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Glam-rockers Lord of the Lost have arrived in Liverpool. On Saturday, they’ll take to the Eurovision Song Contest stage to represent Germany in the grand final.

After their rehearsals in the M&S Bank Arena, the “Blood & Glitter” hitmakers stopped by the LUSH Liverpool Lounge to chat about their Eurovision journey. They’re feeling the love in Liverpool as fans flock to the city to celebrate the world’s biggest song contest. 

Germany’s Lord of the Lost “Blood & Glitter” — Interview after Eurovision rehearsal

Lord of the Lost — that’s Chris, Class, Gared, Pi, and Niklas — are loving their time in Liverpool. The band are amazed by how the city has embraced Eurovision, and how fans have welcomed them to the city.

Gared said: “It feels genuine, that’s the most important thing. It doesn’t feel superficial or artificial. We feel genuine emotions towards everyone who is here as a guest”. 

Niklas added: “And wherever you walk in this city, Eurovision is all over”. 

The “Blood & Glitter” rockers are taking Eurovision as an opportunity to embrace other artists from all over the world. The competition is real — but so is the power of music. 

Pi said: “You have the competitive factor in there, but as we already said the spirit of unity is very very strong. There might be a winner, but there is no loser. It’s really cool”. 

The band’s strong brotherly connection comes from honesty and communication. 

Gared said: “Whenever there is a problem arising even slightly we nip it in the bud. We communicate, we address a problem, and everything vanishes rather quickly”.

Chris added: “We are not afraid fo telling each other our weaknesses. When someone says I have a mental problem, I need help I can’t do this right now […], if you speak that out openly than its only a matter of trust”.

Germany’s first rehearsal at Eurovision 2023: Lord of the Lost with “Blood & Glitter”

What do you think of “Blood & Glitter”? How will Lord of the Lost perform in the Eurovision final? Let us know in the comments below. 

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11 months ago

I’m getting Sam Ryder vibes from the enthusiasm from these guys. Wish them mega success.

11 months ago

Awesome guys putting on an awesome performance. The song is just not for me but, Germany can be incredibly happy and proud of the act that they have representing them this year. Huge step in the right direction for them.

Elendil Lehtinen
Elendil Lehtinen
11 months ago

My winners of Eurovision 2023!???? The article shows once again how lovely human beings they are – but the new rehearsal clip shows every Eurovision fan, that Lord of the Lost always DELIVER a breathtaking performance!? Definitely gonna smash the televote!!!