The Eurovision 2023 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still bringing us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 14

Ronela Hajati – “TQR”

Albania’s representative in ESC 2022, Ronela, is preparing the part II of her album RRON. “TQR”, her newest song, is also her favourite of the future LP, so she decided it would be suitable to be the first cut. The title is an acronym for “Te Quiero Ronela” (I love you Ronela).  In the lyrics Ronela expresses her pain over an ex-lover and even starts a curse for the next person who will be with him: “Which one has him after me / I wish them to never stop crying / And to never have a good day.” The music video has great cinematographic visuals: Ronela appears to crash her ex’s wedding, whilst other parts show Ronela as a praised angel and as a master who plays with the strings of some wooden dolls. The music video contains a section where Ronela’s look pays tribute to Frida Kahlo, probably a reference of the suffering that Frida went through because of the infidelity of the men she met. 

The Eurovision legend who won the contest in 2015 is back with a very special song. The song is composed by Måns himself, together with Alex Runo and Andreas Landegren. The song is called “Breath” and it’s a collaboration with the band The Agreement. Måns has played with the group for years (considering them also his friends) but never recorded anything together with them until now. Speaking about this song, Måns explained on his social media: “After three years of pandemic/war/climate and everything else out there that has pulled us down, we wanted this spring to be a new start, a new chapter. Like a new first breath. A cry for spring, a cry that will make it all disappear and let us start over.”

wrs & Gran Error – “I Like It”

Get ready to dance with this new party anthem released by wrs (Romania, 2022). The song is a collaboration with the Romanian duo Gran Error. The whole song is a very interesting mixture of a modern electronic and Latin styles, as we know by now that wrs is a master of Latin music. The lyrics speak about a dangerous but enjoyable romance: “Thought I’d never fall but you tricked me with your flavour / Feels like I’m flirting with the danger.” The music video is filmed in a wrecking yard and wrs shows once again that beside music, he is also an outstanding dancer. 

Francesco Gabbani – “L’abitudine”

Francesco Gabbani (Italy, 2017) has released his new song, “L’abitudine”. The title means “The habit” and like with most of Francesco’s songs, even if the sound is uplifting and joyful, there is so much meaning behind the lyrics. In his vision, the world is just a big carousel in which people go round and round. This song speaks about the brief joy that people feel just because they live their life like a habit or because they are clueless about everything that happens around them. The lyrics come as a sarcastic criticism: “Blessed is the dog at his master’s feet / Who is a fool by vocation / And who, as he holds a bone in his mouth / He won’t say his opinion.” This metaphor shows how easy it is to make somebody to be on your side just by giving the bare minimum. The lyrics summarise that the happiest people are the ones who don’t know and don’t want to know what is really going around, the ones who “confuse habit with happiness”. The music video is a perfect metaphor for the illusion of happiness in which we believe we live. 

Sevak & NARAR – “Ищу тебя”

When love goes wrong, nothing goes right. That’s for sure the motto of this song. Sevak represented Armenia at Eurovision back in 2018 with his ballad, “Qami”. His new song is called “I’m looking for you” and it’s a collaboration with NARAR. The song goes in a rap and alternative R&B direction. The lyrics speak about the longing for a person who left and the willing to find that person again: “But I’m looking, I’m looking everywhere / I will bypass the planet, but I will find you.” The music video shows the struggle of seeing the loved one everywhere, even if just in visions, highlighting even more the idea of loneliness.  

Sarit Hadad – “אתה אני ואלוקים”

A heart-breaking ballad comes from Sarit Hadad (Israel, 2002). The whole song is in Hebrew and it has the authenticity of a ballad with traditional influences on its instrumental. Sarit’s voice is absolutely impressive, embracing the lyrics that are written by Sarit, together with Tamar Yahalomy and Yonatan Kalimi. The title of the song is “You, Me and God” and it speaks about a break-up that happens after many years of love and after multiple difficulties overcame together. The lyrics express the pain and the disappointment felt by the person left behind: “There were times when it was just you, me and God / We overcame everything and who would have thought / That it will end so quickly and what now? / Why should you leave?”

MARO – hortelã

Over the last ten weeks MARO (Portugal, 2022) was a constant presence, as she decided to release individually each song from her new album, hortelã (mint). The full album is finally out, with a mixture of songs in both English and Portuguese. The final song is also the title song. Its accompanying music video is filmed in the studio, during the recordings of the album. The song is a wonderful love ballad dedicated to the lover with “minty mouth”. The lyrics express an unstoppable feeling of love: “There is a flower that even when you step on it, it does not lose its color/ Just like you, when you laugh, you bring a wave of heat/ If your voice comes close to me, my eye dances/ I don’t even need to talk about the rest, love doesn’t get tired.”

