Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2023 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 45

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from Måns Zelmerlöw, Carola, Poli Genova and others in a series of separate articles during the run-up to Christmas.

The vast majority of songs on Loïc Nottet’s first two albums were in English. But at the end of Sillygomania was the poignant and touching six-minute French song “Mr/Mme”. This seems to have been our first sign of the Belgian star’s musical evolution, as Loïc is returning to French for the start of his new era. “Mélodrame” (“Melodrama”) is a passionate orchestral ballad. But, the inclusion of drum machine beats in the second and third chorus also keeps a modern element to the production and adds extra drive to the song. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 2015 star sings: “Overrated society / When the ego puts you on stage / Reveal me the reverse, without difficulty / Where man no longer seeks to please himself”.

LUM!X & Tarik Asadi feat. Will Matta – “The Night Is Young”

LUM!X is used to keeping the party going all night long. Austria’s Eurovision 2022 DJ has captured this feeling into the new single “The Night Is Young”. A collaboration with music producer Tarik Asadi and singer-songwriter Will Matta, the trio bring us an upbeat house track that will at least keep the party alive for three minutes and 22 seconds. In the lyrics, Matta sings about everything that lies before them: “I just want to let you know / The memories never let me go / And the best is yet to come / The night is young”.

Soraya – “Segunda Parte”

“There will be no second part / You just psych yourself up / And don’t come back to look for me”. Soraya doesn’t plan on having a sequel to her failed relationship. The Spanish singer is closing the door on that story and ready to move on to someone new. Musically, “Segunda Parte” (“Second Part”) is a solid track that brings the Eurovision 2009 star back into the realm of pop.

STEFAN – “Kiri külmkapi peal”

STEFAN has received a “Kiri külmkapi peal” (“Message on the refrigerator”). The note comes from the Estonian singer’s ex-partner, but STEFAN is hoping they’ll soon be on the same tracks again: “Our train has long gone and is now on its way […] Why do we run from each other’s lies […] ‘I loved you’ is written on the refrigerator / But we’re not stopping any longer”. Musically, the song is a dynamic pop rock piece that picks up a lot of pace in the chorus.

The Eurovision 2022 star has also released an English-language version of the song, titled “Never let go”. He’ll be competing with this version of the song in the international artist section of Albania’s Kënga Magjike 2022.

Manizha – “Гость”

Manizha has released a cover of “Гость” (“Guest”). The song was first recorded by Russian rock band Aquarium. They kept it very simple, with just soft acoustic guitar strumming and a flute for accompaniment. Manizha brightens the melody slightly and adds in the sounds of a beach for the end, but it remains a gentle song overall.

Jüri Pootsmann’s new album arrives next week. Ahead of this, we’ve been gifted the title song as the final pre-release track from the LP. “Suveööde unetus” (“Sleepless summer nights”) is a groovy alternative pop song with a catchy blend of guitars, drum machine, and electronic production.

Jeangu Macrooy – Summer Moon

Although Europe is heading into winter, Jeangu Macrooy is celebrating the Summer Moon with his third studio album. The Dutch singer brings together ten songs for the LP, including previous singles “A Little Greener”, “Admit It”, “Paris” and “Worship”. Jeangu’s soulful sound also comes through in the remaining six songs, surrounding listeners with a soothing and calming spirit. The Eurovision 2021 star explained the inspiration for the album in a collection of images on Instagram:

“About a year ago at dusk I looked at the summer sky, and saw a honey colored moon hanging low on the horizon. […] Something about this scene was soothing, but also intensely melancholic; conflicted, as only the most magnificent displays of beauty can be. That night I stumbled into my dreams, thinking about life, love and how we try to find happiness through those shared expressions. […] I did not find the answer to all of my questions, but I was forced to evaluate what is truly important to me. The songs on this album are deeply personal; they are in fact a documentation of my journey towards a more authentic understanding of love, and what I’ve learned from it so far.”

Lior Narkis – “חלומות”

“חלומות” (“Dreams”) can lift us up to new heights. But they can also come crashing down. Sadly, Lior Narkis is dealing with the latter experience after breaking up with his lover: “Dreams we wove are crashing like the waves / And in a stormy sea two lovers drown / Watching their lives being destroyed”. Israel’s Eurovision 2003 representative delivers an emotional ballad that, like the sea he sings of, becomes increasingly rough, growing towards an electric guitar solo in the bridge.

