Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 25 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller halves. You can find part 2 here.

Sudden Lights are back to rock you after proudly representing their country, Latvia, in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. Their new track, “We Continue,” maintains their reputation for delivering quality alternative rock music. The accompanying music video features incredible visuals, incorporating a captivating game of lights, shadows, slow-motion shots, smoke, and cracked mirrors that create a dark yet incredibly cool effect. The lyrics are about choosing a musical path in life and embracing the journey of a musical career, with all its highs and lows. The song encourages people to persevere and raise their voices, despite the challenges they may face: “Could’ve studied to be a lawyer/ But God told me to write songs/ Maybe i will be able to defend myself with them (…)/ We continue to go/ Time to raise our voices.” 

Flo Rida – “Do Si Do”

The legendary American rapper, Flo Rida, has recently released a summer anthem that combines elements of rap, country, and electronic music into an incredibly catchy fusion. Flo Rida made an appearance in Eurovision 2021, collaborating with Senhit and representing San Marino. Together with his new song came a lyric video that reminds us of the popular game Just Dance. The song itself serves as an uplifting invitation to dance and have fun, with lyrics like, “Grab your partner do si do/ Come dance like you on video”, exactly the vibe that we all need for summer. This vibrant vibe is precisely what we all need for the summer season.

Kalush Orchestra – “In the fire”

The heart of Ukraine beats to the rhythm of Kalush Orchestra’s music. Following their victory in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, Kalush Orchestra continues to showcase the beauty of Ukrainian culture through their music. Their lyrics have become increasingly open and personal, addressing the struggles faced by their country since the onset of the war. Their music fearlessly portrays the realities experienced by the Ukrainian people and serves as an uplifting reminder to never give up. Their new song is in English, as the orchestra tries to expand their music internationally but still, Kalush Orchestra has also included Ukrainian lyrics and incorporated a variety of traditional Ukrainian instruments into the sound. The lyrics are deeply emotional, touching on themes of loss, fear, and the longing for connection with loved ones: “Young and old, we lost our home, in the fire, fire, Mama, pick up your phone.” When discussing this song, Kalush Orchestra expressed:

“We are pleased to present you our third English-language track «In the fire». It symbolizes human resilience and indestructibility, because no matter what happens, no matter what difficulties fate throws at us, we can definitely overcome everything, any evil can be overcome with our own efforts, strong faith and inspiration.”

Sertab Erener – “Brahms Lullaby”

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 has made a comeback. She proudly represented Turkey in the contest, and now, as we long for her country’s participation once again, we are always thrilled to have songs from Turkey in our playlists. Her latest track is gentle and tranquil, more precisely, it’s a lullaby. Sertab’s warm voice perfectly embraces the song, creating a serene atmosphere. The track serves as a commercial for Bepanthol Baby and the instrumental of the song is the famous lullaby composed by Brahms. The music video is animated and incredibly pleasant to watch. Sertab’s new track contains all the elements required for a perfect lullaby for children.

Demy, JiMBo & Chris Karr – “Gia Sena”

Demy, who represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, has released an energetic Greek dance song. This track will transport you on a virtual plane, providing a taste of the Greek summer experience. It is a collaboration with JiMBo and the Greek DJ and electronic music producer Chris Karr, aspect that explains the electronic influences present in the song. Titled “For You,” the song will be accompanied by an upcoming music video. Demy described her new song as:

“This song is summer, it’s love, optimism, light. I hope it accompanies you in beautiful moments this summer.”

Andromache – “Paraponaki Mou”

Are you prepared for even more summer vibes? Andromache, the beautiful representative of Cyprus in 2022, has released a new song that offers strong traditional influences, resulting in an authentically vibrant summer anthem. The accompanying music video takes viewers on a delightful summer journey, centered around a love story as its main theme. The English translation of the title is “My Complaint.” The lyrics describe a man who frequently complains, but yet Andromache’s love for him remains unwavering: “You’re complaining again/ I don’t care/ But I want you, you know it madly/ I’m not leaving you, I’m not leaving you, I’m not leaving you…”

Ready to enjoy the finest retro vibes coming from Lithuania? Vaidas, who competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 as a duet with Monika Linkytė, joins forces with Gamka for his latest song. The track and its accompanying music video have both strong retro influences. This song is a remake, with the original version belonging to Virgilijaus Noreika and Lukas, released back in 1998. Titled “Time,” the song debates the topic of the generation gap, with lyrics like: “Time breaks the bond between generations,/ We are drawn into the parent-child war/ But I believe in the power of time/ I feel the spiral of history.”

wrs & Monoir – “Ocean Eyes”

A sensational summer hit has came from WRS, the beloved representative of Romania in 2022. His latest track showcases powerful electronic influences, as it features a collaboration with Romanian music producer Monoir. The music video is visually stunning, boasting breathtaking underwater shots and captivating ocean scenery. The song revolves around the theme of “sinking” into the eyes of a loved one. The Eurovision fans who enjoyed his Eurovision performance and his music career ever since will be delighted to find that the beloved Latino influences present in his music are still present in his new track too. This new track is an ideal addition to both radio playlists and club playlists, making it the perfect anthem for the summer season.

