It’s that time of year when we’re all getting into the festive spirit by preparing for Christmas and New Year. Amongst the food and presents, music often forms a big part of the holiday period.

Luckily for us, a plethora of Eurovision stars have taken time this year to release some new festive tunes that we can add to our Christmas playlists. So many in fact, we’ve split the songs up into two posts.

As you gather around the tree and enjoy the holiday, here’s a selection of the new Christmas songs from Eurovision artists that will help you celebrate the yuletide.

New music from Eurovision artists: Christmas 2023 | Part 1

Sam Ryder – “You’re Christmas To Me”

Sam Ryder, the representative of the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2022, delights us with an original Christmas song. He brings joy, and so does the song itself. It’s a perfectly happy and cheerful Christmas tune that will warm your heart and put a smile on your face. The music video extends an open invitation to Sam’s living room concert, attended by everyone, including Santa. As Sam himself mentioned, this might become your new favourite Christmas song.

The lyrics of his new song convey a message about finding happiness and festive cheer in our loved ones: “You’re the star up on the tree/ You’re the only gift I need/ And I’d use up all my wishes/ If it only made you see/ What a special time of year/ Full of joy and festive cheer/ There’s no better night for miracles/ And I believe/ ‘Cause you’re Christmas to me!”

Hannah Waddingham feat. Sam Ryder – “Run Rudolph Run”

Sam Ryder doesn’t stop here; his Christmas enthusiasm continues with a captivating collaboration with Hannah Waddingham. She was one of this year’s Eurovision hosts. Hannah and Sam bring some rock’n’roll vibes with their cover of “Run Rudolph Run,” a song originally released by Chuck Berry in 1958. Their collaboration is bound to make you dance while filling you with the joyous Christmas spirit. The cover serves as part of the soundtrack from Waddingham’s special TV programme Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas.

Subwoolfer & A1 – “I Think I Killed Rudolph”

Santa, we’ve got a problem! Subwoolfer addresses it in their new Christmas ballad, collaborating with Ben Adams’ original group, A1. Subwoolfer, the representatives of Norway in Eurovision 2022, share the tale of returning home for Christmas by car, loaded with gifts, a Christmas tree, and the anticipation of being home: “There’s snow on the road and it’s icy cold/ I can’t wait to see your face as soon I get home/ Got the car fully packed, filled with presents in fact/ Got a tree on the roof, driving giddy like a ten year old.”

However, in the midst of this serene Christmas scene, an accident takes place: “But then bang (bang), bang (bang)/ Bang, I hit something, oh, damn/ Oh dear, oh dear, what’s in my rear-view mirror/ A moose or a deer?/ Oh, I think I killed Rudolph this Christmas.”

As always, Subwoolfer maintain their signature humour and sarcasm in both their songs and videos. You’re sure to fall in love with their latest release. The song is also part of the soundtrack for the horror Christmas movie There’s Something in the Barn, and some scenes from the movie feature in the video too.

Remo Forrer – “Long Year”

Are you prepared for a ballad filled with emotions that might bring tears to your eyes? Remo represented Switzerland in Eurovision this year, and his new ballad stands apart from other Christmas songs by addressing the importance of acknowledging that it’s okay not to be okay during festive occasions. The song revolves around the theme of returning home and overcoming difficulties together with loved ones. The lyrics convey a comforting message: “Rest your worried head, I’m coming home/ And put the fire on, it’ll keep you warm/ ‘Cause I know it’s been a long, long year/ But tonight I can dry your tears/ And I hope that you can feel the love I feel/ You’ll be alright/ When the snow falls silent tonight.” Remo’s voice seamlessly embraces the song, creating a harmony that is difficult to describe in words.

Il Volo – 4 Xmas

The beloved Italian trio, Il Volo, who won the public’s vote at Eurovision 2015, have released a Christmas EP featuring covers of well-known Christmas songs from around the world. Their warm voices harmonise perfectly, creating a serene and outstanding performance for listeners. The EP includes four songs, starting with their 2022 cover of John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War is Over),” delivering a message of peace and love to their audience.

