Christmas is finally upon us once again. Amongst the food and presents, today will no doubt be filled with music and cheer.

Luckily for us, a plethora of Eurovision stars have taken time this year to release some new festive tunes that we can play throughout the day.

As you gather around the tree and enjoy the holiday, here’s our final roundup of new Christmas songs from Eurovision artists that will help you celebrate the yuletide.

And from all of us here at wiwibloggs, we wish y’all a very Merry Christmas!

New music from Eurovision artists: Christmas 2022 | Part 3

Kalush Orchestra – “Shchedrivka”

Reigning Eurovision champions Kalush Orchestra are part of this year’s Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection. They’ve covered “Shchedrivka” (“Generous”), a Ukrainian folk song performed at rituals on New Year’s Eve. As always, Kalush Orchestra take this folk influence and blend it with more contemporary hip-hop beats. Speaking about their cover, the Eurovision 2022 group said they hope being part of this collection will showcase festive Ukrainian customs to the world:

“In anticipation of the Christmas holidays, everyone wants a miracle. We are waiting only for the most important thing—the victory of Ukraine. We hope that our cover of ‘Shchedrivka’ will bring positive emotions to Ukrainians and show the world community the true spirit of traditional Ukrainian Christmas.”

Ulrikke – “Her vi hører til” and “A Storm For Christmas”

“When I look at you / And when you look at me / Will it be clear / This is where we belong”. Ulrikke’s first festive offering is not so much about Christmas, but more about finding your place. Norway’s Eurovision 2020 entrant wonders whether she’s on the right path and decides it’s all about belief. Musically, “Her vi hører til” (“Here we belong”) is a beautiful ballad that captures the feeling of snow gracefully falling from the sky.

Ulrikke’s other song comes from the new Netflix TV series A Storm For Christmas. The Norwegian star sings the bright and cheery title track of the programme, composed by Peter Baden.

The show revolves around an storm that traps Christmas travellers in Oslo airport. But the lyrics of the song focus more on a storm of a love: “Take me home, it’s Christmas tomorrow / Dance with me, forget all the sorrow / You and me as one / We’re in a storm for Christmas”.

Poli Genova – По-добрата Коледа

Poli Genova has an entire festive album for you to enjoy this Christmas. По-добрата Коледа (A better Christmas) features ten songs. There’s a mixture of Bulgarian and English-language songs, as well as a combination of brand new tracks and covers of classic hits. One of the newly-written songs is “Happy Face”, which Bulgaria’s two-time Eurovision star released a music video for ahead of the album release. Let’s just say that Poli might need to improve her cooking skills before she hosts another Christmas party in 2023.

The Mamas, Samuel Ljungblahd & Bohuslän Big Band – “Joy to the World”

Swedish songwriter and singer Samuel Ljungblahd has released the new album The Soul of Christmas. Naturally, you couldn’t drop a soul album without inviting the most soulful Swedish singers around to join. Eurovision 2020 entrants The Mamas feature on the LP’s opening track, a cover of hymn “Joy to the World”. Loulou, Ash and Dinah’s vocals certainly provide the joyful spirit of the song alongside Bohuslän Big Band’s accompaniment.

Subwoolfer – “Having Grandma Here For Christmas”

If you’re looking for something to serve at Christmas dinner other than the traditional turkey, then Subwoolfer have a suggestion for you. Norway’s Eurovision 2022 duo recommend something very close to home — Grandma. “Having Grandma Here For Christmas” is a comedic pop track that plays on what it truly means to have your family around for the holiday: “Then use your bathtub as a baking tray / Be sure that you remove the giblets then / Wait for the fun to begin / We’re having grandma here for Christmas, Ooh”. In the accompanying music video, our favourite yellow space wolves try to win over the grinch with their Christmas menu choice.

Systur – “Silent Night”

Iceland’s Eurovision 2022 trio have released a cover of “Silent Night”. Giving a country spin on the carol, Systur deliver sweet harmonies over the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar.

Paula Seling – “Cel Mai Frumos Colind”

Paula Seling has gifted us “Cel Mai Frumos Colind” (“The Most Beautiful Carol”). Whilst the two-time Eurovision star is used to taking her voice as high as possible, in the opening verses of this song we get to hear the lower end of Seling’s vocal range for a change. Performing at the snowy Bâlea glacial lake in the Făgăraș Mountains, the Romanian star sings “When the sun was rising / She adored the Holy Child / It was born from light / The Holy Mother softly sang”.

