Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2023 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 47

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from Sanna Nielsen, Intars Busulis & Aija Andrejeva and others in a series of separate articles during the run-up to Christmas.

Achille Lauro – “Che sarà”

Achille Lauro returns after his appearance at Eurovision 2022 with the new single “Che sarà” (“What will be”). The ballad showcases a different and more emotional side to the Italian star. But, as the song builds, Lauro’s punk spirit still shines through. Achille discusses the feeling of loneliness and how he is learning to comfort himself: “What will be / I hug myself / How / As if / If I were you / And it never ends”.

Ben Cristovao & Tribbs – “Future Champ”

It’s been over a year since Ben Cristovao released a song in the English language, but he’s now back speaking a bit of anglais. “Future Champ” sees the Czech star joining forces with DJ Tribbs. They deliver an EDM anthem with a strong chorus. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2021 alum is aiming for nothing else other than the trophy: “They’ll be like: damn it, you too strong / They think I signed with the devil / Should I give up? Never / Chase the cup? Better / Raise your hands for the future champ”.

Nathan Trent – “#livingmybestlife”

The journey to Nathan Trent’s new single started a year ago. The Austrian singer came across a TikTok video of Mo Berrios kayaking down a river and saying the phrase “#livingmybestlife”. Trent began writing a song around this and uploaded a short clip to social media. After re-posting the video in October this year, it went viral on TikTok and the Eurovision 2017 star was inundated with requests to release the full song. He has now gifted us with the official single, which brings us positive vibes and encourages us to stop comparing our life to others when we can just be ourself.

Duncan Laurence – “I Want It All”

“Need you to love me / Like no one has loved me before / I want it all / Wanted it all my life”. Duncan Laurance is done with waiting and wants the person he has feelings for to reciprocate. The Eurovision 2019 winner ties this message up into an indie-pop-rock offering that has notable peaks and troughs — the verses are gentle with piano accompaniment; the chorus swells with additional instrumentation.

To those outside of Latvia, BERMUDU DIVSTŪRIS’ latest single may just seem like a fun ode to railway transportation (hey ho, let’s go). But there’s a bit more to it than that. Latvian TV show star Olga Kambala is currently wrapped up in a scandal after calling the town of Dobele a “Čuhņa”. She’s received numerous threats as a result, but the situation has also inspired countless social media content. This is where the Eurovision 2011 duo (also known as Musiqq) come in. “ČUK ČUK (ČUHŅA)” is inspired by the scandal and sees BERMUDU DIVSTŪRIS deliver a witty response to the events.

Ruth Lorenzo – “Libre”

“Free / From your farce, from your deceit, I am free / This face that you point to does not give up”. Ruth Lorenzo is breaking her chains and escaping from someone who has been holding her down. The Eurovision 2014 star brings us a strong rock-influenced ballad with drums and guitars supporting Lorenzo’s always powerful vocals. Ruth ended up getting rather wet for the accompanying lyric video — we see the Spanish star chained to a chair underwater.

Miki Núñez & Alfred García – “Electricitat”

Alfred García and Miki Núñez represented Spain at Eurovision one year apart. But now their musical world’s have collided in 2022 for the new single “Electricitat” (“Electricity”). It was Alfred who originally had the song in his drawer and suggested Miki should include it on his next album. Miki then asked Alfred to join him and perform the song as a duet. The lyrics of the song work well for a duet, as it discusses two people coming together to create sparks: “And I want to imagine that everything explodes / If I’m in front of you the wheel stops / I stop spinning and everything takes off / When everything stops shining, you and I will be the electricity that keeps everything going”.

Alma & SØREL – “Rouge sang”

Alma is seeing red, specifically she’s seeing a shade of “Rouge sang” (“Blood red”). France’s Eurovision 2017 star has collaborated with SØREL for the new single. SØREL leads much of the song, with Alma arriving for the second chorus and then delivering the following verse.

