The Eurovision 2023 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still bringing us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 8

Francesca Michielin – Cani Sciolti

Francesca Michielin returns with a new album containing 13 songs, fully in Italian. The expression Cani Sciolti, which is the title of the album, means “the nonconformists (the free spirits)” or “the ones who don’t follow the rules”. The album features different variations of pop songs, from pop rock to electropop, allowing Italy’s Eurovision 2016 star to go experimental and play with different genres. All the songs have been written and composed by Francesca, collaborating in production with artists such as Dardust, Fulminacci, Colapesce and many others. A variety of themes are presented in the album: freedom to love whoever you want, religion and feminism. 

Jala Brat, Buba Corelli & DJ ARCHITECT – “S.O.S.”

Jala Brat is a big one for collaborations, having previously teamed up with Eurovision artists including Severina (Croatia 2006) and Milan Stanković (Serbia 2010). Now the Eurovision 2016 star has joined hands again with fellow Bosnian rapper Buba Corelli, plus Serbian DJ and producer DJ ARCHITECT. “S.O.S” is a wild party anthem. As the lyrics say, “We are everywhere, there is always some partying with us.”

ALEKSEEV – “Варшава – Київ”

One year after the full-scale war started, ALEKSEEV shows his constant support for Ukraine in his new track. The English title of the song is “Warsaw – Kyiv”. The lyrics speak about the day when Ukrainian refugees will be able to return to their homeland. Belarus’s Eurovision 2018 act encourages his fellow Ukrainian people to keep their hope and reassures them they are not alone in this challenging times: “Everyone will come soon / All our people/ Together we will overcome the challenges of fate.”

Luca Hänni – “Trompete”

When we speak about party anthems, this song must be included. As we are used to when it comes to Luca Hänni’s songs, we have some Latino influences in this song too. It’s exactly the sounds that will make you get up and shake off all your worries and dance. As Switzerland’s Eurovision 2019 star described the song himself, we got a “pure good feeling”. Enjoy the trumpets and the holiday vibe. 

Chingiz Mustafayev – “Beni Benden Alan”

This song might come as a beautiful surprise for everyone who enjoyed Chingiz’s performance at Eurovision 2019. The Azerbaijani artist shows once again his outstanding voice, delighting us with some flawless vocals. We have a sound full of tension, mystery and even some authentic Azerbaijani musical insertions. The title of the song means “Take me away” and it was composed one year ago, but released just now. Speaking about this song on his Instagram account, Chingiz mentioned that he wants to encourage people to love: “Don’t be afraid to go crazy in love, don’t be afraid to leave this world without tasting love.”

MARO – “ouvi dizer”

Another week, another gem from MARO! Over the past weeks, Portugal’s Eurovision 2022 star has managed to promote each song from her new EP, hortelã. The new song is “ouvi dizer” (“I heard”). MARO’s warm voice fits perfectly with the acoustic guitars from the instrumental of this song, offering us a cozy sound but some incredibly metaphoric lyrics about life and its challenges: “From day to year I turned into an ocean and let myself be lost / I don’t even know what the plan was anymore but I know it’s insane.” 

Magdolna Rúzsa – “Elmegyek”

We all miss Hungary in Eurovision so it’s time for some Hungarian music courtesy of the country’s 2007 representative. The song that we have here is an empowering break-up song with a pinch of retro sound. The song’s title is “I’m leaving” and Magdolna celebrates her freedom by partying on a Saturday night as she assures her ex that she is not coming back anymore: “I’ll go and say a prayer for you / You’ll kiss my footprints.”

Blind Channel – “FLATLINE”

Blind Channel have their own style by now and they never disappoint. “FLATLINE” delivers the dark, violent pop style of Finland’s Eurovision 2021 group very directly. The song speaks about the struggles we have to overcome when it comes to our own feelings, which sometimes get so intense that it does not allow us to enjoy life: “I can not hear the music through all the mood swings.” Of course, the song could be considered raising awareness for the importance of mental health too. The lyrics are painfully honest and very relatable: “Can you hear the silence getting loud? / Tickets to my nightmares selling out / I’m so sick and tired of ups and downs / I think I wanna flatline.”

wrs – “Dale”

We know by now that wrs is preparing a new album and he promised us a “fiesta”. But until then, Romania’s Eurovision 2022 act teases us with a brand-new song. “Dale” has the Latino sound that we love so much and wrs delivers lyrics in both Spanish and English that speak about a sorrowful break-up: “Please don’t say that you love me / When you know what you’ve done / You were always about you / And I gotta move on.” The music video keeps everything simple, but effective, as wrs sings surrounded by darkness before a male dancer appears.

Tanel Padar – “UV”

This song has a very powerful pop rock sound with a rich instrumental. Eurovision 2001 champion Tanel Padar sings in Estonian, which brings some diversity to our playlist and proves once again what a melodious language Estonian is. The main question of the song is: “Are we at the beginning again?” 

