The Eurovision 2024 season is beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 46 part 2

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller parts. You can find part 1 here.

MELOVIN – “Один Не Один”

MELOVIN, who represented Ukraine in Eurovision 2018, is gearing up to compete in Vidbir once again for a shot at representing his country in 2024. Meanwhile, let’s talk about his latest song, “One, Not Alone,” which brings the alternative rock vibes that fans love from him. The song poses a poignant question: “One/ Not alone/ Where is the difference if you can’t sleep?” Accompanied by a captivating live performance as music video, the new track is sure to enchant you. MELOVIN continues to showcase his distinctive voice while exploring a range of musical genres in his recent releases. 

Nadir Rustamli – “Bedel”

Nadir, who competed for Azerbaijan in 2022, is making waves with his new song, “Price,” the first single from his upcoming EP, SILUET. This powerful track serves as a metaphor for facing the consequences of past mistakes and the internal struggles we fight in our minds and souls. The lyrics say: “Today I drank too much again/ I have accumulated bad memories/ I’m saving myself from myself/ My wrong past, I’m calling you…” Accompanied by an emotional music video, Nadir’s unique voice leaves a lasting impression, delivering a modern and mysterious track that heightens expectations for his upcoming album.

Senhit – “I Am What I Am”

Senhit is back, boosting our confidence with her latest track. This perfect dance banger is a new version of Gloria Gaynor’s song, “I Am What I Am,” originally released in 1984. Senhit was chosen to represent San Marino at Eurovision in 2021. Her new song will get you moving and dancing, as she continues to captivate us with tracks that bring smiles to our faces. The iconic chorus, “I am what I am/ I don’t want praise/ I don’t want pity/ I bang my own drum/ Some think it’s noise/ I think it’s pretty,” takes the spotlight once again in Senhit’s fresh version.

Joci represented Hungary in Eurovision twice, first in 2017 and then making a return in 2019. His latest song, “I’m into you,” continues his signature style, blending traditional elements into the music. This upbeat track is a humorous love song, capturing the essence of being completely smitten with someone. The music video, showcasing Joci’s charismatic presence, takes us on a journey through a range of emotions and feelings caused by both love and… alcohol.

KOZAK SIROMAHA feat. KALUSH – “Сіромаха”

Brace yourself for a mind-blowing collaboration that brings together the vibes of the past and present. Oleh, aka KALUSH, won Eurovision in 2022 together with Kalush Orchestra. Now, he’s teaming up with Ukrainian singer Kozak Siromaha for their latest track, “Siromaha.” KALUSH adds a cool rap twist, bringing a traditional vibe into the present. Their goal? Spreading the love for Ukrainian traditions and paying a sweet homage to their homeland through music. 

Can Bonomo – “Araba”

Can Bonono continues the retro vibe, building on the bridge to the past we’ve started. He represented Turkey in Eurovision 2013, and his new song, “Car,” is here to bring some Turkish music into your playlist. The music video takes you on a road trip through different cities. The track is a deep ballad that describes the torturous silence between two individuals on a shared journey, realising they must part ways. The lyrics express this feeling: “Let me get off at the lights, leave me for the last time/ Let my eyes get used to the darkness/ I wish my song would be played at full volume on the radio/ This is the farewell that suits us.” Look forward to Can’s upcoming album, set to release in January 2024, where this song will be featured.

Lindita – Ain’t Ya Average

Lindita, Albania’s talented representative in Eurovision 2017, just released a confidence-boosting EP that’s sure to lift your spirits. The EP features five songs. “All I Want” is a fantastic club banger that speaks about sharing your music with the world and living your life to the fullest. “Battlefield of Love” offers a James Bond-themed ballad, delving into the complexities of love. The following tune is trying to answer to a question, “How Deep is Your Love?,” and is a catchy exploration of love. “Ain’t Ya Average” serves as the ultimate confidence booster, showcasing Lindita’s impressive rap skills. The track “Amdahala” is the only one to blend Albanian and English, infusing Albanian influences into the album.

