The Eurovision 2024 season is beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 47 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller parts. You can find part 2 here.

S10 – “Mis” & “Alsof Het Weer Gister”

“I’ve been searching a lot and I was a little unsure about music, but making these songs brought me so much happiness.” Eurovision 2022 singer S10 doesn’t just have one gift for us, but two.

The first of her new songs is “Mis”, a dark electro pop track with a minute-long instrumental outro. In the lyrics of the first half, the Dutch star sings “I think about it often / Do you miss the sea or your father? / You hit me / Hope to talk to you again someday / I still miss you.”

“Alsof Het Weer Gister” (“Like It Were Yesterday”) still has some electronic elements, but it also incorporates more percussion into the mix as well. Here, S10 discusses her frustration at being alone and not finding a way to push forward in life: “You know, it saddens me a lot / That everything is slipping from my hands / Like it were yesterday again, oh-oh-oh / I thought I had seen the light / It seemed like it was tomorrow / It starts again and again.”

Sakis Rouvas & 3SUM – “Thema”

Sakis Rouvas is one of Greece’s most established acts, with a career spanning over three decades and two appearances at Eurovision. Meanwhile, 3SUM are the new girls on the block, debuting earlier this year. And now, they’ve all come together for the new single “Thema”. It’s a pulsing dance-pop track that certainly feels club ready right from the opening beats.

Amir feat. Jason Derulo – “Il y a”

“To all the passionate, the reckless, the misunderstood… This is our story I sing to you.” Ahead of his appearance at Junior Eurovision 2023, Amir has released the new pop single “Il y a” (“There is”). As is clear from the song’s intro, France’s Eurovision 2016 star has collaborated with American singer Jason Derulo. The pair sing of a desire deep within that is telling them to live life to the fullest: “There is, there is / This force which tells me ‘go, live, become’ / Like a refrain / There is, there is / This voice that tells me ‘next time / Don’t slow down’.”


2023 has been a standout year for ALIKA — winning Eesti Laul, finishing top ten at Eurovision, and now releasing her debut self-titled studio album. If you think the LP is just going to contain 13 power ballads akin to “Bridges”, then you’d be wrong. In fact, her Eurovision entry is almost the odd one out amongst the line-up. The Estonian star delivers a string of indie pop offerings with a mixture of languages — Estonian, English, Ukrainian, and Russian. There’s also a little Finnish influence, as UMK 2022 star BESS features on “Caviar”.

Sudden Lights & Gustavo – “Adata un diegs”

“Dod pieci!” (High five) is the Latvian branch of European charity marathon “Serious Request”, where radio stations broadcast for a week from a glass studio and invite people to donate in exchange for requesting songs. The focus of the event this year is to raise money for young people with behavioural problems. Eurovision 2023 band Sudden Lights are contributing to the cause by releasing the new single “Adata un diegs” (“Needle and thread”). They’ve collaborated with rapper Gustavo and discuss how loneliness can take over a person’s feelings: “Like a needle and a thread that passed through me / The feeling that I am alone here will never go away.”

Mia Nicolai – “Stuck”

“It’s true that I’ve been tryna let you go / But in my mind, in my mind / In my mind / You got stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck.” Dutch singer Mia Nicolai is thinking about a special somebody on loop in her brain. The Eurovision 2023 alumna has fallen for this person, but she doesn’t know if the feelings are reciprocated: “Are you out there finally feeling me?” This all comes packaged with catchy indie pop production and a foot-tapping chorus.

After a few years of dropping singles — “Hiob”, “Warszawianka (mrok)”, “Gaja”, “We Need a Coco” — Michał Szpak’s latest era is now peaking with the release of his new album Nadwiślański mrok. There are ten songs on the LP, in addition to two intros. They bring together experimental and indie rock themes for much of the album. But, there are also some more tender moments, such as with “Smutek (a może mniej)” [“Sadness (or maybe less)”]. The album version of this stripped-back song is six-minutes long, though the new music video cuts things down to 4:30 minutes. The video’s description goes into more detail:

“‘Smutek (a może mniej)’ is an emotional story about love. This is an intimate, inner dialogue of the soul from the Ego of the Artist. Musically very spacious and easygoing, completely personal. In the dynamic world of the entire Nadwiślański mrok is a moment when everything stops and the song becomes a confession. Her tempo, atmosphere, and message vibrate with sadness. It’s a story about inner loneliness that accompanies us even when we love someone. For the first time in a very long time we hear such a voice of Michał, pure, direct, singing straight into our ear. We encourage you to listen in the bedroom.”

