The Eurovision 2023 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still bringing us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 10

Duncan Laurence – “Skyboy”

Eurovision 2019 champion Duncan Laurence wants us to fly high and chase after our happiness. In his new single “Skyboy”, the Dutch star recounts the heartache of not being able to fit in with those around you: “Had to sit up straight, hide your sin / ‘Cause they won’t forgive you like the other kids”. But in the chorus, Laurence suggests we can go find our own paradise: “So take your neon shoes to the city / When the trumpet sounds, at least you’ll look pretty / You’re going high, just fly, boy / Enjoy the ride, skyboy”. There are clear influences from artists such as Elton John in the song, with Duncan continuing to explore a glam-pop sound.

Sam Ryder – “You’ve Got The Love”

We now know Sam Ryder’s successor as UK Eurovision act. But the Eurovision 2022 runner-up still has lots of music to share. The British star has now released a cover of “You’ve Got The Love”. First released by British songwriting team The Source and American singer-songwriter Candi Staton in 1986, the song was later popularised again by Florence & The Machine in 2009. Sam Ryder gives a spirited rendition of the song, with his power vocals taking flight over the percussion and brass accompaniment. And a guitar solo at the end rounds things off in style.

Kristian Kostov & VOSTOK – “Iris”

Not only was the 8 March International Women’s Day, it was also the birthday of Kristian Kostov’s mother. To celebrate his mum, Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2017 runner-up decided to release the new song “Iris”, written with his brother Daniel as part of their VOSTOK project. A gentle indie-pop track, Kostov sings of his love for his mother: “It all started with Y O U / Just like a flower in bloom / That light in your eyes does too / I’m in love / And I love / Loving you”. The singer spoke more about the song dedication on Instagram:

“I’ve put my soul, my heart, my years of hard work, my voice, my absolute best performance on every aspect into this song and I wanna dedicate this song to you, mom. I wouldn’t be me without you, not because you gave me life, which is already a priceless gift on its own, but you gave me love. You gave me comfort, your support, your guidance, your time. You always choose us, your kids, and we are forever grateful to have you, our guardian Angel, by our side! I’m your bestto frienddo for life, Ma, today I celebrate Y O U.”

Barbara Pravi feat. Emel Mathlouthi – “Lève-toi”

Barbara Pravi has routinely released songs for International Women’s Day, and 2023 was no exception. France’s Eurovision 2021 star shared the anthem “Lève-toi” (“Rise up”). The song constantly builds as she encourages women and men to stand up for equality: “Rise up, crowd, don’t watch the world fall apart […] Do not let violence, rejection of others and ignorance take hold / Let our voices rise together / And our united hands finally lift us up, finally lift us up”. This call is not just made in French, but also in Arabic courtesy of a verse by Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi.

Soraya – “La Cita”

“If you want a song to lift your energy and put a smile on your face, ‘La Cita’ is your song!” Soraya hopes to raise our spirits with her new single. “La Cita” is indeed a cheery number. Add in a sunny Mediterranean feel and it gives us a little slice of summer a season early: “I invite you to a party, celebrate life / I invite you to dance so that your sorrows are forgotten / I invite you to a party, it’s a new day / Enjoy the moment that life has to be lived”. Spain’s Eurovision 2009 star is joined by her daughter for the music video.

Ivi Adamou & Daphne Lawrence – “Den S’ Afino”

“I’m not leaving you, I’m not leaving your side / As my eyes I will watch over you […] I give everything near me to have you”. Ivi Adamou is adamant that she’s standing by a special person in her life. Cyprus’ Eurovision 2012 star brings us a catchy pop track in partnership with Daphne Lawrence. The music video for “Den S’ Afino” (“I’m Not Leaving You”) sees the pair returning from a heist and spending an evening together. It gives the lyrics a theme of friendship.

MARO feat. Sílvia Perez Cruz – “juro que vi flores”

Another week, another new song from MARO. However, “juro que vi flores” (“i swear i saw flowers”) differs from the others due to the fact it’s a duet. Portugal’s Eurovision 2022 star is joined by Spanish singer Sílvia Perez Cruz. MARO and Sílvia never sing the same line in unison. Instead, their voices intertwine in various ways as they sing: “You’ve already changed so much / Since the meeting that took place that spring / Or maybe it wasn’t even yet but I swear I saw flowers / That I now bring to you”. In a post on social media, MARO noted how this collab is a dream come true:

“when i wrote this song, i dreamt of, one day, recording it with one of my favorite voices in the whole world & it finally happened. the only feature on this album”

Gjon’s Tears – “Midnight in Paris”

The countdown is on for Gjon’s Tears’ debut album, set to be released next month. The latest pre-release single from the LP is the orchestral ballad “Midnight in Paris”. Despite being about the capital city of France, the Eurovision 2021 star has decided to ditch his usual French lyrics. Instead, this is the first song from Gjon’s Tears to be in English. The Swiss singer discusses nostalgia and hopes to reunite with an old love: “Like midnight in Paris / How sweet is your scent / Come in and exhale me / Inhale me again”.

Jill Johnson & Lisa Ekdahl – “Angel From Montgomery” & “The Ghost Of Tom Joad”

Jills Veranada is a documentary series in which the Eurovision 1998 star invites fellow Swedish singers to the city of Nashville, where they explore the history of country music — and of course sing some songs along the way. The show is now returning for its fifth season. For episode one, Johnson is joined by Lisa Ekdahl. The pair cover two country hits — John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery” and Bruce Springsteen’s “The Ghost Of Tom Joad”.

