Picture: Sarah Louise Bennett (EBU)

On her eleventh birthday, Iru won Junior Eurovision in Yerevan as part of the girl group Candy. And now, she’s on her way to Liverpool to represent her home country with the mesmerising song “Echo”. 

In between rehearsals, Iru hopped over to LUSH Liverpool Lounge to talk about her Eurovision 2023 journey so far, the Georgian tradition of music and her friendship with top producer Giga.

Discussing her journey to Eurovision starting with her Junior Eurovision experiences to being able to perform at the big contest, Iru wants to make the 10-year-old that was first chosen to sing at the Junior contest proud. 

The experiences of winning the children’s song contest definitely helped her to work in a team and being under the attention of the media, although as she mentioned, things like pre-parties do not exist in the JESC world. 

Georgia’s Iru “Echo” — Interview after Eurovision 2023 first rehearsal

Describing “Echo” as a song about love, Iru explained the concept behind the staging Georgia is bringing to Liverpool. 

She said:  “The white outfits are meant to be like before you feel the love. And then psychotic moments come, like when I pull faces and stuff. Then just like red, red dresses and everything.”

William summed up: “Passion, fire, love…”

Iru added: “Sass too!”

On what she wanted the viewers of Semi-Final 2 to feel, Iru was quite thought through. She answered:

“I want everybody to remember this power, you know. And the message that I’m giving them is like: don’t give up on love, because everybody deserved to be loved and everybody deserves to feel the love.”

Georgia at Eurovision 2023: Iru “Echo” first rehearsal

Do you think that Iru will break Georgia’s non-qualification spell? Have you been mesmerised by “Echo”? Let us know in the comments down below!

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6 months ago

Only love survives!

*And great achievements, contributions to knowledge, infamy and devastations.

6 months ago

I feel I’m progressed too!