Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2024 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 36

Teya & Salena – “Bye Bye Bye”

After teaching us all who Edgar Allan Poe is, Teya & Salena have now waved “Bye Bye Bye” to Eurovision 2023 and are continuing on with their careers. But the pair aren’t parting ways just yet and have released another joint single. The lyrical content is fitting for Teya & Salena’s current point in life post-Eurovision, as they sing about leaving something at a high moment and moving on to new things: “What a good vibe we had a good time / Yeah, feeling so right but now we say bye, bye, bye / We call it life so we do not cry / Even if you don’t like why now we say bye, bye, bye”. The two Austrian singers got dressed up for the accompanying music video — donning bumble bee and ladybird costumes for their performance at a children’s birthday party.

Duncan Laurence & Douwe Bob

The 2023 season of Dutch TV show Beste Zangers (Best Singers) features two Eurovision stars — 2019 champion Duncan Laurence and 2016 participant Douwe Bob. The programme sees the acts performing new covers of their fellow singers’ songs. Last week’s premiere episode was centred around Douwe, with Duncan performing a heartfelt rendition of “I Do” that moved Douwe to tears.

This weekend’s episode was focused around Mell, lead singer of Mell & Vintage Future. Douwe Bob performed a country version of “Break the Silence”, whilst Duncan Laurence put his twist on “Lovin’ arms”.

Cleo – “Pójdę z Tobą”

At Eurovision 2014, Cleo celebrated the spirit and beauty of the Slavic people. The Polish star’s music evolved away from this in subsequent years; but, she’s now returning to these roots for her latest song. “Pójdę z Tobą” (“I’ll Go With You”) taps into folk sounds for the musical accompaniment and the music video sees Cleo wearing a traditional costume. The lyrics tell a story of a fully-fledged love that still blooms after surviving the test of time: “I’ll go with you, no matter where / Be there every day / I will go there with you in the distance / Despite the wind and waves / As long as I have you next to me”.

Kalush Orchestra – “Вогонь горить”

Eurovision 2022 winners Kalush Orchestra are undertaking a mini-tour in December. Mini in terms of length — there will be only five dates across Europe. And mini in terms of group members — pink bucket hat-wearing lead rapper Oleh Psiuk won’t be in attendance. The rest of the Ukrainian group will be rocking the stage in Oleh’s absence. To tease the shows, the group shared the new song “Вогонь горить” (“The fire is burning”). It showcases the type of performance fans can expect, with an emphasis now on the folk aspect of their music. “The heart flies to the mountains / Where there are slopes and spaces / There is a fire burning in the chest”.

Sirusho – “Donik”

It’s been a long and patient wait for new music from Sirusho. But now the Armenian singer has decided it’s time to “bring at least some positivity and hope to people through my work”. It was well worth the wait. The Eurovision 2008 star has dropped “Donik”, a song filled with traditional Armenian flair and instruments. Although most of the song is sung in Sirusho’s native language, she has also included an English rap verse to retain a contemporary feel at the same time: “Go back to sleep, don’t touch that crown / From the mountains down to our lakes, we put the highlands into the waves / My roots run deep, I ain’t easy to break / My baby Donik, he be riding with me”.

Fyr Og Flamme – “Kærlighed og Krig”

Danish Eurovision 2021 stars Fyr Og Flamme are finishing up their summer tour this weekend and appropriately released a new single during the week: “Kærlighed og Krig” (“Love and War”). Staying true to their retro synth-pop sound, the duo gives us a song about the age-old conflict of being in a relationship with someone who might or might not be toxic for you. The lyrics describe the couples’ frustrations as they’ve been out together and can’t handle each other anymore, with the chorus saying (in literal translation): “We walk home by ourselves, each of us, different ways / We probably aren’t good for each other / We walk home by ourselves, really drunk and worn down / There are no rules in love or war”.

Eurovision fans in Denmark have wanted the pairing to make another entry for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Since this new song is almost exactly three minutes long and was released after 1 September, the speculations can begin of whether or not they are attempting a comeback. (Simon)

Basketball fever has spread across Latvia this week as the country got behind their team playing in the 2023 FIBA World Cup, ultimately finishing fifth. At the last minute, Citi Zēni decided to record a single in support of the team — the Eurovision 2022 band rewrote the vocals last Sunday, filmed a music video on Monday, and by Wednesday morning the song was out. “Cits Līmenis” (“Another Level”) is an energetic track with production that’s not too dissimilar from some K-Pop songs. The music video features cameo appearances from a number of Latvian stars, including Eurovision alumni Aminata and Aija Andrejeva, as well as wiwibloggs team member Edgars Bāliņš.

