Eurovision 2023 may have come to a conclusion, but the music will always continue. A number of Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 20 part 2

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller halves. You can find part 1 here.

Eleni Foureira & Mc Daddy – “Oh Mami”

A summer anthem comes from Eleni Foureira, who represented Cyprus at Eurovision 2018 with “Fuego”. Her new song, “Oh Mami”, features Mc Daddy and it has everything: traditional influences, a Latino sound, rap… It’s the perfect recipe for a summer anthem and we can define this song in just one sentence: “yeah, yeah, fire”. The lyrics speak about a summer romance: “I saw you once, I want you again/ Twice and it’s still not enough/ Let’s go to an island, just me and you/ I want to drink and be a mess.” Meanwhile, Eleni is preparing to be back on stage with her new tour, Reborn Tour, that will start on Saturday 27 May.

Fabrizio Moro – La mia voce vol. 2

Fabrizio represented Italy together with Ermal Meta in 2018. The first part of his EP, La Mie Voce (My Voice), appeared in 2022. This year it was about time for Fabrizio to drop the second volume. The EP contains 6 songs, all of them in Italian. You will find powerful ballads such as “Tutta la voglia di vivere” (All the will to live), “Il Sole” (The Sun), “Tutte le parole” (All the words) but also pop songs such as “Senza di te” (Without you) and “Dove” (Where). Get ready to rediscover the beauty of Italian music. The lyrics of each and every song have a high level of poetry, just as we are used to from Fabrizio. Love, pain, life with its up and downs, all of them are topics you will find in this EP.

Blas (Spain, 2020 and 2021) joins hands with the musical project MANTRA, a Spanish music trio. Their new song is joyful, perfect for dancing and energetic. The title is “El Proceso” (The Process). Even if the sound is joyful, the song speaks about a serious topic: the process of healing after a breakup: “They say that/ Time heals everything little by little/ But you’ve been gone for months/ And here I am still broken/ One day we will forget each other.” Healing takes time sometimes, but this song is coming as a band-aid to every broken heart. 

Bilal Hassani – “Iconic”

Are you ready for something iconic from France? Eurovision 2019 star Bilal Hassani has dropped a pop dance track with strong influences from the late ’90s and early ’00s. The title is “Iconic” and the lyrics speak about love, confidence and being yourself: “Am I iconic?/ When you look in my eyes/ I really wanna know if you think that I’m iconic/ When I’m dimming them lights/ Tell me, do you still find me iconic?/ I need you to feed me with your love.” The answer is yes, we do find Bilal iconic. This song is gonna be your new addiction and your new confidence booster. 

Waylon – “Nog 1 nacht”

Waylon is already a well-known Dutch star. He represented his country twice, as part of The Common Linnets in 2014 (together with Ilse DeLange) and he returned as a solo artist in 2018. His new song is a ballad in Dutch that will inevitably touch your heart. The title, “Nog 1 nacht”, means “Just one night”. It’s a love song that speaks about finding the right person, the person who will cure all the pain and about how you can’t get enough of this person: “Hold on to me one more time/ Because I can’t get rid of you/ Let me be with you for a while/ As long as you’re here I’ll bear the pain.”

Dami Im feat. Jude York – “In Between”

Australian queen Dami Im proudly represented her country in 2016. She is back with a wonderful ballad that speaks about the path each person has in life. The ballad features Jude York and it was dropped together with an official lyric video. Even if it’s just a lyric video, we have to admire Dami’s stunning retro look! This song is a reflection about life and flicking between two different worlds — like how Dami is both Australian and Korean. It has an interesting story behind it, with Dami confessing that: “I wrote this song after a walk through the local cemetery”The lyrics tell a poignant story: “Born in 1926/ Found somebody and had three kids/ Blood, sweat and tears, and affairs/ And each night finished with a prayer/ Funny, it ends just like it all starts.” 

Ochman – “Rozmyty Obraz”

We hope that you like cartoons, because this is the style of the new music video released by Ochman (Poland, 2022). His new song is called “Rozmyty Obraz” (Blurred Image). The music video is animated, but the topic is very deep and serious. The song speaks about the monsters and the wars that we have within us, in our minds. The music video reflects how one person’s mind can be very tricky. The lyrics speak about the urge to stop all the thoughts that you can’t control, all the blurred and uncertain images: “I’m gluing all my thoughts together again/ In a fleeting frame/ I can feel time slipping through my fingers.” The song and the music video show once again how important mental health is. 

Jeroen van der Boom – “Todo Es La Musica”

Do we really have a Latin song in Dutch this week? Yes, we certainly do and it sounds so good! Jeroen represented the Netherlands as part of the group De Toppers in 2009. His new song, “Todo Es La Musica” (Everything is Music) mixes Spanish and Dutch and creates an incredible fusion. The track is full of light and energy and its message is explained by Jeroen himself: “The message? Celebrate this summer with each other, it doesn’t matter with whom”.

AWS – “Ketten képzeletben”

And here comes a song from a Hungarian metalcore band that we love, AWS (Hungary, 2018). If metal music is what you’re longing for, this song is exactly what you need. Indeed, the song is in Hungarian. “Ketten Képzeletben” means “Two of us in imagination”. The song comes as a dialog with an inner self, with an alter ego, a voice within: “But if it doesn’t pierce my heart/ Why would it exist here?/ If he doesn’t whisper anything in my ear/ Why should I let it blind me?”