This song is perfect for everyone experiencing difficult times. Going in a direction closer to gospel music, Intars puts a prayer into a song. The music video underlines this idea even more, as Latvia’s Eurovision 2009 representative appears praying while singing this song. The lyrics try to create a connection with somebody from above for finding answers: “It’s strange / The truth lies in the cracks / Tell me who to ask why / Who will come to save us?”

Mia Dimšić – “Stranac Kojeg Znam”

The new song of Croatia’s Mia Dimšić impresses us with the sweetness of her voice and, as we now expect from her, the magic that she creates with her guitar. The song title means “The Stranger I Know” and speaks about alienation, nostalgia and melancholia in love. A music video for this song is also on the way, so we wait with a lot of excitement for the Eurovision 2022 star to drop it. 


A very personal song comes from Eurovision 2017 star Alma. It’s dedicated to the father who raised her, on his birthday. On her personal Instagram account, Alma stated: “I met my father when I was 2 years old. And how lucky I was to have been loved and raised by this man. Happy Birthday Dad!”. The lyrics express gratefulness for the unconditional love and support that he French singer received from her father. The music video is made from a set of recordings from Alma’s childhood that illustrate some beautiful family moments.

Isaura – “A noite não conta”

Isaura makes justice to indie music with her new track. The lyrics speak about the fact it’s absolutely OK to have moments when you feel vulnerable. Portugal’s Eurovision 2018 vocalist expresses that, even if she tries to live her life at her best recently, there are still moments of trauma, pain and fear for tomorrow. The song normalises the fact that it’s OK to have bad times and it’s OK not to always be on top of the world. Both the melody and Isaura’s voice are comforting but yet, full of power. 

Timebelle – “Sapphire”

“Let me be your sapphire” is the line that opens the chorus of “Sapphire”. For sure this one is indeed very precious. Timebelle return with a love ballad that can melt every single soul. As we are used to from Switzerland’s Eurovision 2017 group, Timebelle give us class, quality and a song that touches our souls deeply. 

PAENDA – “call me cat”

PAENDA returns with an electropop track that will definitely captivate you from the first listen. In the song, Austria’s Eurovision 2019 representative has a savage attitude while raising attention through ironies to the catcalling issue: “Call me cat / Never mind if you don’t know my name.” The whole song is created to express the unpleasant moment when a person faces catcalling and to raise awareness against it.

Sieneke & Frans – “Een Nacht Met Jou”

Ahead of their joint theatre tour starting in March, Frans and Eurovision 2010 act Sieneke have dropped another duet. “Een Nacht Met Jou” (“A Night With You”) is a classic Dutch song that grows into each chorus. The pair sing about a night that is too short — they would rather stay with each other through the following day than go their separate ways. The music video was filmed in Amsterdam’s Upside Down Museum. (Jonathan)

Sennek – “Gelukkig zijn”

“Gelukkig zijn” was Belgium’s entry for Eurovision 1975, sung by Ann Christy (link). Now the country’s 2018 representative, Sennek, has recorded a new version of the song. It will feature on her upcoming unplugged EP, thus Sennek strips out the brass from the original and sticks with piano. But she does keep the mixture of Dutch and English lyrics. (Jonathan)

Soluna Samay – Lakehoney

Danish singer Soluna Samay has dropped the new EP Lakehoney. The title of re-released single “Melancholia” sums up the record quite well. The Eurovision 2012 alumna steers us through seven slow tracks with delicate vocals, showcasing her musical evolution since participating at the contest a decade ago. (Jonathan)

Melyz & Soda – “One Kiss”

“One Kiss” is all it takes. Melyz has leant her voice to the new house track from music producer Soda. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2015 representative (known then as Mélanie René) sings about how just one touch of her lips with her lover’s sends her into a trance: “One kiss and I’m hit / I’m going to show you that my love is all you need / One kiss and I’m hit / Let’s give in to desire and bliss”. The music video features a couple getting close and personal (sharing more than just one kiss). (Jonathan)

Aija Andrejeva & Olga Rajecka – “Viņa ir mana terapija”

Eurovision 2010 star Aija Andrejeva (aka Aisha) has brought fellow Latvian star Olga Rakecka on board for the new single “Viņa ir mana terapija” (“She is my therapy”). The pair deliver a song with rock influences that aims to create an anthemic chorus. Aija and Olga sing about female friendship and the help they give each other in hard times: “She is my therapy / Charger and battery / The interpreter of dreams and the pharmacy / It’s her”. (Jonathan)

Stig van Eijk, Storm Barnesanger & Trollala – “En Elefant Kom Marsjerende”

If you happen to have any young kids of your own, then this last one is for them. Eurovision 1999 alum Stig van Eijk has contributed to a new rendition of the Norwegian kids song “En Elefant Kom Marsjerende” (“An Elephant Came Marching”). Stig primarily provides adlibs throughout the song, but he helps give it a nice swing. (Jonathan)

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

Additional reporting from Jonathan Vautrey

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1 year ago

Love Alma’s song and love seeing video recordings of her and her father. Such an adorable child.

1 year ago

Blind Channel ??

1 year ago

Great collection of new songs. A lot of them are actually much better than what has been chosen in the last days for this year’s contest! I like especially the songs from Alma and Chingiz and Timebelle…