They’re the dynamic Austrian duo who have won fans across Europe with their chaos bop “Who The Hell Is Edgar?”

And now Teya & Salena are turning down the crazy and getting intimate with a special Studio Session broadcast live from 17:15 Austria time. 

The studio session will last around thirty minutes and will include an acoustic version of their Eurovision 2023 song. The ladies will also perform a selection of their favourite ESC songs.

You can watch Teya & Salena’s Studio Session by clicking here.

What do the “Who the Hell Is Edgar?” lyrics mean?

Who the hell is Edgar? Well, the ladies are referring to American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe. The ladies claim that the ghost of the writer has entered their bodies and that he can’t resist creating a lyrical masterpiece through them. They feel that the song is special and it may make them rich.

As the song progresses, the satire directed towards the music industry becomes more notable. Teya & Salena repeatedly chant “zero dot zero zero three,” referencing the 0.003 cents songwriters are commonly paid per stream of their songs. Dismayed by the paltry sum, they say “give me two years and your dinner will be free.” It showcases their lack of reliable income and the struggle songwriters face on a daily basis. 

Will you be watching the livestream? Let us know down below!


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10 months ago

This was soooooooooo good ????????????????????

10 months ago

Bravo! Looking forward to it!