Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 22

ALIKA – “Too Much”

ALIKA slayed with her performance for Estonia at this year’s Eurovision in Liverpool. Her new song is an acoustic pop song, a totally different genre from what you’ve seen on the Eurovision stage but you will love it! She worked on both the lyrics and the composition. It’s a song about confidence, about not giving up on yourself. The lyrics speak about working hard for your dreams: “I work too hard for you to call it luck/ I guess I’m a bit too much.” In an Instagram post announcing the release of her new song, ALIKA speaks about not listening to the ones that try to drag you down:

“Never let anyone to stop you from getting what you want! Dream big! Life is colourful and every one of you is a whole universe!”

Cleo – “Karminowe Usta”

Our favourite Slavic Girl who represented Poland in Eurovision 2014 is back. Her new song is an incredible dance track that brings back the traditional Polish music mixed with a modern dance sound. The result is simply addictive and very authentic. Cleo said that for this song she was inspired by folk music from different countries: Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. The title of this song could be translated as “Crimson Lips”. The music video is inspired by a traditional Slavic holiday, Kupala Night, celebrated at the summer solstice. Some traditions of this holiday include herb collecting, bonfire lighting, and bathing in the river. The lyrics speak about the burning desire of love: “Crimson lips/ Eyes like beads/ A white wreath on her head/ Ruddy cheeks/ Two bodies tangled/ If only the moment lasted longer.”

Sakis Rouvas – “Ta Kaka Pedia”

Are you ready for a Greek song perfect for summer? Sakis represented Greece in Eurovision with “Shake It” back in 2004 and since then nothing changes: you will shake your body to this song too! The song has strong traditional Greek influences, it sounds like a perfect radio song that will make you think about the sea, holidays and summer nights. The title means “The Bad Boys”. The music video presents a love story in a nightclub. The lyrics speak about a love that implies a lot of schemes, mind games and pride. The girl he wants to seduce is interested in bad boys: “You want the bad guys, and you want them/ To have psychological and obsessive obsessions/ To break hearts and to burn them.” 

Ben Cristovao & YG Moris – “365”

Ben Cristovao was selected to represent Czech Republic in 2020 when Eurovision was cancelled but he proudly returned to represent his country in 2021. His new song is a collaboration with YG Moris and it’s a powerful rap song. The music video mixes scenes from the studio with moments from behind the scenes. The final result is very cool. The music and the lyrics belong to Ben and YG Moris. The song speaks about confidently going on 365 days a year: “Hypocrite judge me, my rap can’t stop (Yah)/ 365 days I ride hard (Yah)”.

Bilal Hassani – Théorème (Iconic Edition)

We have to mention that June is Pride Month! Bilal’s (France, 2019) new album comes as a perfect soundtrack. Bilal first released Théorème in 2022, but now he’s returned with a deluxe version. This dance album is indeed gorgeous and iconic and it contains 15 songs in French and English. The new songs that appeared on this edition are: “Gorgeous”, “Iconic”, “Darkside”, “New Dimension” and “Sleep Tight”. This album is the confidence boost that you need. Together with this album, Bilal released the music video of “New Dimension”. Bilal looks absolutely fabulous and the lyrics speak about being your true self and celebrating yourself: “Tonight, can’t give them the rights/ To forbid us from uniting/ In the new dimension/ New fire, creating the spark/ That I’ll light it up so we can feel it/ Burning inside.” Bilal explained how important this album is: 

“‘Théorème’ tells about life after trauma. These songs tell what happens when you no longer recognise yourself in the mirror, when you have to learn to love yourself again, start all over again to rebuild yourself. With this album, I succeeded, my insecurities gradually disappeared to allow the dream, the passion, the desire to be.”

Soraya – “La Botella”

Soraya waved the Spanish flag at Eurovision in 2009 and now she is here to bring the fiesta! Listening to this week’s songs you really feel that summer has come. This one is a Latin dance song, absolutely perfect for summer vibes. The title, “La Botella”, means “The Bottle”. The music video is colourful, energetic and it will take you to Soraya’s fiesta! Are you ready to drink, dance and spin la botella? The lyrics are about the famous party game, spin the bottle, and about love: “I propose that we spin the bottle/ To steal another kiss.” Indeed, it smells like summer. 

Blas Cantó – El Príncipe

We remain in Spain with Blas’ new album. He was selected to represent Spain at Eurovision in 2020 and 2021. The English title of his new album is Prince. The album contains 12 songs in Spanish. You will find here some very deep and personal songs, such as “La Cura” (The Cure), “El Príncipe” (Prince) and “Tempo” (Time). Other songs will make you dance, as for example “Animal Destino” (Animal Destiny), “El bueno acaba mal” (Good ends bad ) or “Marte” (Mars). The album includes a collaboration with Carmen DeLeon called “Las cosas claras”(Things Clear). Blas released a music video for “Animal Destino” too and it contains footage from his childhood. The music video is adorable, yet nostalgic, and it creates bridges between the past and the present. 