Elena Tsagrinou, Blanco & DJ Stephan – “Pretty Girl”

Elena (Cyprus, 2021) melts down the dance floor with her new track, in collaboration with DJ Stephan and Blanco (no, not the one from Italy). The new song is definitely a BOP, perfect to set us in the summer mood. Elena and Blanco’s voices join together well and the song is a mixture between a modern and an oriental sound.  

Jill Johnson & Cleo

Jill Johnson (Sweden, 1998) joins hands with the Swedish artist Cleo to release two covers of very well-known songs, in their country version. The songs appear in the fifth season of Jills Veranda Nashville, a documentary where Jill visits Nashville in Tennessee in order to explore their music and culture. The first song they covered is “Jackson” a song written in 1963 by Billy Edd Wheeler and Jerry Leiber. It was recorded in 1963 by the Kingston Trio, Wheeler, and Flatt and Scruggs; but it’s more well-known for versions performed by Johnny Cash together with June Carter, or Lee Hazlewood together with Nancy Sinatra. The second song, “Blowin’ In The Wind”, belongs to Bob Dylan. 

Ira Losco – “Illejla”

Ira Losco (Malta, 2016) has released a Maltese version to her famous track “Hey Now”, originally released in 2018 in English. The title of the song, “Illejla” means “Tonight”. One thing is for sure: this song sounds fantastic in both languages. The new version has the vibe of a perfect summer radio song that definitely  will make you nostalgic, thinking about summertime, and will also make you move. 

A double release comes from Samanta Tīna (Latvia, 2020 and 2021). Actually, she released the same song but in two versions: one in Latvian (with a music video) and one in English (audio version). The Latvian title is “I Gave Everything to You”. The lyrics speak about giving love without receiving it back. The music video shows Samanta contemplating and suffering at home before deciding to change her attitude and moving on: “Say it out loud – I’m “too much” for you? / I gave you everything / You drank me to the last drop / You take everything for yourself. The English lyrics are slightly different, with Samanta asking confidently “What do you want from me?/ I gave you my heart and my soul and my body”, but the main idea remains the same in the both versions.

On her Instagram page, she speaks about the importance of moving on after a break-up, inviting her fans to follow their hearts and true desires in order to find themselves again: “We ourselves have to take the first step out of habit, out of apathy, and then everything will be arranged in trust! Don’t be afraid! Get up and act! Go forward!”

Gjon’s Tears – “Disco”

Gjon’s Tears (Switzerland 2020 and 2021) surprises his fans with a song that is for sure different from all his previous releases. Gjon is well known for his touching ballads but this track called “Disco” is actually a disco track for real. Get ready for a groovy song inspired by the music of the 70s. The song speaks about the ecstasy of sharing the dance floor with the one you love, dancing the night away. When in love, everything becomes confusing, euphoric and hallucinating, just like a drug : “Hallucinations dance with me / It’s a wicked remedy / Euphoria dripping off the walls / I’m addicted to it all / I feel so empty without you / You’re the sugar, I’m the fool / How can candy be so cruel?”

Evridiki & Mple – “Akou Ti Zoi”

A joyful song comes from the Cypriote Eurovision legend, Evridiki, who proudly represented her country in 1992, 1994 and 2007. Her new song has a rock vibe and it’s a collaboration with the band Mple. The song is a joyful one, a song that encourages everyone to escape from the difficult reality and to fill their life with happy moments. The main ideas of the song are: be happy, fall in love, smile, give love but also receive love: “Only you, a special moment, a special day / Only you, my life is real, my life is special.” The music video shows perfectly the fun that Evridiki and Mple had in the studio while recording this song.

Temps feat. Montaigne and more – “ificouldjust”

Montaigne (Australia, 2021) has a very interesting collaboration with the international music collective, Temps, who asked numerous artists including Montaigne to feature in their new track. Beside Montaigne, Yoni Wolf, Quelle Chris, Shamir, and Ami Dang are also present in this song. This song will be part of Temps’ debut album. This indie track presents a very interesting fusion of atmospheric alt rock, and hip hop. The music video is created from different pieces of videos put together, creating an artistic and very diverse music video. The alligator mascot that appears in the music video is the Party Gator, a mascot present in the previous music videos of Temps too.  