The other tracks are new additions. The EP features a cover of the famous gospel song “Amazing Grace,” known for being radio-popularised by Mahalia Jackson. The well-known Christmas song “O Tannenbaum” (Oh, Christmas Tree) is included with interpretations in English, German, and Italian. The part of the song where German and Italian are mixed is taken from Andrea Bocelli’s version of the song. The EP concludes with the joyful carol “Feliz Navidad,” originally belonging to José Feliciano and sung in a mix of English and Spanish. The covers take on a new colour as the trio infuses them with bel canto direction.

Agnetha Fältskog – “I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed (The Christmas Edition)”

Agnetha, a Eurovision legend who won Eurovision 1974 for Sweden with ABBA, has released a  festive remake of one of her older tracks. The original song was initially released in 2013 on the album A. The remake features a Christmas-inspired instrumental that adds warmth to the cold season. The lyrics are poignant, delving into the theme of losing someone dear and feeling a sense of loneliness: “The memories start to flow/ The pictures, me and you/ I keep them on the floor beside my bed/ Summer nights with you/ Walking hand in hand/ Why is love so hard to understand.”

Agnetha’s voice is unmistakable and remains unchanged, echoing the same sound as it did in 1974 when ABBA secured victory in the contest.

Teya & Salena – “Ho Ho Ho”

Between many songs about Santa, here’s a unique one that poses an intriguing question: “Who the hell is Santa’s wife?” Teya & Salena, who jointly represented Austria in this year’s Eurovision, have come together to offer their fans a Christmas song that also references their Eurovision track (“Who the hell is Edgar?”). This pop banger features numerous rap parts and introduces a new character, Gertrude, Santa’s wife, who resides at the North Pole. Although she may not be visible, she is portrayed as the mastermind behind the entire Christmas operation: “She the baddest, she a savage/ She makes the best cookies ever, she’s no average/ Think he schedules by himself?/ Then you’re mad, bitch/ Every kid got a gift, ’cause she planned shit/ Not the face of the campaign, but she is the brain/ Ain’t no side dish, honey, ’cause she’s the main.”

Enjoy their new track and animated lyric video while celebrating the female boss with the longest… list from the Pole.

Lake Malawi & Tamara Kramar – “Another Christmas Song”

Czech band Lake Malawi, known for their participation in Eurovision 2019, has released a new original song, a duet with Tamara Kramar. In this collaboration, Tamara’s and Albert’s voices blend perfectly. The slow and serene instrumental, paired with a cozy music video, sets the scene for a song about longing and missing a lover, but also about giving love another chance: “It’s cozy and warm on the train going home but/ There’s something wrong today/ I don’t know what to say/ To people who ask me about you/ Come on, come on, come on, come on/ Just call me and say you’re coming home/ To me/ Me.”

The acoustic nature of the song contributes to creating a perfect Christmas atmosphere, prompting reflection of the loved ones in our lives.

Elena Gheorghe – “Magia sarbatorilor”

The popular “Balkan Girl” who represented Romania in Eurovision back in 2009 is here to delight you with an original Christmas track, entirely in Romanian. The song is titled “Holidays’ Magic,” and in the music video, Elena is accompanied by an adorable furry friend that will melt your heart. The video is shot in the Romanian city of Sibiu, showcasing the enchanting Sibiu Christmas Fair, one of Romania’s most beautiful Christmas fairs. It also captures the tradition of singing carols from door to door with friends.

In Romanian traditions, children receive sweets and fruits in exchange for their singing, as the carollers go from door to door to announce that Christmas is approaching. The lyrics focus on the magic of Christmas: “It’s snowing, snowing, it’s holiday time/ A wish is coming true for everyone/ On this big night.”

Andrzej Piaseczny & Kacper Dworniczak – Jeszcze zanim Świętawięta

Are you ready for a Polish Christmas? Under the name Piasek, Andrzej represented his country in Eurovision 2001. Alongside Kacper, they have released an album featuring 12 tracks, all in Polish for an authentic experience. If you’re interested in exploring carols beyond the well-known English ones, this album is a fantastic choice. It includes traditional famous Polish carols as well as some original tunes. The album is titled Even Before the Christmas Holidays.

You’ll discover joyful and energetic carols, such as their original song “Zanim Święta” (Before Christmas), along with some of the most popular Polish carols like “Lulejże mi, lulej” (Lull gently, lullaby), “Tak jak śnieg” (Just like snow), or “Kto Wie?” (Who knows?).