Ion Paladi feat. Paula Seling – “La Multi Ani De Sarbatori”

There’s more Christmas treats from Paul Seling this year. After collaborating with Ion Paladi for a festive single last year, the two have come together once again in 2022 for “La Multi Ani De Sarbatori” (“Happy New Year Holidays”). The Romanian folk song runs through the Biblical Christmas story, which is also portrayed in the music video: “Jesus the Son on earth / We bring wishes as a gift / Happy New Year holidays”.

If that’s really not enough and you want even more festive music from Paula Seling, then she also has a third song you can listen to. The Eurovision star has additionally released “S-a Nascut In Iesle” (“He Was Born In A Manger”).

Jóhanna Guðrún – “Jólin koma alltaf”

Regardless of the year you may have had, you can always guarantee that “Jólin koma alltaf” (“Christmas always comes”). Iceland’s Jóhanna Guðrún (better know as Yohanna to Eurovision fans) is making sure we remember this through her new single. The Eurovision 2009 runner-up delivers a mid-tempo track with a key change three quarters of the way through.

Gerard Joling – “December’s Gonna Last” and “Enzame Kerst”

Gerard Joling is feeling particularly festive this year. The Dutch singer has released not one, but two holiday tracks and music videos.

The first is “December’s Gonna Last”. Originally from his 2014 Christmas album, this new version has been spruced up with some extra bell chimes and cheer. In the lyrics, the Eurovision 1988 star says he’s been longing for this festive month to arrive since autumn: “Started raining in October / But the snow was on my mind / I tried sleeping through November / So the time would quickly pass / How I pray / Yeah, every day / December’s gonna last”.

Christmas song #2 from Gerard Joling is “Enzame Kerst” (“Lonely Christmas”). This is a cover of Andre Hazes’ 1976 hit. Although it starts with the same musical opening as “Silent Night”, it develops into a completely different Dutch-language track with accordion accompaniment.

The lyrics tell the sad story of a person who will be separated from their family at Christmas. This individual will instead be spending the holiday in a prison cell: “I’m sitting here all alone celebrating Christmas / The punishment I’ve earned is done / I stole for our family, but there was no point / Because you’re celebrating Christmas with someone else”.

Latvian TV channel TV3 will begin welcoming in the New Year with TV show Nākamā pietura – 2023 (Next stop – 2023). For the show, the Jaunā gada Zvaigžņu Koris (New Year Star Choir) of Latvian stars have recorded a new version of “Eglīte” (“Christmas Tree”), which was first released by the band Līvi. The choir includes a plethora of Latvia’s Eurovision and national final stars — Intars Busulis (Eurovision 2009), Ralfs Eilands (Eurovision 2013 as part of PeR), Ivo Fomins (Eurovision 2004 as part of Fomins and Kleins), Arnis Krauze (Eurovision 2001), Olga Rajecka (Dziesma 2014), Katō (Supernova 2022), Dārta Stepanova (Supernova 2022 online round), Guntis Veits (Eirodziesma 2001 as part of Credo), Andrejs Reinis Zitmanis (Supernova 2018 as part of Sudden Lights).

Icelandic Eurovision stars Selma Björnsdóttir (1999, 2005) and Sigga Beinteins (1990, 1992, 1994) have joined forces for a new Christmas offering. “Klædd í rautt” (“Dressed in red”) is a bright song with recurring castanets in the background. Hopefully the big man in red approves.

Birthe Kjær – Juletid

After releasing two Christmas songs last year, Birthe Kjær has followed it up in 2022 with a full album. Juletid (Christmastime) contains ten songs — nine in Danish and one in English. There are a few newly written tracks by the Eurovision 1989 alumna, in addition to covers of classic festive hits.

Aram MP3 – “Nor Tari”

Armenia’s Eurovision 2014 star is celebrating “Nor Tari” (“New Year”). Countries with a more prominent Orthodox Christian population celebrate the holiday at New Year, since the Orthodox church has a slightly different calendar. Regardless of when we celebrate, Aram MP3 hopes we’ll all find magic in this wonderful time of the year:

“It’s not too late to believe in fairy tales at any age. There is a magic night, there is Santa Claus, there are dreams that must come true for all of us, both adults and children. Expecting a peaceful and bright year, my musical New Year gift to you.”

Edit: New additions

Aysel – “Yeni il”

Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2009 star has returned to music after several years away. Aysel brings us New Year cheer with her song “Yeni il” (“New Year”). The video features footage of festivities in Baku, with Aysel singing over the top: “New year is coming friends / Happy guests are gathering / Happy New Year”.

Poland’s Eurovision 1994 star sings of “Jezus Malusieńki” (“Baby Jesus”) in a delicate ballad. Accompanied by piano and strings, Edyta Górniak notes Jesus’s humble beginnings: “Let everyone know Him, Love Him dearly / For such a great humiliation they give Him glory”.


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