On Monday we learned that Electronic Pop icon and YouTube star Joost Klein is representing The Netherlands at Eurovision 2024. Wiwibloggs’ William had a chat with Joost to tease his entry for Malmö. What can we expect from Joost? How much of a party song can we expect from his entry?

Joost is most famous for his extreme high-tempo pop, with his song “Freisenjung” getting over 15 million views on YouTube. The track also reached number one in Germany and Austria – not bad news for getting some points in the Grand Final, should he get there. Despite this being his biggest success to date, he isn’t a one-trick pony. Let’s find out more…

The Selection Process

After a rare non-qualification for The Netherlands in 2023, the internal selection process was switched up. There were over 600 songs submitted for consideration to broadcaster AVROTROS – a record for the Dutch process – and a selection committee worked tirelessly to shortlist them though several stages. Joost Klein was the eventual winner of this operation, but it wasn’t easy for him.

Joost described entering the challenge as “a lot of blood, sweat and tears”. He says he “had to put [his] whole resumé out there” and that whilst he’s been able to play main stages in his career and is thankful for those opportunities, this “felt crazy, shaking, [like] this was the moment”.

When asked why he wanted to join this selection for Eurovision, Joost says “it always inspired me, ever since I was young. I come from a really small farmer village and I was watching it with my parents and it really inspired me that I could be myself in a weird way”. He describes viewing the “extravaganza” of Eurovision, with dancers and costumes. He says the comeptition insired him to do what he does now.

When approaching the opportunity, Joost says he purposely wrote the song for Eurovision specifically. With confidence, he says “Yes, I put weeks of work into this, over-taking every line.” He described Eurovision as “the epitome of what I do – it’s the perfect time for what I do”.

And what does Joost Klein do?

Joost’s description of his work is “modern art in a very Dutch jacket”. He uses an amusement park analogy to describe the experience he wishes to give: “I’m the whole experience of waiting in a line for a roller-coaster, being ON the roller-coaster and being like ‘that was way too short I want to do it again'”.

Where Joost can be known for making party anthems, there is a lot more. When asked which song he wants people to listen to, to understand him better, he says he is genre-fluid. Because of this, he wanted to give two songs with opposing vibes.

He declared people should listen to ‘Florida 2009’ for an emotional song, where he explains the pain in his heart. If they want something with more energy, listeners can go to ‘WachtMuziek’ – translating to Waiting Music. He says it is a “happy song with a party meaning”. 

Having listened to them, it is clear to see where the emotion comes from. Florida 2009 has a slower pace and talks about grief, and not having the normal times at home now someone has passed away. However there is another layer highlighting that there was abuse at home, but despite this still missing what the family had, like dancing and watching TV together. 

‘Wachtmuziek’ provides something musically different. It is in Dutch, however one lyric translated into English is “I have a disease, it’s a very specific one, I’m always panicking and they don’t have any therapies”. He says he feels “just like Justin Bieber, I just want to enjoy myself”. The song’s sound contradicts the sadness however, and provides a fast pace with joyful undertones. It really plays to a chaotic and frantic energy, which could allude to the content about panicking.


What is Joost Klein bringing to Malmö?

Dutch Head of Delegation Twan van der Nieuwenhuijzen has described Joost’s song for Malmö as “a mix of party and nostalgia”. When asked if the nostalgia of a Eurovision song carries special meaning for him, Joost says “it’s an iceberg that of course the mainstream sees the tip of the iceberg, but you have to dig deeper and that’s what I like about being an artist”. He proceeds to say “In every song I make I put a little piece of my own soul, and whilst you might not find it immediately, it is a challenge”.

In terms of his staging in Malmö, he says that where he can be involved, he will be invovled. He is a YouTuber (with nearly of a quarter million subscribers) who is used to doing absolutely everything himself. However, he is willing to loosen the reins a little. He says “What I also like about Eurovision is the chance to do a production like this. I take that so seriously that I’m willing to listen, whilst I’m so used to being in control”.

When giving three words to describe the song, he says “Hundred. Percent. Dutch!”. When WIlliam assumes this means the song has no English, Joost quickly dives in saying “I’m not saying that!”. He says he is proud of what the Dutch have presented in a music sense, and is therefore proud to hold the duty of representing them at Eurovision.

The Frisian way

Joost comes from the town of Leeuwarden in the north of The Netherlands (we don’t talk about William’s pronunciation) – in the Friesland area. The municipality has it’s own language, Frisian. Joost can listen to the difficult language but not necessarily speak it. He says being Frisian has changed the way he walks, and even speaks. He says it created him as a person, and that he’s thankful to his parents for allowing him to grow up there.

London Calling

The interview ends with an important question. Is Joost Klein coming to London Eurovision Party on April 7th at Outernet in the centre of the British capital?

Quite simply, Joost says “If there is a party, then Joost Klein is there!”. We cannot wait to witness the Joost Show!

What kind of song are you hoping to hear from Joost Klein at Eurovision 2024? With his empahsis on emotion hidden under the party sound, what emphasis will he bring to Malmö? What staging to you want to see from such a creative? Let us know what you think about Joost’s answers in the comments below!


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Jesse O'Rourke
Jesse O'Rourke
4 months ago

I like him

4 months ago

A cheap copy of Käärijä….

4 months ago
Reply to  Dida

He is making this kind of music long before kaarija was on the Eurovision stage, he is not s cheap copy, but this is a cheap comment.

Ferrari Fish
Ferrari Fish
4 months ago

And WHY did Holland not send Arjen Robben instead?

Better luck nekst time

frederic le frison
frederic le frison
4 months ago
Reply to  Ferrari Fish

Holland is not a country

4 months ago

He looks promising, can’t wait to hear the song. 🙂