TIX & Beathoven – “LOVE</3”

TIX has released numerous bangers recently, and this one must be on your summer playlist. He was Norway’s Falling Angel, representing his country at Eurovision in 2021. His new song is an addictive pop dance song, a collaboration with the Norwegian masked trio Beathoven. The lyrics speak about falling out of love after being profoundly disappointed by an infidel lover: “Gotta stop looking for love, love(…)/ It’s too late for the two of us, but you know that/ You chat way too much love, what’s the point?(…)/ You can find someone else/Falling for a b**** was not the plan.”

Tamta – “Identity Crisis”

Tamta represented Cyprus at Eurovision back in 2019. One thing is for sure, you will want to keep her new song on replay. Get ready for a futuristic dark sound that she brings with her new track. The music video is very complex, you will feel locked with Tamta in her dystopic universe. Once again, it looks futuristic, post-apocalyptic and very aesthetic. Tamta looks like a manga heroine. The lyrics are very deep, they criticise the urge to change our true selves for others: “Paint me whatever colour you want/ Cut me whatever shape you want”. The lyrics also discuss about the extremes that some people take to achieve fame: “Dress me up like a plastic doll/ Look at me making an impact/ We live a materialistic life/ We don’t care about anything but fame/ Just the reputation.”

“Identity Crisis” is the title track of Tamta’s new album, which also dropped this week.

Salvador Sobral – “pedra quente”

Salvador is the Portuguese legend who won Eurovision in 2017. His new song brings good vibes, happiness, and it’s one of the songs that are absolutely perfect for summer. You might know that Salvador is well-known for his alternative, soul and jazz tracks. He keeps his style and authenticity and his new track will steal a smile from you for sure. The title means  “Hot Stone”. The music video is very funny, caricaturing a TV night show and the motto of this music video is…well, “Show must go on”.  The lyrics are very poetical and metaphorical, speaking about the journey of life with its challenges, about the necessity to keep on going: ” Feet firmly planted/ On the hot stone/ Burnt plant/ Footprint on the road(…)/ Ground and charcoal/ Water with lemon/ We are tired/ But nobody says no.” Jump into the retro funny vibes that Salvador brings with his new song. 

Athena – “Dam Üstüne Çul Serer”

Get ready for a musical journey in Turkey. Athena participated at Eurovision in 2004. Their new song is a dose of culture and tradition packed in a track, as their new song is a traditional one. It’s a traditional track that will make you move and dance, having a variety of Turkish instruments. Get ready for a magical cultural and musical journey. 

Alicja, MENT & Marvin Brooks – “Loner”

Alicja was selected to represent Poland at Eurovision in 2020, when the contest was cancelled because of the global pandemic. Ever since, she keeps on releasing new tracks and we hope that one day we will see her on the Eurovision big stage. Her new song is a collaboration with MENT and Marvin Brooks. It’s a dance song with electronic influences and many retro vibes. Alicja’s voice is flawless. The song speaks about feeling lonely: “Truth is I’m such a loner loner”. 

Michael Ben David – “רעש”

Retro vibes are coming from Israel too, with Michael Ben David’s new song. Michael proudly waved Israel’s flag last year, in 2022. His new song brings 100% retro vibes, it feels like a journey in the 80s, with groovy and disco influences. The title of his new track is “Noise” and the lyrics are in Hebrew. The lyrics speak about enjoying life, about falling in love and celebrating it: “Give… Sometimes I feel like I’m freaking out/ At the end of the month I don’t have any money/ So if there is no tomorrow/ So let’s go out late because it will all be over soon/ Night… let us touch/ Another look and another word/ Disappeared with a bang/ Again in the night, don’t want to know/ Dreams without a beginning/ Lost in the noise.”

Albina – “Gra Sve Zna”

Are you ready to dance to Albina’s new song? She represented her country, Croatia, in 2021. Her new song is a dance-electronic track and the music video that comes together with this song looks amazing, as the mixture of darkness and lights highlight Albina’s presence so well. The English translation of the title is “The Town Knows Everything”, so get ready for some feminine energy. The lyrics speak about walking out of a toxic relationship, knowing all the wrongdoings that the other person did: “I know I’ll be better off without us/ So don’t look for me when you’re weak/ You know how to give up, I know that best/ Come on, be a bastard like then/ And while I was killing myself, I was hiding your wrongdoings/ Always shining for everyone else.” 

Tanel Padar – “Mustad purjed”

It’s time to have a rock song in this week’s setlist! And Tanel’s song is the perfect pick. He represented his country, Estonia, at the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2001, together with Dave Benton and 2XL. If you are into rock music, this is the song for you. The song is called “Black Sails”. Rock on!!!

Arvingarna – “Sommar i Göteborg”

Arvingarna (Sweden, 1993) are a “dansband” — this term popular in Sweden, Norway and Denmark refers to bands that most of the time create music that can be danced in pairs, mostly with influences from swing, foxtrot, country, rock ‘n’ roll or schlager (European popular music with a catchy instrumental mixed with pop vocals). Their new track, “Summer in Gothenburg” belongs to schlager genre. Gothenburg is a well-known Swedish city (and the second largest one after Stockholm) which is celebrating its 400th anniversary this year and the song is a tribute to this city, created for a festival to honour the city. 