MartinBepunkt feat. ela. – “Guten Tag, liebes Glück”

“Guten Tag, liebes Glück” (“Good day, dear luck”) is a song that was first released by German singer Max Raabe alongside the Palast Orchestra in 2018. The song became a bigger hit when Raabe performed an unplugged version with singer-songwriter LEA in 2019. Skip forward to 2022, and DJ MartinBepunkt uploaded a remix of this duet that went viral on TikTok. After numerous calls to release the remix as an official single, he has now done so … but not with LEA as a vocalist. Instead, the music producer has brought Eurovision 2014 singer ela. on board to provide the vocals.

Amaia – “Malos Tiempos Para La Lírica”

Sarah McTernan & MARTYY – “You Don’t Know Me”

Sarah McTernan is here to take us to the dancefloor. Collaborating with DJ MARTYY, the Irish singer adds her vocals to the catchy dance anthem that’ll have you up raving as soon as the chorus hits. In the lyrics, Sarah is rather blunt with her partner. The Eurovision 2019 star no longer believes they understand her, so it’s time to go in different directions: “Do I need to spell it out / You don’t know me anymore / When I count to three / You better not be near me”.

Stefan Banica feat. Connect-R – “Cat mi-e de dor”

Eurovision 2006 rapper Connect-R features on the new single from fellow Romanian artist Stefan Banica. “Cat mi-e de dor” (“I miss you so much”) is an ode to grandparents. The pair sing of the times they spent with their own grandparents and the hole left in their hearts after they passed away: “I miss you so much / God himself did not leave / That’s the name, above / You know angels don’t die / But once / My heart aches with longing”.

Mumiy Troll & hehehe – “Корюшка”

Mumiy Troll have stopped performing live in protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. And after a hiatus from new music as well, the band have now dropped “Корюшка”. It sees the Eurovision 2001 group teaming up with hehehe for an alternative rock song that concludes with an almost minute-long guitar solo.

Salvador Sobral & Taller de Músics Ensemble – “Oli i Aigua”

At just over nine minutes long, there’s a lot to explore in “Oli i Aigua” (“Oil and Water”). It’s been put together by Taller de Músics, a jazz and modern music school in Barcelona. A number of the institute’s pupils are involved with the song, with the school calling it “a suite where musicians explore their musical evolution from their beginnings to present”. But there’s an additional voice you might recognise — Eurovision 2017 winner Salvador Sobral is also involved with the project. The music video is scheduled for release on December 1st.

Mandinga – “Levitating (Salsa Version)”

Ever wondered what Dua Lipa’s songs would sound like with a salsa beat? Mandinga are here to answer that question. Romania’s Eurovision 2012 group have recorded a cover of “Levitating” and added their Cuban sound into the mix. The result is a song you can’t help but shake your hips to as it takes us to the Caribbean via Romania and the UK.

Marko Škugor – “Rijeke Tiho Teku”

Marko Škugor brings us a Balkan ballad that flows along like a gentle river … funnily enough, he’s singing about one as well. “Rijeke Tiho Teku” (“Rivers flow quietly”) sees Croatia’s Eurovision 2013 representative, and former Klapa s Mora member, discussing a past lover. Although they’ve now separated, Marko has never been able to fully move on: “Rivers flow quietly, they still carry some memories of you / And I got old, I never got over you, honey”.

Roberto Bellarosa – “À Zéro”

Roberto Bellarosa may have been knocked back, but he’s ready to pick himself up again. Belgium’s Eurovision 2013 star is starting “À Zéro” (“From Zero”), so the only way is up: “Come on, come on / Descend to go higher / Sometimes you have to start from zero”. Musically, Bellarosa’s new single is a solid percussion-led offering with a rousing chorus.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Mandoki Soulmates feat. Joci Pápai features not only one, but two former eurovision stars. Leslie Mandoki was part of Dschinghis Khan for germany in 1979 (#4).

1 year ago

‘Electricitat’ by Miki and Alfred is so energetic and full of good vibes putting you In a good mood! Originally written by ALFRED, that’s a sign of quality ??

Ann Marie
Ann Marie
1 year ago

I love Alfred and Miki’s song, full of energy with uplifting lyrics..???

1 year ago

Since I have a soft spot for Balkan ballads Marko Škugor is my favorite in this list, though the song itself is a little conventional.