Moran Mazor – “כולי אהבה”

Moran (Israel, 2013) takes a retrospective look over her life in the music video of her new song. Get ready for a pop ballad with strong Israeli influences. The song is in Hebrew. Its title, “כולי אהבה” means “I’m all love”. The music video shows Moran watching a series of videos from different periods of her life, from childhood since maturity. And yes, there is some footage from Eurovision too. The story of her life, related by this video, will simply warm up your heart and will make you crack a smile. The song speaks about the journey of life, about loving each step in the process of becoming your own true self. Moran looks back, being proud of everything that she overcame, feeling grateful and full of love: “I am all love/nThat’s all I have.” Moran made an Instagram post about her new song where she stated: 

“Ever since I can remember I wanted to love and be loved! I wanted to sing and hear applause, I wanted to make people happy and bring hearts together. I am 32 years old today, and there is no perfect time to look back and say thank you. Look forward and embrace what is to come. Make room for ‘full of love’.”

Vincent Bueno feat. Tony Bueno – “Kai Ray”

Incredible groovy vibes are coming from Vincent Bueno, who competed in Eurovision for Austria in 2021. The song is a special and personal one. First of all, it is a duet with his father, Tony Bueno. Secondly, the song is dedicated to Vincent Bueno’s son, Kai Ray (this also explains the title of the song). This song connects Vincent with two very important people in his life, so when he released this song, it came along with a special message for both, his father and his son, highlighting the family love and fatherhood: 

“Thank you Papa for teaching me how to play the guitar at the age of twelve. My dad just turned 74 a few weeks ago and as time is really fleeting so fast, it was important for me to capture time to tell Kai in the future how much love he’s surrounded with. Being a father myself it’s so important to be there and to be present. No father and no parent in this world is perfect, but my parents were there and that’s what I wanna pass on to my kids. No matter what identity the world throws at them this song should be a sweet reminder of what I feel and believe about him. love you Son, yours Opa Tony and Daddy.”

Omar Naber – “Posebn model”

Get ready to enjoy some rock ‘n’ roll at its finest. Omar Naber represented Slovenia in 2017. His new song will make you dance for sure. The title “Posebn model” means “Special Model”. About the music video, we can say that “we are all mad here” it a perfect quote to define it! You will love this madness. “I am a special model/ For a special armchair/ A truly special case/ Even the therapist understood/ That he won’t understand me.” It’s crazy, it’s party. 

Lidia Kopania & AGE CONNECT – “Power of Devotion”

Lidia Kopania represented Poland at Eurovision back in 2009. She’s part of the re-worked version of “Power of Devotion”, released by AGE CONNECT. The lyrics are easy to sing along to and they speak about love and devotion, or more precisely about being disappointed in love: “I was a fool of obsession/ I was running blind behind you/ Oh I was full of obsession/ Oh tell me what to do.” Get ready to dance! 

Feminnem – “Tri Slatke Riječi Te”

Feminnem is a girl trio who took part in Eurovision twice — 2005 and 2010. Their new song is energetic and powerful, a total BOP. The title is “Three Sweet Words from You”. The song was released together with an aesthetic lyrics video. In the lyrics, the girls state out loud: “I don’t need you/ I’m just letting you know.” This will be your new girls power anthem. Feminnem will be performing “Tri Slatke Riječi Te” at CMC Festival in Croatia.

For sure you remember Tinkara for her magical flute. She represented Slovenia in 2014 and she is back to enchant us even more with her flute. She features on the new song by Mojca Štoka (also known by Moya). Tinkara does both: she sings vocally and she also plays flute in this new track. The song is a powerful ballad and its title means “Light at the End”. The music video is a visual game of lights and shadows, a reminder that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. The lyrics are powerful too, they speak about not giving up even when you might think that there’s no light in front of you: “If It breaks you but doesn’t kill you/ Don’t surrender, love yourself/ You are not alone in this, everything will be ok/ The sun always shines after the rain/ Don’t surrender, love yourself/ You are not alone in this, everything will be ok.”

ByeAlex represented Hungary at Eurovision back in 2013. The visuals of his new lyrics video are for sure celestial, containing some incredible ‘out of this planet’ illustrations. The title of this track can be translated as “I wonder (How will I die)” and the song is a meditation about life and afterlife. About this ballad, ByeAlex stated: 

“I thought a lot about whether to publish this song on its own, because it’s certainly not fun, not trendy, and not the kind that people like to listen to in everyday life. But it has always been characteristic of me from the beginning that I sometimes like to reach for deeper stories in my music, because I think that there are topics that are difficult to talk about otherwise, but they are still there in our guts every day.”

Andrew Dum feat. Ester Peony – “Take a Right”

This week is all about illustrations and cartoons. Another cartoon music video comes from Ester Peony, who represented Romania in 2019. Her new pop ballad was released as a collaboration with DJ Andrew Dum and, of course, it has some electronic elements. The music video is meaningful and animated, which makes it very enjoyable. The song speaks about taking life in your own hands in order to make it right: “I belong to my scars and I won’t hide/ Been walking the same road, but now its time to take a right.” 

Smoke Mardeljano feat. Who See – “Ovaj krug”

And this week ends with a hip hop rap song. Who See is a hip hop due who represented Montenegro in 2012 together with Nina Žižić. Their new song is perfect for rap lovers and it’s a collaboration with Smoke Mardeljano. The title, “Ovaj krug”, means “This Circle”. Get ready to feel their energy!

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Lidia Kopania would be top5 at ESC with this song

1 year ago

One level removed from Eurovision, of course, but it’s nice that Cherine finally has a song other than the two Eurosong songs up on Spotify:

1 year ago
Reply to  Zanoni

Well, I had one good day of bopping along to it before finding out that the lyrics are pretty cringey.

1 year ago

I miss here one of the 3 songs that Chanel has.