The Eurovision 2023 season is beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 6

LUM!X, Alida & Gabry Ponte – “Forget You”

LUM!X joins hands with Norwegian singer Alida and Italian DJ Gabry Ponte for yet another addictive electronic dance track. The highlight of the lyrics is the line “Baby, why, oh, why can’t I forget you, forget you?”. As expected, the two DJs have created a song that you won’t be able to forget once you play it once. The music video represents a collection of beautiful memories, the memories “hard to forget”. 

Gianni Morandi & sangiovanni – “FATTI riMANDARE DALLA MAMMA A PRENDERE IL LATTE”

The Italian music legend and one of this year’s Sanremo hosts, Gianni Morandi, continues to impress with his new releases. Gianni’s energy radiates again in this collaboration with past Sanremo contestant, sangiovanni. The title of the song means “Let your mom send you to buy milk”. The story of the song is one of a boy encouraging a girl to lie to her mother by saying she’s going to buy milk, when in fact she would be meeting him. The two artists performed this song during the third night of this year’s edition of Sanremo.

MARO – “fui passo calculado”

Following “oxalá” last week, MARO now offers us another new song to tease her upcoming album. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by the warmth of MARO’s voice. “fui passo calculado” is deep and melancholic. It speaks about giving your best in loving somebody who doesn’t deserve it, about changing your whole world for the wrong person: “I loved those who don’t know how to love / I thought it was okay to change (…) I changed my world just for you / And the worst of me came.” Talking about the song on her Instagram, MARO said that each story has its lessons. 

Anxhela Peristeri & STIV – “N’endrra & Morena”

Anxhela releases a duet with the young contestant of Kenga Magjike 2022, STIV, who penned both the music and the lyrics. Their voices match perfectly, creating an incredible harmony the music video. As simple as it is, the music video offers a dreamy and surreal atmosphere.

Shiri Maimon – “אמא”

Shiri Maimon’s voice caresses our souls with her new ballad ballad. The English title of the song is “Mother” and it’s a moving tribute to her own mother (and to mothers in general). The mother figure is described as a heroine who hides her pain and pretends to be fine, while giving her best to keep everything under control. The heroic mother “hides another tear in the body of a lioness”.

Nadir Rustamli & Sivva – “Əbədi Sevgi”

A beautiful Azerbaijani ballad comes from Nadir Rustamil, who has collaborated with fellow Azeri singer Sivva. What to expect from this ballad? Incredible vocals, harmony and deep emotions. A perfect pick to warm your soul during the cold days. The English translation of the title is “Eternal Love”. 

Madame Monsieur – “Tour Eiffel”

“Tour Eiffel” has an incredible story behind it, as revealed to us by Madame Monsieur on their Instagram. The song was composed in a car and it was inspired by a sad girl who was sending a vocal message on a train. This young girl left a breakup voice note for someone, speaking with a mixture of courage and sobs that it was over. She said he would deeply regret for having neglected her love so much. The resulting ballad is a song about freeing yourself from the ones who don’t treat you right.

Sarit Hadad – “מכל האהבות”

Another emotional ballad comes from Sarit Hadad. The song describes the struggles of losing your soulmate. The title of the song means “Of all the loves” and it speaks about the moment when a heart is longing for one certain person. Sarit’s voice packs all the emotion in every single word: “Of all the loves that can be dreamed of, I asked for you / Will you hear my voice calling you, will you know? (…) Of all the loves that can be dreamed of, I asked for you / You are far from me and my heart misses you / And I asked for nothing but to be yours.”

Ilse DeLange & The BossHoss – “YOU”

Ilse DeLange’s new song “YOU” brings some indie vibes combined with a country style. It’s a collaboration with German band The BossHoss. The accompanying music video is a very enjoyable Hollywood parody, with a country twist. “Now at the crossroads I choose my own way / If the Devil’s taking my soul, I’m gonna pay / I’ll show you Heaven on Earth, if you’ll just stay / ‘Cause I don’t wanna lose you, come what may.”

Albanian star Aurela Gaçe has a brand new album, Unike… Me Taban (Unique… With Soul). The two-part LP contains 20 songs and it’s indeed unique! You might be surprised by the diversity of genres that this album contains: from emotional ballads to powerful pop songs, BOPs and even rap. Aurela goes experimental and does not withold herself from anything, thus the whole album shows her immense potential. Along with the album, she has released a music video for the ballad “Unike”. The ballad speaks about being real, not perfect, because nobody is perfect and everyone is unique in their own way. 

Alexandra Rotan – “Stå i det”

One thing is for sure,”Stå i det” is probably one of the most joyful songs of this list. Alexandra released this song for KuToppen 3 – På Sporet, a detective animation movie that will be released next month. Obviously, the song enchants both children and adults. The song was composed by Alexandra together with Tom Hugo, her fellow KEiiNO member.

Timebelle – “By My Side”

A beautiful love song comes from the Swiss-Romanian band Timebelle. The piano goes hand in hand with the emotions from Miruna’s voice. The song is about growing together with a loved one: “I will water your soul / And you will slowly grow.” It’s a release that comes just in time for the month of love. 

Mike Tramp – “Cry For Freedom”

After representing Denmark at Eurovision 1978 with the band Mabel, Mike Tramp later formed the glam metal band White Lion. In the description of the audio video, Tramp recalls the period of 1983-1991 as a “once in a lifetime experience”. Now, in 2023, he is returning to this period of his life by recording an album of White Lion songs that include small new parts and are exactly the way he feels them from his nowadays perspective. “This is the only way I can embrace them and feel at home and be honest to myself and the songs,” he concludes in the description of his song. The full album will be released in April, but for now Tramp is teasing it with “Cry For Freedom”.

Wig Wam – “Out of the Dark”

We hope you are ready for some glam metal music from Norwegian band Wig Wam. They have dropped a new album, Out of The Dark, that contains 11 pure metal and rock songs. If you are a fan of these genres then this is the perfect pick for you. Besides the strong vocals, the instrumentals of the songs are absolutely impressive.  

Alexander Rybak & Annsofi – “No More Me and You”

Alexander Rybak provides some emotional violin accompaniment for his new collaboration with singer Annsofi. The final result might make you cry a little because it is so deep and sincere. The lyrics speak about Annsofi moving aside from a man’s life because he is in love with somebody else: “You say you love her / And your eyes are true / No reason to argue / There’s nothing left to do (…) Don’t wanna ruin your party / I just want you to shine / But I will always remember / That once you were mine.”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Richard Isaac
Richard Isaac
1 year ago

Please go back to consistently mentioning the country the artist represented and the year, thanks!

Ria van de Velde
Ria van de Velde
1 year ago

I like the songs from Shiri Maimon and Alexander Rybak & Annsofi – “No More Me and You”

1 year ago

I was impressed by the Rybak/AnnSofi video. Very well done.

1 year ago

Sarit hadad’s song is actually a cover of a song by Idan Raichel who was the interval act in 2019, it’s a good one!

1 year ago

Timebelle… hmm.. “Stay by my side”… I will water your soul and you will slowly grow… ohhh ok then…