Life” is an acoustic-guitar-driven pop song that feels like a natural evolution from the acoustic covers Michael and Max used to upload. In the lyrics, the German singers wonder why growing up has to come with heartbreak and sorrow: “Lately / I feel like lately / ‘Stead of heaven, I only see sky / But maybe / I mean maybe / Oh, there’s got to be more to this life”.

Samira Said – “YAMMI”

Samira Said is here to get us moving with the new song “YAMMI”. Morocco’s Eurovision 1980 representative delivers a catchy Arabic pop track that will easily get people dancing along. The chorus is heightened thanks to a trumpet ending; meanwhile, strings bring an extra flavour to the bridge.

Amaia – “Más De La Mitad”

The new film No Mires A Los Ojos (Don’t Look Into The Eyes) will hit Spanish cinema screens at the start of November. When it does so, movie goers will hear the voice of Amaia on the soundtrack, because Spain’s Eurovision 2018 star has contributed “Más De La Mitad” (“More Than A Half”). It’s a gentle piano ballad that grows during its final moments. Amaia sings of a love she will remember until the end of time: “More than half of all my lies I know to be true / But you will have a space in my brain to the end”.

Sevak – “До встречи”

Sevak’s new single is “До встречи” (“See you”). It starts off as a mid-tempo R&B offering with a series of drum machine beats. However, the pace picks up from the second chorus and the song concludes in a more dynamic drum and bass fashion. In the lyrics, Sevak sings: “Well, see you in five thousand years / Where we’ll be happy again, say hello to me / Follow the footprints on the stones to know where to look for you”.

Blue – Heart & Soul

Blue have put their Heart & Soul into their new album and now they can share it with the rest of us. The British boy band have brought together ten new songs for the LP, including pre-release singles “Haven’t Found You Yet”, “Dance With Me”, “Heart & Soul” and “Magnetic”. The remaining six songs add to the mix of pop and R&B influences. Blue cover a lot of bases on the album, with the Eurovision 2011 group switching between upbeat, mid-tempo and slower ballads.

Ruth Lorenzo – “Love Song for a Vampire”

Ruth Lorenzo has suddenly developed a taste for blood. Spain’s Eurovision 2014 star is celebrating Halloween with a rendition of “Love Song for a Vampire”. The song was first recorded by Annie Lennox for the 1992 film Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Lorenzo ditches some of the 90’s production and instead chooses to sing over a swelling orchestral accompaniment.

Michael Ball & Alfie Boe – Together In Vegas

Eurovision 1992 star Michael Ball has headed across the Atlantic and is Together In Vegas with his musical partner Alfie Boe. The British singers hope to transport listeners to the bright lights and bustling streets of Sin City through their new LP. It features 12 tracks, all covers of classic hits, including recent singles “Luck Be A Lady”, “The Gambler” and “A Man Without Love”.

Rafał Brzozowski – Zielone I Love You

Following on from “W kinie” and “W zimnych dłoniach chęć”, Rafał Brzozowski has now shared the new album Zielone I Love You. Eight brand new songs are added for the LP. Jazz is certainly the main genre on show throughout the album, with Poland’s Eurovision 2021 star creating a suave and sophisticated addition to his discography.

DJ BoBo – “Together We Fly”

DJ Bobo had his big breakthrough with the release of “Somebody Dance With Me” in November 1992. The Swiss star is now celebrating the 30 year anniversary of his career with the new album EVOLUT30N, set for release next month. The first single from the LP is “Together We Fly”. An upbeat Eurodance track, the Eurovision 2007 act (and an uncredited vocalist) encourages us to rise up and spread our wings: “Take a chance and don’t be lazy / Everything you need to know / Stand up and take control / Let the music heal your soul / Together we fly”.

NAVIBAND – “Печаль”

“My sadness is beating inside”, sings Ksienija. Eurovision 2017 group NAVIBAND are channelling a melancholic aura into their new single “Печаль” (“Sadness”). The atmospheric song flows along delicately and allows the listener time to pause and think for a moment. In the accompanying music video the Belarussian stars are almost in two different worlds, with Ksienija driving along in colour while Arciom walks through black and whites scenes.

Agnete Saba & ISÁK – “Oainnán du”

Agnete Saba and Ella Marie, lead singer of band ISÁK, are both Sami musicians. The singers have routinely been compared with one another by the press, with fictitious rumours started that claimed they were enemies. But, Eurovision 2016’s Agnete has now joined forces with Ella Marie and ISÁK to quash these stories. “Oainnán du” is a mystifying electronic offering. The release of the song was timed with the recent partial solar eclipse — a symbol of the artists’ fusion.

Michael Rice – “Chasing Shadows”

“Chasing you is like I’m chasing shadows / Reaching for your hand and suddenly you’re gone […] You’re cutting me open / Twisting the knife and let me bleed”. Michael Rice is coming to terms with the fact his relationship is unravelling at the seams. The UK’s Eurovision 2019 representative delivers an impassioned ballad that showcases his ability to really get the emotion of a song across. This feeling comes from experience, as Michael noted on Instagram:

“This record is a personal one for me. I wrote this at a time when I was in a very vulnerable place. I poured my heart out into these lyrics & seeing this song come to life from words on paper, has been somewhat magical and healing.”

Tamara Todevska – “Замижи”

Makfest 2022 took place at the end of last week. A long-running music festival in North Macedonia, this year’s show included the participation of Tamara Todevska (who previously won the contest in 2006). The two-time Eurovision star performed the new song “Замижи” (“Close your eyes”). Opening with an accordion refrain, Tamara then adds a sense of drama throughout the song as she sings to her lover: “Close your eyes / And try to remember / And be the old you / Love is law / But it is by no means a fad / And I don’t play that game anymore”. The Eurovision alumna explained the message of the song in a post on social media:

“‘Замижи’ is for all who need to move forward, who may be mourning the past, the lost, at certain moments, but are now facing new life challenges. This life is beautiful and worth fighting for.”

