The Eurovision 2023 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still bringing us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 13

Rosa Linn – “Never Be Mine”

Armenia’s Rosa Linn has dropped “Never Be Mine”. It’s an emotional piano ballad that builds in the second half with extra strings. Rosa Linn also gets the chance to show off her vocal ability a little more than her Eurovision 2022 entry “Snap”. The lyrics speak about an unrequited love, with Rosa Linn chasing after something she’ll unfortunately never get: “Tears are falling on the ebonies / There’s only silence where you’re meant to be […] What hurts even more / Is I’ll always be yours / But you’ll never be mine”.

Flo Rida – “Good Girls On Vacation”

Everyone needs a holiday from time to time where they can just let loose. This is the theme of Flo Rida’s new single, “Good Girls On Vacation”. San Marino’s Eurovision 2021 rapper gives us a taste of the summer to come and notes that even good girls want to have a little fun some time: “I heard last night in a conversation / Good girls they all trying to get to heaven / So I asked if so why they misbehaving / Cause bad girls are just good girls on vacation”.

Loïc Nottet – “Je t’haine”

Loïc Nottet’s new song is “Je t’haine” (I hate you) — the title is a play on “je t’aime” (I love you) and “haine” (hate). Starting off as a piano ballad, strings are gradually added and then drum machine beats arrive in the final moments. Belgium’s Eurovision 2015 star sings about a love that isn’t necessarily approved by everyone else. But Loïc doesn’t want to let these other people stand in the way of him and his partner: “Let them talk behind our backs, even spit / The most important thing is to know that it’s worth it / This romance that forces us to fake it / In broad daylight, let’s love ourselves even if they’re shouting / I hate you”.

The Rasmus & Charles Ans – “Fireflies”

Finland meets Mexico for this next song. Eurovision 2022 band The Rasmus have teamed up with Charles Ans for “Fireflies”. The single not only mixes genres — rock and rap — but also blends together two languages — English and Spanish. Lyrically, the song is about escaping from the light and being more comfortable living in the darkness: “Kill the light / Show me the dark side / Rule the night / High in the skies like fireflies”

Anna Rossinelli – “The World is Yours”

Anna Rossinelli is also participating in Sing meinen Song Schweiz and covered Luca Hänni’s Eurovision entry “She Got Me” for the latest episode. But the Swiss singer has also released a brand new original single with her band (also collectively called Anna Rosssinelli). “The World is Yours” is a steady piano ballad that builds in the final third. The Eurovision 2011 group encourage their friend to keep pushing ahead whilst knowing they can always seek support from them: “Don’t hesitate to fall right back to me / Don’t lose yourself the way you lost your dreams / Keep goin’ on the road of bitter-sweet / Embrace the love / And the world is yours”.

MARO – “tens morada em mim”

We’re almost at the end of MARO’s album reveal. The penultimate song is “tens morada em mim” (“you have a home in me”). Like with the others, Portugal’s Eurovision 2022 star layers her vocals over the acoustic guitar playing of Darío Barroso Miranda and Pau Figueres. MARO sings to a special person in her life, who she will always be there to support: “I want to show you all the colours I see / Show that the world is strange and what I take around / I want to sing, tell you that you are more than desire / That I am homeless and that you have a home in me”.

OG3NE – “Koning Liefde”

OG3NE have been appearing on the Belgian TV show Tulpen uit Antwerpen (Tulips from Antwerp). It saw a series of Dutch artists cover Flemish songs, whilst a group of Flemish singers also covered Dutch hits. OG3NE took on the song “Koning Liefde” (“King Love”), originally performed by Tourist LeMC. The Eurovision 2017 trio add their beautiful vocal harmonies to the song. At the end of each episode, a vote was held to determine the best cover from both groups. OG3NE emerged victorious from amongst the Dutch participants and went on to win the final as well.

Other Eurovision stars involved with the show (but who haven’t officially released their covers as new singles) include Clouseau, Jeroen van der Boom, Douwe Bob and Barbara Dex.

Harel Skaat, Guy Mazig, Sivan Talmor & Moshe Klughaft – “ילד שלי”

Harel Skaat is taking a moment to remember the Holocaust and think about the evil that still remains in our world today. Israel’s Eurovision 2010 star performs “ילד שלי” (“My boy”) alongside Guy Mazig and Sivan Talmor, with a spoken word verse also provided by Moshe Klughaft. The lyrics are told from the point of view of a grandmother speaking to her grandson. She tells him about past events, but also warns him to watch out for the future as hatred only changes form and never truly goes away: “Look at the view on the side of the road / Already greener / My boy / If the landscape has changed / Go straight / Because history / Repeating itself”.

Jill Johnson & Ola Salo

Eurovision 1998 alumna Jill Johnson is back for episode four of Jills Veranda season five. This time she’s brought Eurovision 2007 star, and The Ark lead vocalist, Ola Salo out to Nashville. The Swedish singers cover two country classics — “Under Your Spell Again” by Bucks Owens and “Rhinestone Cowboy” by Glen Campbell.