The opinions of others can often be a burden for people. In her new single, “Poza ramą”, Poland’s Justyna Steczkowska battles with these herself and the fact there will always be someone who feels the need to comment on her life: “I have so many labels / I wear their opinions like a tattoo […] Yesterday, today, tomorrow, in five years / Still not perfect enough for them”. However, the Eurovision 1995 star hopes we’ll be able to learn from this. In a post on social media, Justyna advises us to pay them no mind:

“It’s time to clean out the unnecessary clutter and ‘Face yourself, say yes, this is me, the REAL ME’. AND LIVE ON YOUR RULES, listen to your own soul …. And the opinions of others, don’t spend a gram of your precious energy on this, because ENERGY ALWAYS FOLLOWS ATTENTION, so focus your attention on love, yourself, development, and then you will love the world as it is. Participating only in what serves you, which fills your wings with freedom, your heart with joy, and your life with light. You will go through life smiling, even when you have a worse day, you will not lose yourself.”

Jeroen Van Der Boom – “1 Nacht”

“1 Nacht” (“1 Night”) is all Jeroen Van Der Boom thinks he needs to convince someone that they should be together. The Eurovision 2009 singer and De Toppers member hopes to show this person what a life with him could be like: “I’ll let you feel what you’re going to miss / Give me 1 more night / And you will know what you let go / Give me 1 more night / Then you will see that I go for you”. The single mixes classic pop with a rock edge to produce a spirited and almost anthemic song.

DJ BoBo – Evolut30n (Evolution)

DJ BoBo is celebrating his 30 years in the music industry with the new album Evolut30n. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2007 performer brings together 13 songs for the LP, including recent single “Together We Fly”. As with much of his previous work, this new album is all about bringing joy and putting a smile on people’s faces. DJ BoBo combines pop, dance, Latin, carnival, ’80s, ’90s and alternative rock influences to provide this effervescent explosion.

Freddie – “Túlerő”

Freddie hopes we’ll all be able to draw strength from his new single. “Túlerő” (“Overpowered”) is a pop rock track with softer verses interspersed between the more charismatic chorus. This tries to match the lyrics of the song, with Hungary’s Eurovision 2016 star looking at how we need to let our own power be seen, rather than allowing others to take it away from us. Freddie went into more detail about the song’s message on social media:

“‘Túlerő’ is about the power inherent in us, which unfortunately we allowed others to take from us… With their words, actions, lies, because of their own envy and pettiness, decreasing our self-belief. It’s about the power that, if we find it, they can no longer throw us off our balance, they can no longer make us believe anything that is not true and that could divert us from our goal… I hope this song will be a help, a light for you too, because if it is… then it will be much more than a song… Because if we want it enough, we don’t need external validation.”

Laura Voutilainen – “Me”

“Me” may be a pronoun referring to oneself in English, but the Finnish word would be translated as “We”. Thus, Laura Voutilainen sings not solely of herself, but of the collective around her. The Eurovision 2002 star delivers a rich ballad that captures a feeling of togetherness and trust.

Luka & Andromedik – “Lied To You”

“Give me one more chance to prove myself / Don’t go ’cause baby I rely on you, rely on you / I’m sorry I lied to you”. Luka is asking for forgiveness from her lover and hoping to make a fresh start. Belgium’s Eurovision 2020 entrant has added these lyrics to the new track by DJ Andromedik. He underlines Luka’s vocals with a drum and bass melody, transforming “Lied To You” into a nice mix of dance and emotion.

Koit Toome – “Hääletu”

Koit Toome’s latest single is featured in the Estonian film Jahihooaja (Hunting Season). “Hääletu” (“Voiceless”) is a ballad that increasingly builds throughout its duration as each new instrument enters. Lyrically, the two-time Eurovision star sings of his descent into an emotional abyss after separating from a loved one: “I call for help, but I am voiceless / I am an open wound that hurts / I live in the hope that eats me from the inside / Do I want to go back again? / I miss you so much / Once again, I agree to feel the pain, which is not new”.