Andrea – “Telepatija”

Andrea is particularly feeling in the mood for a festival at the moment. The Eurovision 2022 star also participated at Makfest 2022 with the song “Telepatija” (“Telepathy”). Andrea ups the BPM in the chorus to turn the song into a danceable electro-pop track. Lyrically, the North Macedonian singer discusses the connection she has with her partner: “Deeply connected / Without words, with thoughts / I’m thinking of you / At exactly the same time / You think of me / I believe and I know / This is telepathy”.

“Telepatija” is also Andrea’s entry for Kenga Magjike 2022. She’s entering the international artist section of the Albanian festival, where she’ll be going up against the Czech Republic’s We Are Domi (with their recent single “Alive”) and…

Omar Naber – “Bring Back”

Omar Naber is also participating in Kenga Magjike 2022. The Slovenian singer recently shared his competing entry, “Bring Back”. It’s a bright and cheery pop-rock track that quickly lifts the listener’s spirits. In the lyrics, the two-time Eurovision participant wants to rekindle the love he had when first meeting his partner: “Bring back that love / That you did when we met / Bring back that joy that we had / I was so lost, now it’s all gone for good / Thank you for times of our lives”.

Compact Disco – “A múltunk nem felejt”

Compact Disco’s new song is “A múltunk nem felejt” (“Our past does not forget”). Hungary’s Eurovision 2012 group discuss how we don’t have to let our past stand in the way our future: “Our past does not forget, it keeps holding us back / It never laughs when it catches up / Our past doesn’t forget, but it doesn’t mean anything / If you always pull back and don’t promise”. The accompanying music video features Compact Disco in a number of different cartoon styles as they search for their musical instruments.

Boggie – Fragilité

There’s a Fragilité (Fragility) to Boggie’s vocals that helps the Hungarian star portray the emotions of her songs. Now the Eurovision 2015 act is showcasing this again with her brand new album. The nine songs on the LP include a mixture of Hungarian, French and English — “Shadow” being an alternate version of “Árnyék”. Fans will also already recognise pre-release singles “Füst” and “Messziről jött ember”.

Eleni Foureira, Fy, Mente Fuerte, Trannos, Bobito & Ayman – “El Telephone – Remix”

“El Telephone” is the latest single to come from Eleni Foureira’s recent album Poli_Ploki. In the song, Cyprus’ Eurovision 2018 runner-up urges her lover to pick up the phone: “I cannot stand it anymore / I need to see you / Pick up for once / The telephone”. However, the single release is not just a straight forward copy of the album track, but rather a remix. The original version was already a Spanish-Arabic bilingual track that featured Bobito and Ayman. This new edition also brings in Fy, Mente Fuerte and Trannos. The music video for the remix premieres on Monday 31st as a Halloween treat.

Chingiz Mustafayev – “Ay Qız”

Dance has always been a natural accompaniment for music and allows for the expression of rhythms through body movements. Chingiz Mustafayev wanted to marry music and dance together for his latest project, “Ay Qız” (“Hey, girl”), and so invited dancer Katerina Sulimenko to feature in the music video. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2019 star sings over a percussion accompaniment for the first two minutes of the song. There’s then an extended instrumental that allows Sulimenko’s movements to become the focus. Speaking about the collaboration, Mustafayev noted on social media:

“When I saw the art of Katerina Sulimenko’s movements – my soul began to sing through her dance. It was a total synchronization of the beauty of the body, word and music. Everything merged together in the flow of pure improvisation of creativity and self-expression through the language of the body and the heart.”

Pasha Parfeni & Natalia Barbu – “Chisinaul”

Pasha Parfeni and Natalia Barbu are honouring their home town of “Chisinaul” (“Chisinau”). The Eurovision 2012 and 2007 stars sing an ode to Moldova’s capital city. They note how they’re always able to start the day in the best way when in the city: “When Chisinau is still in the fog / And thousands of dreams are not over / We will start in the morning / With the small pleasures of course”.

Click on the links below to read about more new music released by Eurovision stars in the past week:

Chanel – “TOKE”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

S10s Nooit meer spijt is a great song..

1 year ago

Wiwibloggs should fix their score.

1 year ago

Damn imagine if Andrea went to ESC with Telepatija instead. Maybe people wouldn’t have underrated her so much 🙁

Benito Camelo
Benito Camelo
1 year ago
Reply to  Vivian

Even though I loved Circles, I agree. Telepatija sounds way better and now we’re left to wonder what would’ve happened.
I hope Andrea gets a second chance at ESC with a similar entry (to Telepatija) in the future 🙁

1 year ago

You forgot circus mircus they have 2 new somgs

1 year ago

I love the new song from Dilara here! And Andrea‘s song here is so much better than her Eurovision entry. Sevak is also always a pleasure to listen to…

1 year ago

Somehow I’m not mad at Yalla Baby, lot of her discography is really so far is generic except some bangers (her eurovision entries, Mucho Calor). I mean it is not a masterpiece but the climax is massive <3

Spirit Animal
Spirit Animal
1 year ago

U should check Amanda Tenfjord’s new album, is on Spotify.

1 year ago

S10 said she intended to go to eurovision with ‘hoor je mij’. What do you all think about that song? My faves besides that one is ‘soms’. But I actually love every track on the album.

Benito Camelo
Benito Camelo
1 year ago
Reply to  EscfanNL

The whole album is great! S10 did a terrific job and I think she could’ve fared as well as she did with ‘hoor he mij’