Kaiti Garbi, Konstantinos Argiros & Fovios – “Hamena”

Kaiti Garbi proudly waved Greece’s flag in Eurovision 1993. Now she returns with her latest song, “Hamena” (Lost), a collaboration with Konstantinos Argiros and Fovios. This track is infused with retro Greek vibes, creating the perfect soundtrack for a leisurely stroll through the peaceful streets of Greece. The song has a magical quality that transports you on a captivating journey. The vocal chemistry between Kaiti Garbi and Konstantinos Argiros is a harmonious blend of two amazing voices.

Kasia Moś & Marek Dyjak – “Dziwna okolica”

A beautiful ballad comes out of Poland, from Kasia, who proudly represented her country in 2017. Titled “Strange Neighbourhood,” the song is a collaboration with Polish artist Marek Dyjak. The predominantly piano instrumental creates a captivating atmosphere. Kasia’s vocals are a perfect match for delivering this touching ballad, and they blend intriguingly with Marek’s voice. The official live performance, presented in black and white, adds to the song’s charm. The song was originally released on Marek’s Moje Fado album in 2011. The lyrics delve into themes of separation and heart-wrenching love stories in a strange neighbourhood: “Write to me because I am dying/ Because it’s such a strange neighbourhood/ Write to me, I’m waiting because I’m dying.”

Regarding the collaboration with Marek, Kasia mentioned: “Where words end, music begins, and where’s sensitivity and truth you will meet Marek.”

Timebelle – “Settle Up”

Timebelle, who represented Switzerland at Eurovision in 2017, are back with a new song featuring a catchy tune and a feminist message. The lyrics convey a powerful message about not needing to be perfect all the time: “Now you realise that is yourself what have lost/ Who you are?/ You don’t know who you are.” The song addresses the struggle of losing one’s identity while attempting to conform to society’s exaggerated standards. Miruna’s voice adds a whole new dimension to the song, as she pours all her emotions into the lyrics.

Tim Schou – “One Last Dance”

Tim, formerly part of the band A Friend In London, represented Denmark in 2011. His latest song features a joyful tune but tells the story of a last dance between two lovers who’ve realised they’re better off going their separate ways. The lyrics express the bittersweet sentiment of knowing it’s time to move on: “You know I love you/ I’ve tried everything/ From flowers, therapy, to diamond rings/ You make it hard for me/ But I can’t stay/ ‘Cause I know we’re better off this way/ So let’s have one last dance together.” This song completes Tim’s new EP, Ashes on the Shore.

Cirucs Mircus – “Up Is Down” & “Amerikis Kkma”

Circus Mircus, the Georgian progressive rock band that represented their country in Eurovision 2022, have made a double release. Their first song, “Up Is Down,” features a video game sound translated into a progressive alternative rock track. The lyrics explore the idea that everything in life is relative: “Your luck is up/ Your up is down, your up is down/ Your mind is down/ Your left is right/ Your left is right/ So we breathe, to succeed.”

The second track, “Amerikis Kkma” (Voice of America), is a deep rock ballad in Georgian that carries a significant dose of authenticity and nostalgia. Both songs are accompanied by videos set in a sporty environment.

Connect-R & Vlad Flueraru – “Nu Inseamna Nu”

Connect-R, who represented Moldova back in 2006 with Natalia and Arsenium, is back with a new rap song titled “No Means No,” featuring Vlad Flueraru. The song delivers a powerful message about the importance of learning to say “no,” particularly when it comes to people trying to take advantage of you, especially in financial matters. It serves as an encouragement to dedicate your time only to those who are genuine and truly deserving, emphasising the importance of putting yourself first. “No Means No” is an ideal choice for rap enthusiasts.

Imaani, Revival feat. GeO Gospel Choir – “Best Of My Love”

We end this week’s roundup with a burst of energy! Imaani, who represented the United Kingdom in 1998, is back with a new song featuring Revival and GeO Gospel Choir. The track is a remake of the famous “Best of My Love,” originally released by The Emotions in 1977. Recorded in London in collaboration with the iconic Abbey Road Studios — where legendary artists, including The Beatles, recorded their tracks — this song is sure to bring a fresh twist to a classic.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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