Brooke – “Overload”

We remain in the field  of electronic music, as Brooke brings us a new captivating song. She represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.  Brooke proves once again what an incredible musical talent she has with her latest release. The instrumental composition of the song is incredibly powerful, and Brooke’s soft voice harmonizes with it perfectly. In the lyrics, Brooke confesses her desire for more in her relationship, expressing, “Overload/ In the moment when you hold me, I want more. Overdose/ It’s so potent, your love’s got me on the floor.” This track is sure to ignite a party mood and get you moving to its irresistible beats.

Laura Põldvere – “Grande Finale”

Laura is a well-known figure in the Eurovision scene, having made her mark representing Estonia twice. Her first appearance was in 2005 as part of the girl group Suntribe, and later in 2017, she participated together with Koit Toome, as a duet. Her latest track has an amazing sound, with Estonian lyrics and it boasts a perfect summer rhythm that will get you ready to dance. While this song may not serve as a “grand finale” of a party, it’s safe to say that it captures the essence of any dance party, becoming a party starter. As always, Laura’s vocals are mesmerizing, showcasing her exceptional talent.

 Páll Óskar & Doctor Victor – “Galið Gott”

Speaking of parties and summer, Iceland sets the stage for a retro-inspired summer party with Páll’s latest track. Known as Paul Oscar, he proudly represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1997. His new song gives a disco vibe, skillfully blended with a modern electronic sound, resulting in a captivating and unique combination. Titled “Crazy God,” the track features a collaboration with DJ and music producer Doctor Victor.

Jan Johansen – “Stockholm”

Jan Johansen comes from Sweden and proudly represented his country in the European music contest back in 1995. His latest song revolves around the enchanting city of Stockholm. With a touch of nostalgia, the track will definitely make you fall in love with the Swedish capital, whether you have visited it before or not. If you have been to Stockholm, this song will transport you back to that experience. If you never been there, it may make you wonder whether it’s possible to feel nostalgic for a city you’ve never been to, as this is the effect created by this song. Might this song be the anthem of the next city who will host Eurovision Song Contest?

Magdolna represented Hungary in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. Hungary’s absence from the contest is deeply felt, making it more delightful to feature songs by Hungarian artists in our playlists. Magdolna’s new song is a deep ballad, a collaboration with Gergő Szakács. The music video is creatively filmed, featuring an upside-down perspective. It also presents a mental journey that takes place at the moment when you put your headphones and close your eyes. Titled “My Heart is Blue” in English, the lyrics emphasize the importance of valuing inner qualities and the importance of valuing the uniqueness of every person. The song also deates the theme of overcoming insecurities: “I always go where I have shelter/ Because the outside world is sometimes an unfaithful wife/ You may be fine with me/ Beauty is not the same for everyone.”

Mikolas Josef & Mark Neve – “Delilah”

The much-loved representative of the Czech Republic in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest has finally made a comeback. His new song is incredibly addictive, infused with captivating reggaetón vibes that will definetly get stuck in your head. The lyrics center around the struggle of moving on from a girl named Delilah: “Every morning/I wake up to your ghost (…)/ I’ve been lying to all of my friends saying I moved on/ But I know they all know I would lose it if you would call.”

While the song doesn’t have an official music video, it does feature a visualizer showcasing a burned-out heart, symbolizing the pain caused by Delilah. This song is an absolute smash and deserves a spot in every summer playlist. Mikolas shares the story of this song on his Instagram, expressing his desire to incorporate the sound of a South American instrument called cuatro. Despite facing numerous challenges and failed attempts of recording this instrument with numerous people, Mikolas never gave up. He took matters into his own hands, ordering the instrument from Amazon and teaching himself how to play it, resulting in the creation of this amazing track. The song is a collaboration with Mark Neve. 

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.
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11 months ago

Heartbreaking that Sudden Lights did not make the final. The 10 points from Croatia to Serbia did for them. I wanted both in final (and not Croatia).