Elnur Huseynov – “Monster Pop”

The next song brings together some Azerbaijani artists very dear to the Eurovision community. Elnur represented his country in Eurovision back in 2008 (together with Samir Javadzadeh) and solo in 2015. The song is composed by AISEL (who also appears in the music video), Azerbaijan’s representative in 2018.  The track is a pop one with retro influences from the late 70s – early 80s.  The lyrics speak about how love can’t wait and procrastinate forever, and it’s an encouragement to get closer to your loved one on “pop or hip hop” steps: “Without you there is no taste / Come on take a step / Everything depends on you / Come on, don’t be afraid dear.” The music video shows some of Elnur’s epic dance moves. 

Damir Kedžo – “Zbog tvjih pogleda”

A heartbreaking ballad comes from Damir, who was selected to represented Croatia in 2020, when Eurovision was cancelled due the pandemic. The English title of the song is “Because of Your Looks”. The music video is simple but effective, portraying with simple effects the coldness of a broken heart. The lyrics present on the one hand the overwhelming love: “Because of your looks, because of your touches / I am burning like fire” and on the other hand the willing to stay away from a love that could become toxic: “On my back I carry stones / So I build walls to defend me / From your looks, from your touches.” 

Sebalter – “Spine e Lamponi”

The charismatic representative of Switzerland in 2014, Sebalter, released his new EP. The translation of the EP title is “Thorns and Raspberries” and it contains six tracks, all in Italian. You can discover a diversity of emotions packed in this album from joy to sadness, empowerment and hope. Get ready to discover the sweetness and power of this EP which has songs that, beside Sebalter’s soft voice, have very interesting instrumental compositions. 

Eimear Quinn, William Palmer & Breath Upon The Flame – “Peace Upon This Land”

A hymn for peace comes from Ireland. Eimear Quinn is the Irish winner of ESC 1996. Her newest project is a collaboration with Breath Upon The Flame and William Palmer, being the first single released from the Breath Upon the Flame album. The whole song is a perfect harmony, a prayer for peace. The music video features some breath-taking landscapes from Ireland and also promotes the main idea of the song: peace and love. The song was released on the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement (a pair of peace agreements signed on 10 April 1998 in Northern Ireland). As Eimear stated on her official Instagram: “Peace is a precious and delicate thing.” 

Ivana Boom Nikolić – “Isti si”

A fiery song comes from Ivana, former member of the group Hurricane (Serbia 2020 and 2021). The English title of the song is “The Same”. Ivana continues the Hurricane’s legacy by offering an amazing Serbian BOP that will definitely make you dance. The music video brings the fire and the party and shows some incredible dance moves of Ivana. The song is a revenge song dedicated to a lover who cheated: “You hid from me / Yes you were with her, yes you were with her / You lied under a disguise / That you love me, that you love me.” 

TIX & Kris Winther – “FAKK MEG OPP”

Norway’s Fallen Angel, TIX, who represented his country in 2021 is back with a party anthem. The English title of his collaboration with Kris Winther is “FxxK Me Up”. Get ready to jump on this dance pop song. The lyrics are about parties and having fun, leaving the responsibilities behind: “When it turns 8 o’clock it’s drinking alert / It’s time to get the party started / I should take it easy but / Always take the party home / From now on to eternity / Should be at work at 9 o’clock, but looks like I’m taking the day off.” Get ready to party with this song until you’ll have to take a day off. 

Roxen & Șapte – “Dacă mă cauți”

Roxen (Romania 2020 and 2021) is back with a new song, “If You Look for Me”, by its English title.  The song is a collaboration with the Romanian artist Șapte and it was released together with a lyrics video. The song tells a heart-breaking love story in which Roxen is hopeless and left behind: “And if you’re looking for me, I’m there where / You left me alone between the shadows / Where even love does not penetrate / Tell me who is hiding from whom?”. 

Eye Cue – “Molitva”

The last song from this week comes from North Macedonia. Eye Cue (North Macedonia, 2018) are back with a very deep song. The translation of the title is “Prayer”.  Get ready for some mesmerising vocals. The song is a dialog with God, asking for blessings and better times for our generation, being filled with beautiful metaphors: “O God, let my beautiful crop grow/ May it drink the golden rain of wisdom for a long time/ O God, let my generation be eternal/ Let it be that we are not.” 

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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10 months ago

Well, Damir Kedžo should have send this song to the croatian preselection! This is so much better than his english song there…