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Latvia has been gripped by dance fever for the past 12 weeks, with celebrities jiggling their bodies and showing off their moves on Dejo ar zvaigzni 2022. Eurovision 2022 star Jānis Pētersons made it all the way to the final, ultimately finishing in second place.

Eurovision 2015 alum Aminata was eliminated in fifth place after reaching the quarter finals of this Latvian version of Dancing with the Stars.

Jānis Pētersons finishes second on Dejo ar zvaigzni 2022

Having previously studied folk dancing, Jānis has now proven he’s also a dab hand at ballroom and Latin dance styles as well. The frontman of Citi Zēni, alongside professional dance partner Olena Čerekova, topped the leaderboard on five occasions and secured a perfect score of 30 for six of his dances.

Jānis was an immediate standout at the beginning of Dejo ar zvaigzni with some energetic and lively numbers. The Eurovision alum also ended his time on the show with a party and was joined on stage by the rest of Citi Zēni for his grand final freestyle performance.

Still, over the weeks Jānis has showcased his softer side as well. This was also shown during the grand final, with Jānis and Olena choosing to perform a rumba as one of their last dances — they used it to highlight the ongoing war in Ukraine, as Olena originally hails from the country.

Ultimately, the public placed Jānis and Olena in an honourable second place. They were just pipped to the trophy by actor Maksims Busels and his partner Liza Manija.

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Aminata reaches the quarter finals

Two Eurovision stars were part of this year’s cast. Whilst Jānis was the one who managed to go all the way, Aminata wasn’t too far behind. The Eurovision 2015 participant made it to the quarter finals, eventually being eliminated in fifth position.

Aminata saw a steady improvement in her dances as the weeks went on. She even hit number one on the leaderboard with a perfect 30 for her Pulp Fiction jive in week 6.

Perhaps one of the “Love Injected” singer’s most iconic performances on Dejo ar zvaigzni 2022 was at halloween. She transformed into Lord Voldemort for a Harry Potter-themed Viennese Waltz.

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Eurovision stars on Dejo ar zvaigzni 2022: Weeks 3-12

Below you’ll find a roundup of the dances Jānis Pētersons and Aminata performed during episodes three to 12 of Dejo ar zvaigzni 2022. You can review weeks one and two in our previous article.

The scores for all dances are out of a maximum of 30. The combined total scores for weeks with multiple dances, which determined the ranking of the leaderboard, are shown in brackets.

In the grand final, the judges gave no scores. The final result was determined entirely by public vote.

Jānis Pētersons

Professional partner: Olena Čerekova

Week Dance Score Position on Leaderboard
3 Waltz 27 1st
4 Quickstep 25 4th (joint)
5 Samba 28 2nd
6 Foxtrot 29 3rd (joint)
7 Rumba 30 1st (joint)
8 Tango 30 1st (joint)
9 Viennese Waltz 30 1st (joint)
Jive 30 (60)
10 Paso Doble 23 3rd
Viennese Waltz 30 (53)
11 Contemporary 27 3rd
Tango 30 (57)
12 Samba 2nd (public vote)


Professional partner: Makss Kravčenko

Week Dance Score Position on Leaderboard
3 Samba 23 5th (joint)
4 Tango 25 4th (joint)
5 Rumba 26 4th (joint)
6 Jive 30 1st (joint)
7 Viennese Waltz 27 3rd
8 Quickstep 24 5th
9 Foxtrot 25 4th (joint)
Cha-Cha-Cha 29 (54)
10 Paso Doble 25 4th
Waltz 27 (52)


Videos of the performances from Dejo ar zvaigzni are unfortunately geoblocked.

What do you make of Jānis Pētersons’ and Aminata’s time on Dejo ar zvaigzni 2022? Which other Eurovision stars do you want to see take to the dancefloor? Let us know in the comments below.

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gurki loko
gurki loko
1 year ago

And if someone wants to check all the performances, they’ve been posted on reddit

gurki loko
gurki loko
1 year ago

Congratulations to Janis and his partner