On December 4, Amadeus revealed the names of the first 22 artists competing in Sanremo 2023.

As last year, the competition — to be held from 7 to 11 February 2023 — will feature a mix of highly successful names from the Italian music scene and up-and-coming artists.

The more the merrier, the artistic director and host must have thought. In fact, there was still room on the stage of the Ariston Theater for six more contestants, whose names and identities have now been confirmed.

The six additional competing acts were chosen through Sanremo Giovani, a separate festival for artists to watch.

Let’s see who took the chance to sing at Italy’s most anticipated event of the year…and made it through!

Sanremo Giovani

The evening featured 12 competing artists, judged exclusively by Amadeus and a musical committee.

What weighed on the final judgment, as stated by the artistic director himself during a press conference, was mainly the unreleased song they will bring to the Sanremo stage next February.

The six selected artists will in fact present a different track from the one they sang to get a place among the Big Artists competing in the main category.

The winner of Sanremo Giovani turned out to be gIANMARIA with “La città che odi”.

Born Gianmaria Volpato, he is a rap singer-songwriter who came runner-up at X Factor Italia 2021 as a member of the team led by Emma Marrone. Since the auditions, where he presented the song “I suicidi“, he’s shown his ability to explore the theme of human frailty through his lyrics.

Along with him, the band Colla Zio and soloists Olly, Sethu, Shari and Will earn a pass to Sanremo 2023.

Colla Zio is a five-piece band from Milan that sings about Gen Z and all of its uncertainties, freshness and contradictions. Their songs captures the everyday images of those in their 20s today. They competed in Sanremo Giovani with “Asfalto“.

Born Federico Olivieri, OLLY began his career in the rap scene after attending conservatory. The meeting with producer JVLI turned the genre of his songs toward electronics and the tight rhythms of dance. Also from the same style is “L’anima balla“, performed at Sanremo Giovani.

Marco De Lauri — aka Sethu — is a rapper and singer. Metal and punk influences are strongly present in his musical background, so much so that his name is a reference to “At the Gate of Sethu”, album by the death metal band Nile. His twin brother Giorgio (Jiz) is co-writer and producer of his songs, including “Sottoterra“, with which he took part in Sanremo Giovani.

Shari Noioso gets a pass to the Festival on her second participation in Sanremo Giovani. She made her first TV appearance when she was only 13 years old by participating in the show Tú sí que vales. Last year she served as vocalist on rapper Salmo‘s single “L’angelo caduto“, which was certified gold. He is also among the authors of the song submitted to Sanremo Giovani “Sotto voce“.

Will — born William Busetti — made his mark on the charts last year with “Estate“, a rap cover in Italian of Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone You Loved”, presented at the auditions of X Factor Italia 2021. At Sanremo Giovani he sang “Le cose più importanti“.

Sanremo 2023 – Competing artists and song titles

Let’s find out the full list of 28 artists competing in Sanremo and the titles of their songs.

  • Anna Oxa – Sali (Canto dell’anima)
  • Ariete – Mare di guai
  • Articolo 31 – Un bel viaggio
  • Colapesce Dimartino – Splash
  • Colla Zio – Non mi va
  • Coma_Cose – L’addio
  • Elodie Due
  • Gianluca Grignani – Quando ti manca il fiato
  • gIANMARIA – Mostro
  • Giorgia Parole dette male
  • I Cugini di Campagna – Lettera 22
  • Lazza Cenere
  • LDA – Se poi domani
  • Leo Gassmann – Terzo cuore
  • Levante – Vivo
  • ModàLasciami
  • MadameIl bene nel male
  • Mara Sattei – Duemilaminuti
  • Marco Mengoni Due vite
  • Mr. Rain – Supereroi
  • OLLY Polvere
  • Paola & Chiara – Furore
  • Rosa Chemical Made in Italy
  • Sethu – Cause perse
  • Shari Egoista
  • Tananai Tango
  • Ultimo Alba
  • Will Stupido

All the competing artists took the stage at the Casinò di Sanremo during Sanremo Giovani to announce the title of the song they will bring to the Ariston Theater. Some information about the songwriters was also leaked.

Signing “Terzo cuore” by Leo Gassmann – winner of the Newcomers category of Sanremo 2020 with “Vai bene così” – is Riccardo Zanotti, leader of the band Pinguini Tattici Nucleari.

The third place at Sanremo 2020 skyrocketed the group’s fame. They are now among the most successful artists in the charts, ready to perform in Italian stadiums next year.

There is great curiosity around I Cugini di Campagna. The Italian pop music group formed in 1970 in Rome, known for their use of falsetto and their eccentric look, a cross between glam and kitsch, will sing “Lettera 22”.

The song is written by La Rappresentante di Lista. Y’all probably remember them for their recent sanremese hit “Ciao Ciao”, which made great impact on the charts and got them into the good grace of Eurovision fans.

And speaking of Eurovision impossible not to mention “Duemilaminuti” by Mara Sattei. The pop singer, close to the rap and trap scene, will compete with a song written by none other than Damiano David, leader of Måneskin.

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1 year ago

I think Leo Gassmann will have an easy job. Three #1 hits in 2022 with his band and the album is also currently on #1. The fan base is growing.

1 year ago

Oh I’m so excited! Out of the Giovani lot, Colla Zio sound the most interesting. Hope Non mi va is a good song. I’m mostly excited for Elodie, Tananai and Colapesce & Dimartino, but Ariete also has sparked my interest. From the song names I can’t really decipher anything but some of the names are quite unusual. Anyways hoping for a good show this time (as always!) Bye I’m gonna go listen to Asfalto.

1 year ago
Reply to  Addie

Wait… Guise the Lizia didn’t get selected?? Nooo… why? Sincera is absolutely heavenly!

1 year ago

So is mengonni sending a ballad?

1 year ago

A ballad would be so good.

Mary M.
Mary M.
1 year ago

I am so excited for this!

1 year ago

First impressions- from someone who knows a good bunch of the artists (AKA I love Italian music and I listen to them on a semi-regular basis) Elodie and Levante feel like ballads, specially Levante’s. Vivo (which it means I Live) feels, title alone, 100% percent as the type of big heartbreak ballad I’ll be singing in the shower by Summer. (Don’t mind me) Looks great at Sanremo, because it is fancy and they have the live orchestra, but in Liverpool…it might be underwhelming Marco’s sounds like it could also be ballad-ish, but Marco moves on that thin line between mainstream… Read more »

1 year ago

Grande Sanremo!