Salvador Sobral feat. Silvana Estrada – “de la mano de tu voz”

Salvador Sobral has many fans of his music. But we sometimes forget that musical artists are also fans themselves of other singers who they may find inspiration in. Portugal’s Eurovision 2017 champion is a particular fan of Spanish singer Sílvia Pérez Cruz, and has written his new single about the star. “de la mano de tu voz” (“from the hand of your voice”) is a piano-led track with a gentle build and features additional vocals from Mexican singer Silvana Estrada. The pair sing of how Sílvia’s voice and music has ignited an array of feelings in their souls: “From the hand of your voice / I have found my way / I have felt the passion and the pain / At the same time”. Writing about the song on Instagram, Sobral noted:

“Sílvia Pérez Cruz is, as I’ve had the chance to say it countless times, an inexhaustible source of inspiration to me – in music and in life. This song was made for her. When we finished, Leo Aldrey and I, it became weird for us to ask Silvia to sing with me a song about herself, so the idea of inviting someone who would share the same admiration for her came up. And so was born the invitation to Silvana, an artist that I value very much, her voice has that perfect link between tradition and transgression that makes her so deep, unique and special.”

Ruth Lorenzo & Tanxugueiras – “Reina”

Four Spanish queens unite for this next song. Ruth Lorenzo first released “Reina” (“Queen”) in April. The Eurovision 2014 star has now shared a new version that features Tanxugueiras — bronze medallists at Benidorm Fest 2022. The trio’s Galician folk adds a new twist to the song, blending with the rock-styling of the original and Lorenzo’s vocals: “I am a warrior, goddess of the moon and the sun / Partner, your heartbeat resonates in my voice / Wherever there is, there will always be the heat of a bonfire”.

Wende feat. S10 – “Sterrenlopen”

Dutch singer Wende has released her new album this week. The title track, “Sterrenlopen” (“Star walking”), features Eurovision 2022 star S10. The pair’s friendship is on full display in the lyric video, which includes several shots of the two singers together. This support they have for each other also features in the lyrics, with S10 and Wende asking the other to join them on a journey they don’t wish to traverse by themselves: “Are you coming? / Because I can’t / I do not want it / I’m not doing it alone / Let’s go then”. Musically, the song is one big crescendo. It keeps building throughout its four minutes as extra layers are added.

Darude, Oskr & Bianca – “Breathe”

We all sometimes need to take a moment to relax and simply “Breathe”. Eurovision 2019 DJ Darude is encouraging us to do that, albeit at the same time as we dance along to his new club-ready track. The Finnish star has brought two vocalists on board for the single — UMK 2021 participant Oskar, and Sydney-based singer Bianca. They remind us we’re not alone and we should live in the moment: “You can scream from the mountaintop / You can fall and I will pick you up, just breathe / When it all haunts you at night / I’m awake so you can rest your eyes and breathe”.

Lior Narkis – “פרחים ודמעות”

“Flowers and tears” are a duo that many will have experienced together — whether the occasion be celebratory or one of commiserations. This is also the central  theme of Lior Narkis’s latest single. “פרחים ודמעות” is a mid-tempo offering in which the Eurovision 2003 star combines strings with Mizrahi beats.

Aram Mp3 – “Araj-Araj Hayer”

Aram Mp3 is getting behind Armenia’s football team as they strive to qualify for the UEFA European Championships. To rally up support across the nation, the Eurovision 2014 act has shared “Araj-Araj Hayer” (“Forward Armenians”). Starting off with strings, the drums quickly take over to drive the song and players forward. There’s an easy sing-along chant that makes it a good choice for a sports anthem. 

Jala Brat & Buba Corelli – “Go Go”

Back in July, Bosnian rapper Jala Brat (ESC 2016) and Buba Corelli released the collaboration album Good Fellas. But they still had one more bonus track that didn’t make the cut. “Go Go” is a short song at only 90 seconds in length, but its quick pace means it manages to pack the lyrics in.

Johnny Manuel – “Molotov”

Johnny Manuel is purposefully setting his life ablaze with his new electronic-R&B track. Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2018 singer is throwing a “Molotov” cocktail in order to end the suffering he’s been dealing with up until this point; from here he plans to construct a new path from scratch: “Sometimes I lose my mind / Wasted, hollow / I just keep going off / I tossed the Molotov”. In an interview with GLAAD, Johnny spoke more about the message of the song:

“‘Molotov’ is about rebuilding after you’ve burned it all to ashes, however that looks and feels for you. It’s about building a new life, a new mode of thinking, a new career, a new business, a new relationship with yourself. It’s about ridding yourself of the negativity and rebuilding yourself anew. I had to burn down my past trauma, and the doubt and pain other people had created in me throughout the years. I had to burn down all my past resentments, frustrations and disappointments before I could start  constructing this new version of myself.”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

Additional reporting from Simon Falk

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8 months ago

Sirusho slayed as expected

8 months ago

teya & salena’s song is EXCELLENT

8 months ago

Teya and Salena saying goodbye is exactly how I expect them saying goodbye. And I’m here for it.

8 months ago

Would love to see Fyr og Flamme back at Eurovision!!!

Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina
8 months ago
Reply to  claude


Purple Mask
Purple Mask
8 months ago

The Salvador/Silvana collaboration is very special indeed. Bravo to them, and thank you for sharing the video on Wiwi.

8 months ago

fun fact, Mell Veerman (of Mell & Vintage Future) is the granddaughter of The Cats frontman Piet Veerman, very famous band from Volendam between 60’s and 80’s, who had hits like ”One Way Wind” and ”Vaya Con Dios”