Sanremo 2023

It is Super Saturday!

Tonight, seven countries will be deciding who their representative will be for Eurovision 2023. Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Malta and Romania all have their National Final’s tonight, attempting to win their ticket to Liverpool.

Right now however, we focus on Italy’s biggest week in Italian music – Sanremo. The 28 Sanremo acts will perform their tracks once again to impress a professional jury, a demoscopic jury and the viewers at home in Italy. 

But before Italy decides, the Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of musical unprofessionals — has been busy listening to all the finalists’ entries. Now it’s time for them to reveal who their favourites are.

Let’s see who they think should qualify for Italy this year!

Let’s do this!

Wiwi Jury: San Remo (Italy 2023)


1. Elodie – “Due

To put it mildly, Elodie is due a win in Sanremo, with her ability to send perfection every time she enters. ‘Andromeda’ was too brilliant for words, and whilst ‘Dua’ doesn’t quite go to those heights, it’s still exceptional, and by far the best in the field this year. I can’t help but think the fans would be delighted to see her in Liverpool too.

2. Madame – “Il Bene Nel Male”
3. Lazzo – “Cenere”
4. Colla Zio – “Non Mi Zia”
5. Olly – “Polvere”


1. Lazza – Cenere

This is such a timeless piece. “Cenere” sounds 2003, 2023 and 2323 at the same time, and it’s just what Italy needs to showcase in the contest. This hard-hitting urban banger flows like fine wine, and it’s very easy to get hooked replaying it. If this gets selected and they put the work for the big stae, we could have another big 5 victory in our list of possibilities for 2023.

2. Rosa Chemical – “Made in Italy”
3. Madame – “Il Bene Nel Male”
4. Levante – “Vivo”
5. Colapesce Dimartino – “Splash”


1. Colapesce, Dimartino – “Splash

They simply create magic! I loved their previous Sanremo entry, “Musica Leggerissima” and now I am addicted to this song of theirs again. They have this style that brings some retro vibes back to life and I love it. Their voices are made to sing one with the other, such a perfect vocal matching. Their live performances are always full of energy and feelings. Italian is such e melodious language, it sounds so good in music. More than the song, the lyrics go deep to my heart. They portrait perfectly in their song the relief of being alone, which is beter than being with the wrong person but also highlighting the hardships of staying away of these kind of toxic encounters. The text of their lyrics is full of metaphors. 

2. Marco Mengoni – “Due Vite”
3. Madame – “Il Bene Nel Male”
4. Rosa Chemical – “Made in Italy”
5. Ultimo – “Alba”


1. Rosa Chemical – “Made In Italy

In a very quality year of San Remo, “Made In Italy” has been a surprisingly catchy entry with an unexpecting lead singer. The call-and-answer technique is always fun at Eurovision, and Italy have been pros at engaging the audience throughout their performances. With a striking look, an unassuming persona and an amazing hook – I think Rosa Chemical will stand out from the pack in the best way possible.

2. Paola & Chiara – “Furore”
3. Gianmaria – “Mostro”
4. Marco Mengoni – “Due vite”
5. Olly – “Polvere”


1. Lazza – “Cenere

My word do I love this competition. Sanremo never fails to give you a little bit of everything. My winner this year is Lazza. The artist and his song “Cenere” is just brimming with style. It’s a modern, cool, radio friendly track. It feel very stadium friendly also, which right now is perhaps more important. I think this will look great on an even bigger stage than Sanremo – AKA Eurovision. Another top 10 at Eurovision incoming.

2. Olly – “Polvere”
3. Marco Mengoni – “Due Vite”
4. Rosa Chemical – “Made In Italy”
5. Madame – “Il Bene Nel Male”

What do you think of the Wiwi Jury’s reviews? Who is in your top five? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

It’s so disappointing to see Wiwibloggs talks about Sanremo as a National Final.
It’s legit to say: ‘it would be great on ESC’, but without the “because” ahead.
That’s a real festival. Sanremo is only about Sanremo, and Italians has due to decide for themselves. The winner with the chance to go to ESC is just a detail, and I hope one day they’ll cope with ESC selection, because misunderstandings and comparisons are so annoying.

1 year ago

Love the love for Lazza! Besides him, I like Elodie and Madame also, but since there’s a small chance of either of the ladies winning, I’m rooting for Lazza.