Athena Manoukian – “Gone”

“I want you, you know I really do, in my arms again / Be near you, all I wanna do, is hold you till the end / Like a dream that flies away, when I wake up you’re not there / And I know you’re gone”. Athena Manoukian is dealing with the loss of a loved one in her latest single. “Gone” is a 2010’s-style ballad that blends drum machine beats with an orchestral accompaniment. On her social media channels, Armenia’s Eurovision 2020 entrant noted who she was dedicating the song to:

“Gone is a song referring to the feeling of loss of a favourite person. It expresses overwhelming feelings with detailed thoughts and descriptions. It’s devoted to all the victims of Tempi, the tragic fact that happened in Greece with the crash of two trains.”

Lordi – Screem Writers Guild

Lordi take us into April with a brand new album. Screem Writers Guild contains 14 songs, including previous singles “Thing in the Cage” and “Lucyfer Prime Evil”. Finland’s monstrous Eurovision 2006 champions put a horror movie twist on their music through this LP. This also  feeds through to the visual elements and is showcased in the new music video for the album’s opening track “Dead Again Jayne”.

LUM!X, DES3ETT & Georgia Meek – “Take Me Higher”

LUM!X is here with another club-ready track for us all. Austria’s Eurovision 2022 entrant has collaborated with Italian DJ DES3ETT and British singer Georgia Meek for “Take Me Higher”. Georgia sings about the overwhelming energy that her partner provides her with: “You take me higher / Than I’ve ever been / We’re getting closer / Electric energy”. LUM!X and DES3ETT then provide the drop to get the party truly going.

Jeangu Macrooy – “Space”

Get ready for lift-off because Jeangu Macrooy is taking us to “Space”. The Dutch star brings us a groovy track with a charming music video that sees Jeangu preparing for his date night on Mars. The lyrics speak of this love between Jeangu and his partner, with the Eurovision 2021 alum throwing in as many celestial references as possible: “Take me to your planet / Like a satellite I’ma map it / Wanna be your moon / Orbiting round you / I don’t ever wanna come down / Now I got a taste of what it feels like in space”.

Cuibul first released “Doina Rock’N’Roll” 30 years ago. The Moldovan funk band inspired a new generation of musicians with the track, including Zdob și Zdub, who formed in 1994. Now the three-time Eurovision entrants have joined forces with Cuibul for a new version of the song. The groups combine their guitars and brass instruments to deliver a folk twist on Rock’N’Roll.

We Are Domi – “FU”

We Are Domi are getting sassy. In their new single, Czechia’s Eurovision 2022 group wave goodbye to someone who has been getting on their nerves: “I don’t wanna hear your alibi / Tired of your bullshit all the time / Leaving you behind is not a crime”. They deliver this message without ever getting too aggressive — the production around “FU” makes it feel light and effortless.

PAENDA – “i don’t get stressed”

“I don’t get stressed, I keep cool / Let the time fly by”. PAENDA is making sure she stays calm under pressure. Austria’s Eurovision 2019 representative serves up a solid pop track that quickly puts her new mantra into the mind of the listener. Talking about the song on Instagram, PAENDA referenced the song’s slightly unusual origins:

“I wrote this song while I was cleaning my apartment (no joke). I was so stressed out about all the things going on in my life at that point that I tried to calm my mind by repeating the line ‘I don’t get stressed, I keep cool’. Since then this has become my mantra and it pops into my head whenever I feel stressed out. It even keeps me from speeding.”

SENNEK – “Just A Little Bit (ooh aah)”

The latest song from SENNEK’s Eurovision unplugged series is “Just A Little Bit (ooh aah)”. Belgium’s Eurovision 2018 representative takes on Gina G’s hit song from the 1996 song contest. This being an unplugged series, SENNEK removes all the dance beats and instead favours a keyboard and drum accompaniment for the mid-tempo cover.

Jonida Maliqi – “Do apo nuk do”

Jonida Maliqi celebrated her 40th birthday with the release of a new single. Albania’s Eurovision 2019 star gifted us “Do apo nuk do” (“You will or you won’t”). An upbeat R&B-pop track, Jonida gets to showcase her playful side through the song and music video as she asks her lover to “touch me baby”.

Congratulations are in order for Ieva Zasimauskaitė, who has revealed she is pregnant. Lithuania’s Eurovision 2018 made the announcement through the release of her latest single “Apie mus” (“About us”). It’s a gentle song that flows nicely with Ieva’s soft vocals. Speaking about the reveal of her baby bump, Ieva noted:

“The cosiest video and the most special song, because it’s about Us.. about the THREE of us !! Listen and feel the feeling of complete peace, love in your heart and the feeling of nothing missing, because what you have is enough. Because what matters is not seen with the eye, but what we feel.”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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7 months ago

Aww Ieva, congratulations!! Beautiful song

8 months ago

TIX’s song “FAKK MEG OPP” which he released together with Kris Winther on Thursday is such a banger, if you haven’t listened to it yet, I would recommend it

8 months ago

Roxen has released 2 new songs “Fato” and “Dac? m? cau?i”

8 months ago

Space by Jeangu Macrooy is so good, so funky.. not to be shady but every song he has released before and after Birth of a new age is much better, especially after.. missed oppurtunity if you ask me

8 months ago

Jeangu Macrooy seems like a really nice person to live in domestic bliss with.

8 months ago

Sergey Lazarev has a new song out too…

8 months ago
Reply to  usain1

No Russian.

8 months ago

Rosa’s song is so calming! Also, appreciate that she’s trying to incorporate Armenian elements into her videos. I wish she released her album!

8 months ago

You’ve forgot the new song by Hurricane’s Ivana!