SuRie – “Who Do You Think You Are”

SuRie is spicing up her life. The UK’s Eurovision 2018 star has dropped a cover of “Who Do You Think You Are” by the Spice Girls. As with her other recent covers, SuRie transforms the song into a piano ballad and pours her heart into the emotional delivery of the lyrics.

Sebalter – “Jack Nicholson”

Sebalter’s new single is the Italian-language song “Jack Nicholson”. Surprisingly for the Eurovision 2014 star’s music, there’s a distinct lack of fiddle playing. Instead, the Swiss singer opens with acoustic guitar before building with the addition of other percussion and then synths in the bridge.

Sinplus – “Waiting For The Dawn”

Sinplus took inspiration from ’80s new wave and post punk tracks whilst writing their new single. This all came together to form “Waiting For The Dawn”, a striking alternative rock song with a driving beat running throughout. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2012 duo sing about seizing the day: “We’ve been waiting for the dawn / To plant a flag where we belong / I wanna feel it in your eyes like desire / I wanna see it in the skies like a fire”. In a press release, Sinplus discuss the specific way they’ve produced the songs for their upcoming EP:

“‘Waiting For The Dawn’ is fast-paced like a race car, a dreamy dawn, new wave like a surf ride. These songs, the way that we produced them, it’s how you would (and will) hear them at one of our live shows.”

Anxhela Peristeri – “Kalimtar”

Anxhela Peristeri won Albanian music festival Kënga Magjike in 2017. She’s now back and hoping to take the crown once again in 2022. Last Sunday, the Eurovision 2021 star shared her entry to the contest for the first time. “Kalimtar” is a ballad that gradually grows as Anxhela adds extra layers of emotion to the song. She sings about a person who is destined to become yet another temporary lover in her life: “Why would you throw dirt on the flower of love? / How it hurts me, how it hurts me! / O passerby, you are also a passerby / Like the others who left me with a broken heart”.

Alvan – “Calzone”

Alvan is another act competing at Kënga Magjike 2022, though in the international artist category. The French singer presented his entry for the contest in October, but he’s only just released it as an official single for us all to add to our playlists. Alvan has clearly been inspired by the food from his time at Eurovision 2022 in Turin, as he’s now written a song entirely about pizza. “Calzone” is an alternative rock song in which Alvan recounts his previous partners as varieties of the Italian dish: “Margherita was so sad / She wished to get close to me / But she’s too simple for my taste […] But I remember / You were not like anyone else / You didn’t try to impress / Calzone!”.

Amir – “Carrousel (r3ssources version)”

Amir’s latest album re-issue, R3SSOURCES, saw him re-recording some of his greatest hits. France’s Eurovision 2016 star is now sharing music videos for some of the songs. The first is for “Carrousel”, which Amir originally released as a duet alongside Indila. We’ll be gifted the second, for the r3ssources version of “Sors de ma tête”, at 18:00 CET today.

Eliot – Mixtape n°1

Eliot has put together the album Mixtape n°1. There are ten tracks on the LP, with an alternating mixture of instrumental offerings and those that the Belgian star sings on top of. But running throughout all of it is an electronic and alternative-pop narrative.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Purple Mask
Purple Mask
1 year ago

Loïc Nottet is outstanding. Bravo.

1 year ago

Loic phantastic, SuRie awesome, Alvan great, Stefan a pleasure, Lum!x for easy fun

Benito Camelo
Benito Camelo
1 year ago

I loved Loïc’s new song and I see him being more comfortable singing in French. I’m thrilled with the direction he’s taking!

1 year ago

This week is overflowing with great alternative pop. Loic is incredible and the Stefan song is very propulsive and catchy.

1 year ago

Loïc Nottet’s song is so stylish and beautiful. The way the melody builds up, the choreo, the visuals! Someone needs to do a figure skating performance to this.

1 year ago

Too many good songs on this week’s list. Take it easy.

1 year ago

I’m really enjoying many of the newer version of Amir’s songs, especially Carrousel. It’s catchy and less sombre than the original with Indila. No shade to her, but I like the upbeat tempo of the R3sssources version.

1 year ago

Mmh, I think Anxhela‘s new song is sadly just a little too conventional. I quite like the song from Justyna! But why this new trend that a lot of newly published song are under 3 minutes long… that is way too short, I think.

Mr X
Mr X
1 year ago

Loic should sing more in French ! It´s fantastic.