Rob & Jack Lahan feat. Sébastien Tellier – “Amoureux”

Producers Rob & Jack Lahan have just released their debut album Summercamp. Track #4 on the LP is “Amoureux” (“Lover”), which features France’s Eurovision 2008 act Sébastien Tellier. It’s a mid-tempo electro offering with a relatively linear progression throughout. The music video features two brides running away from a church, and presumably their “Amoureux”.

Temps feat. Montaigne and more – “partygatorresurrection”

Temps is a music collective organised by British comedian James Acaster. For the newest release, “partygatorresurrection”, Acaster has brought in Eurovision 2021 star Montaigne. The Australian singer provides periodic vocals during the song, which also features Open Mike Eagle, me oh myriorama, Low Growl and bb tombo.

Rambo Amadeus – “Prenemaganje”

Rambo Amadeus comes with another perplexing song. “Prenemaganje” (“Overexertion”) is a track of two worlds: the spoken verses and the more melodic chorus. This contrast is also shown in the music video, where a woman is working too hard at her desk but then transforms into a big cat lover (it’s leopard print overload). In the music video’s description, Montenegro’s Eurovision 2012 act discusses how the songs on the radio influenced this creation:

“The song is radiophonic, mainly thanks to the imitation of the false chorus, an endemic form of pretension in popular music.”

Gromee & Iraida – “Don’t Stop The Party”

We can usually rely on Gromee to bring us a bop. Poland’s Eurovision 2018 DJ plans to get us moving with his new single “Don’t Stop The Party”. Singer Iraida joins Gromee on the track: “Hey, oh, I like my DJ crazy / He keeps callin’ me baby / Playing 9 to 9 / Don’t stop the party”. Despite the title, it’s actually a relatively short party with the song only clocking in at two minutes and 19 seconds.

Laura Põldvere – “Lilled jäävadki Sulle”

Laura Põldvere’s new single is “Lilled jäävadki Sulle” (“Flowers remain for you”). It’s a solid pop track with a retro flavour to it. Estonia’s two-time Eurovision star sings about not letting your insecurities get the better of you. She wants women to know that they are enough. Laura went into more detail on Instagram:

“I wrote the story with the intention of drawing attention to a particularly critical topic at the moment, which lies in our insecurities as women. Social media puts us in a situation everyday where we compare ourselves to others thinking we are ugly, stupid, fat. At least I do it and I don’t like this nasty habit. It’s important to find happiness and joy in yourself and not to forget that the world keeps you crazy.”

Timebelle – “Rolling Stones”

“Just like the flower rising from the rolling stones / I will stand up and create something of my own”. Timebelle are chasing after their dreams in the new single “Rolling Stones”. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2017 group take things slow in the four-minute track, but the addition of strings in the chorus provides a swell in the production. Lead singer Miruna hopes to make her star shine as brightly as possible: “No stars are falling / I’m going to be dead inside if I do no follow mine […] Stop for a moment / Stop and look and see what you’re loosing”.

Deep Zone Project – “Светът е за двама” and “Среща”

Deep Zone Project are taking past Bulgarian hits and giving them a contemporary dance twist. The Eurovision 2008 group have done this for two songs: Orlin Goranov’s “Светът е за двама” (“The world is for two”) and Shturcite’s “Среща” (“Meeting”). The new renditions are a stark contrast from the originals and are now much more club ready.

Sieneke & Frans

Eurovision 2010 alumna Sieneke has been creating a partnership with fellow Dutch singer Frans over recent months. After two previous singles, the pair have now shared the other six duets they’ve recorded together. They all capture a classic Dutch sound, so get your clogs ready to tap along. The six new songs are:

Sebalter – “Il cielo di notte”

Sebalter is enjoying “Il cielo di notte” (“The sky at night”). The stars are shining on Switzerland’s Eurovision 2014 act as he delivers a percussion-filled track. The verses are relatively steady, but the chorus adds more of a cheery atmosphere.

Roxen & Sapte – “Fato”

Romania’s Roxen has collaborated with rapper Sapte for the single “Fato”. The Eurovision 2021 star contributes the second verse of the alternative dance-pop track. Meanwhile, Sapte presents the chorus, in which he notes Roxen has left him speechless: “I wonder how I feel / I can’t find words / It’s not like before / The girl blew my mind”.

Dana International – “La Cucaracha”

Dana International has now been in the music industry for 30 years. But there’s no sign of her slowing down and she’s now dropped the new single “La Cucaracha” (“Cockroach”). Much of the song is still in Hebrew, but the Eurovision 1998 winner has added some Spanish flair to proceedings. The diva sings about the qualities she needs in a partner: “They all always fall into the trash, I remain classy / You lack spicy in your mouth I’m all sriracha / I need a hammerhead shark and not a cockroach”.

Kenneth Rüütli feat. Koit Toome & AG – “Tuledes”

Two-time Eurovision star Koit Toome features on the new single “Tuledes”. He provides the chorus whilst Estonian rappers Kenneth Rüütli and AG deliver separate verses. For the music video, they all head to a party and dance the night away.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Skyboy is amazing

Sol Stevia
Sol Stevia
1 year ago

I love Dana’s song!

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I love “Skyboy”!

Well done, Duncan.