Sergio Dalma – Sonríe porque estás en la foto

Sergio Dalma is smiling this week because he’s been able to release his new album. Sonríe porque estás en la foto (Smile because you are in the photo) contains a total of 14 songs, which includes the two preview singles “He cerrado los ojos para verte” and the LP’s title track. Another Eurovision alum features on the album — you can hear 2019 star Miki Núñez on “He tocat el cel”. But before you get too excited, note that the Conchita featured on “Luciérnagas” is not the one of Eurovision 214 fame.

The album comes with a new music video for the song “Madrid-Buenos Aires”, which is set on a plane — no prizes for guessing what this song is about. In the video’s description, Spain’s Eurovision 1991 singer notes how he currently feels free to experiment more with his music:

“I am in a stage of my career that feels like a highway, where I allow myself to run, increase the volume and risk a little more than necessary. With prudence and respect, but without fear of ‘what people will say’. Unprejudiced. Lighter, freer, dreamier and more eager to learn and experiment than ever. I hope you enjoy ‘Madrid-Buenos Aires’ and the rest of the songs in this new work. Thanks for staying in the photo with me.”

Samra – “Bərabərik”

Samra is using her new single, “Bərabərik” (“Equal”), to highlight the need for equality. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2016 representative is particularly shouting out for women’s rights: “We have the same right, we have the same right / If men are kings, we are crowns / Don’t think we need you […] The world is in our hands / In our hands / (equal) Not less, not more.” In a post on social media, Samra commented:

“Everyone has equal rights. The state guarantees the unity of the rights and freedoms of everyone, regardless of race, nationality, religion, language, gender, origin, property status, service title, belief, membership to political parties, partner unions and other public unions.”

Albina – “Strah”

Albina’s new single is titled “Strah”, which in English translates to “Fear”. But it’s not the Croatian star who is fearful. Rather, it’s her partner who sees fear creeping in whenever she’s not around: “Do your best, so that your lips remember the fear that remains when I’m gone / I’m gone, fear remains / You let me go knowingly, but I always bring you back, I don’t need a tool, I know you want me.” Through the R&B-pop ballad, the Eurovision 2021 entrant provides an interesting look at how it is the ‘cheater’ who often has the most insecurities.

Miro & Maria Ilieva – “Ако утре няма днес”

Miro was Bulgaria’s representative at Eurovision 2010. His new single “Ако утре няма днес” (“If tomorrow there is no today”) is a classic ballad filled with piano and string accompaniment. Miro is joined by Maria Ilieva for the duet, in which they sing about a love that will last throughout the years: “I breathe for you / I die for you / And if tomorrow there is no today / I love you!” Part of the music video is set in the past, circa 1940s, where Miro and Maria’s paths unfortunately diverge. But fast forward several decades and the pair are finally reunited — luckily, neither of them have seemingly aged during this time.

LUM!X & Jordan Rys – “Fireflies”

Owl City lit up the international music charts with their 2009 hit “Fireflies”. Now, 14 years later, LUM!X has given the song new life with his remix. Austria’s Eurovision 2022 DJ has joined forces with LA-based producer Jordan Rys for the revamp. They’ll both no doubt be lighting up the clubs with the song over the coming months.

Kati Wolf Band – “Szerelem az égben”

Kati Wolf and her band are continuing to build up to the release of their new album. The sophomore preview single is “Szerelem az égben” (“Love in the sky”). As soon as the first chorus hits, there’s an infectious energy that will quickly get the listener dancing along. The song has a slight retro vibe, with an ’80s feeling mixed into the pop-rock production.

Jan Johansen & Jessica Falk – “There’s Always Love”

Eurovision 1995 alum Jan Johansen has teamed up with fellow Swedish singer Jessica Falk. The pair are tapping into American country music for the new single “There’s Always Love” — the song itself was written by Falk during a trip to Nashville. Lyrically, Johansen and Falk bring a message of hope that love will always prevail amongst the dark moments of our lives: “When there seems to be no end to the night / Morning always comes and brings the light.”

Guy Sebastian – “Angels Brought Me Here, Again”

Guy Sebastian shot to stardom 20 years ago after winning the first edition of Australian Idol. To honour the anniversary, Australia’s Eurovision 2015 star has released a new version of his Idol winner’s single “Angels Brought Me Here”. The original was an emotional pop ballad. However, the 2023 rendition brings more of a party spirit courtesy of the added beats and production.

Andrew Lambrou – “Take My Breath Away”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 months ago

Love seeing BESS pop up on Alika’s album!

2 months ago

I can’t get to the end of Sudden Lights new song without crying. So beautiful and powerful,i can relate to lyrics so much, so painful yet so beautiful

2 months ago

S10 is absolutely gorgeous !