It was freezing cold in the UK on Thursday, but the heat was on full blast inside London’s Electric Brixton. That’s down to Eurovision 2022 winners Kalush Orchestra and their incredible concert during the English leg of their tour.

After winning the 66th edition of the contest, Kalush have gone from strength to strength. Touring Europe and North America and collecting new fans along the way, including none other than the Terminator himself — Arnold Schwarzenegger. A portion of the funds raised from sales during the tour will be donated to Ukrainian relief efforts via the charities Gate To Ukraine and Help Heroes Of Ukraine.

Our Tom Hendryk was lucky enough to have an exclusive chat with Oleh Psiuk, the pink bucket-hat wearing rapper and member of the biggest music group in Ukraine.

Interview with Oleh Psiuk, Kalush Orchestra

How are you finding life in London? 

“Thank you for the welcome. We just arrived yesterday and there was no time to see London. Today we spent a lot of times with media interviews, has lunch and then immediately to a sound check, preparing for our evening tonight.”

So you have been very busy to say the least! You have been touring around Europe and North America. How do you feel that the different countries and audiences embraced your music? 

“Our audience became very extensive after Eurovision and after touring around Europe and America. Not just Ukrainians but also Ukrainians from other countries as well and there are a lot of people who have never heard of us but after hearing our concert they say that they like our music. It is very pleasant.”

Now in America, in L.A, you met met Arnold Schwarzenegger. What was that like and what advice or lessons did he have to share with you?

“It was amazing. We were at Arnold’s home and never did I ever imagine we would visit him and shake his hand. It was a warm talk and he expressed his words of support to Ukrainians and is of course it’s pleasant to hear that from such people.”

Where next for Kalush? Asia? Australasia? 


Why not! Closer to home now. Your recent song that you released a month ago “Nasze Domy” – “Our Homes” translated in English, with Polish rapper Szpaku. How did that collaboration start and can you tell us more about the incredible emotion and passion in the song?

“Yes, it happened when we met in Gdansk in Poland. We decided to try to record together at one of the studios there. And later we worked on the music video and though it is just released we have been working on it for some time.”

This weekend is Vidbir, the Ukrainian national final for Eurovision 2023. I would like to know the importance of having this competition in these difficult times?

“I found out that the national final selection for Eurovision 2023 would be held in a place in Ukraine that is not officially announced due to security. But I think that the main aim for this event is of course to find the best candidate to represent Ukraine at next years Eurovision.”

What kind of song or genre would you like to see representing Ukraine next year?

“It doesn’t depend on the genre in fact. The main this is that it is a brilliant song that is liked by lots of people.”

Finally will we be seeing you in Liverpool next year?

“Well you have to follow us on social media, subscribe to Instagram and Facebook and you will be the first to know I promise you.”

One last last question for me personally. Who will win the World Cup final. Argentina or France?

“I am not a big fan of football but this year there will be one winner and it will be Ukraine.” 

What a brilliant place to leave it. Thank you very much for your time and have a fantastic concert tonight!

“Thank you so much.”

Interpreted by: Olia Petruk

Photography: Oleksandra Sherhina

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1 year ago

Strangely no comments yet,
But that statement just cherry on top with admitting that they won with pity votes and he’s not ashamed if they won again like that.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sood

did you only read the headline? i don’t see how you came to that conclusion if you actually read what oleh was saying that to. he was asked who he wants to win the world cup, he said he doesnt like football and that this year ukraine will win. there is no mention of eurovision in that statement whatsoever, seems like you just want to find a problem where there isn’t one

1 year ago
Reply to  sam

sam, don’t try to sugarcoat his statement as if he doesn’t think Ukraine should win Eurovision again, just because of the politics. He pretty much thought the same thing this year.