Marius Bear & Andryy – “Mond”

Marius was the representative of Switzerland last year, in 2022. His new dance song is a collaboration with Andryy, a fellow artist from Switzerland. Their new track is called “Moon”. The song speaks about nostalgia, about feeling alone and sad while looking at the moon to find an answer. It could be a metaphor of finding the light in the darkness of the night: “Apparently he’s looking for happiness when he’s in a rush/ Apparently he’s looking for it in the empty glass/ But his eyes say that he lies to me/ You’re just as lost as I am(…)/ So look for the moon/ You are looking for the moon.” Get ready to throw yourself to summer with this new dance track. 

Jacques Houdek, Pero Galić, Stanko Šarić & RockokoMajka – “Majka Šumanovačka”

Jacques waved the Croatian flag at Eurovision Song Contest 2017. His new song is a ballad in collaboration with fellow artists Pero Galić, Stanko Šarić & RockokoMajka. The song is a ballad with a religious message, a prayer to the Holy Mother. The music video allows us to have a look at the beauty of Croatia, showing some scenes from Gunja village. The music video is recorded at the Church Gospa Šumanovačka. 

Ester Peony & Rasster – “Bye Bye”

Ester Peony (Romania, 2019) joins hands with Rasster to release her new track in French. Her new song is a house track, being a perfect sound for a club or a festival. Ester’s melodic journey is very experimental recently, playing with numerous genres and mastering all of them.

Sofi Marinova – “Мистър Идеален”

Sofi Marinova represented Bulgaria at Eurovision 2012. Her new track is inspired by folk music with strong oriental influences, containing even an instrumental break. Her song is called “Mister Ideal”, She becomes a princess that sings about love and about her Mr. Perfect, a man she would never want to break-up with: “An Arabian fairy tale and I’m a princess in it…(…)/ You’re just crazy/ How to break up with/ Mr. Perfect?” Are you mesmerised by Sofi’s Arabian fairytale? 

Rebeka Dremelj – “Živim za vsak dan”

Are you ready to discover the beauty of Slovenian music? Rebeka represented her country at Eurovision back in 2008. Her new song is very uplifting and it has a beautiful music video, which was filmed in Sicily. The song title is “I live for every day” and you will love the optimism of this track. The lyrics encourage everyone to live in the present, not in the past, and to enjoy the beauty in the simple things, the beauty of life: “I don’t live for yesterday, I live for today/ I live for each day/ I live for each day/ Because every day is beautiful,/ I have the world in the palm of my hand/ I live for each day.”

Chris Harms / Lord of the Lost – “United” (with Status Of The Dark) and “Queen of the Dammed” (with Arogya)

A very interesting double release comes from Chris Harms, from Lord of the Lost. They represented Germany this year and despite any result, they won our hearts. Both songs have something in common, they bring a dose of authentic rock music, so if you are into rock music you will be head over hills with these two songs. And both songs are collaborations. 

The first song, “United” has a very interesting story. The song is a featuring with the band Status Of The Dark. According to their YouTube description, after a difficult period for musicians due the pandemic, in August 2021, Chris Harms posted a MY VOICE ON YOUR SONG competition on his official Facebook page. From hundreds of international artists and groups, Status of The Dark’s song was personally chosen by Chris Harms. The band was selected from a short-list and enjoyed the collaboration and opportunity. The song is an ode to friendship, to those friends who are always there in the dark times: “They’re always with you/ They always push through/ Friends stand together/ And they never let you fall/ Friendship is priceless/ We are united.” 

The second song, “Queen of the Dammed”, is a collaboration with the Indian synth-rock act AROGYA. The song is a mixture of genres — heavy metal, pop and dark synth — and its lyrics speak about seduction, loneliness and forbidden love. The song is inspired by the book and the movie with the same title. The book is a horror one, published by the American author Anne Rice in 1988. From the description of this song we are told that:

“The vampire queen represents pure seduction, the allure of beauty, wrapped in sin and darkness, the ultimate power of making a person surrender to one’s own dark impulses.”

Koit Toome – “Sellest saab meie suvi 2023”

A perfect acoustic summer song comes from Estonia and two-time Eurovision star Koit Toome. His new song is the perfect soundtrack if you want to get some summer mood. It has some reggae influences too. The title is “This will be our summer”. The song is a brand-new recording of a very well-known track that belongs to the Estonian band Code One. The song originally appeared in 1996. The lyrics are a celebration of the summer season: “It will be our summer, a hot and glorious day/ This is going to be our summer, trust me, you’ll see soon/ This will be our summer, the caressing voice of the waves/ The endless day that holds the heat of all summers.”

Jurgis DID – “Witchy Ways”

Jurgis DID represented Lithuania in 2010 as part of InCulto. This track is calming and peaceful, yet mystical. The result is absolutely magical, speaking about a girl he’s in love with: “Girl you know I love your witchy ways.” The girl he’s in love with puts a spell on him, she’s mystical and magical. A perfect track to cool off after all these energetic picks of this week and the perfect song for summer witchy rituals.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Albina’s song is called “The Town knows everything”, not “The Woman knows everything” 🙂