Trijntje represented the Netherlands in 2015. Now she comes with a question within her song: “What U Doing For Christmas?” Her upbeat track is sure to put you in a festive mood instantly, marking the first addition to our playlist in the country music genre. The lyrics go, “What u doing for Christmas?/ Are you going away?/ ‘Cause I’m throwing a party/ On my favourite day,” making it clear that the song serves as an invitation to enjoy Christmas with fun and cheer.

Trijntje herself described the song as perfect for decorating the Christmas tree while listening to it: “We’ve only just begun!! Christmas is in the air. Music to decorate your tree to! So get those decorations out of the attic and go!”

Roxen – “In Inima Craciun” & “Iar e Craciun”

Roxen, who was selected to represent Romania in 2021 (following the cancellation in 2020), is back with two Christmas carols filled with warmth, honesty, and pure emotions.

Her first song, “În inimă Crăciun” (Christmas in the Heart), is an open letter to Santa where she confesses that she is finally feeling happy and able to sense the Christmas magic in her heart: “Santa, how are you?/ It’s been a while since we talked last time/ I want you to know that I am fine now/ I already have with me everything I wished for/ With bags full of presents, I’m coming back home/ To finally see my dear ones/ Santa, how are you?/ In my heart, there’s a happy Christmas.”

Her second song, “Iar e Crăciun” (It’s Christmas Again), is a song about Jesus’ birth and all the blessings that he brings on Christmas: “Your love/ Is the most expensive gift/ In my life/ You were born again.” Roxen has taken these Romanian carols and shaped them to perfectly fit her musical style that fans love. About her second song, Roxen said:

“They say that 2000 years ago on Christmas day, the man who changed the world was born, and I sing about him with all my love on his birthday. Happy birthday Jesus! Happy holidays to all, dear and beautiful people!”

Beth, Miki Núñez et al. – The Spirit of Christmas

Miki is remembered as the representative of Spain in Eurovision 2019, while Beth represented her country in 2003. Their latest Christmas project is an intriguing collaboration with Simfònica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya, featuring various artists who contributed their voices to create the perfect Christmas choir. Both Miki and Beth are part of covers such as “Christmas Duets” (Elvis Presley), “Last Christmas” (Wham!), “American Christmas” (a medley of famous American Christmas songs), “The Spirit of Christmas” (original song), “Nadal a Catalunya” (a medley of famous Spanish Christmas songs), and “El caganer/Feliz Navidad” (País de Xauxa/ José Feliciano).

Additionally, Beth lends her vocals to “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” originally by Bing Crosby and popularised by Frank Sinatra. The variety of this album is incredible, offering you the chance to discover your favourite Christmas tunes. You can also find a studio video for a separate pop version of “The Spirit of Christmas.”

Tusse & April Snow – “I Won’t Spend Christmas On My Own”

Tusse, who competed for Sweden in 2021, is now lending his voice to a beautiful Christmas ballad. The original song captures the essence of a very personal Christmas letter and is presented as a duet with April Snow. The heartfelt lyrics go: “It’s been too long/ Where have you gone?/ I wanna see your face, laughing in the snow/ ‘Cause I won’t spend Christmas on my own.” The song features a dialogue between two voices, Tusse and April Snow, expressing the emotions of longing and the desire for reconnection with loved ones during the holiday season.

Paula Seling – Colaj Colinde

Paula Seling has participated in Eurovision twice, in both 2010 and 2014, both times in a duet with Ovi. Paula has released a compilation of carols that includes 15 Romanian tracks, all well-known in the Romanian traditional carol sphere, with many of them being old carols that use archaic expressions. Among the most renowned carols she covered are “Cerul și pământul” (The Sky and The Earth), “O ce veste minunată” (Oh, what wonderful news!), and “Florile dalbe” (White Flowers). Paula will enchant you with her voice.

Goran Karan – “Za ovaj Božić”

As we continue our journey collecting Christmas songs from all over Europe, our next stop is Croatia. Goran represented his country in 2000, and now he’s back with a new song titled “For this Christmas.” His latest track is a perfect Christmassy love song in Croatian that will have you and your dear one dancing to its tune: “Come to my place this Christmas/ We will decorate a pine tree next to each other/ I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time/ I’ve been thinking of the right plan for a long time/ To make this Christmas Eve really special.”

In the music video, Goran invites us into his atelier, creating an atmosphere filled with dance, decorations, and good vibes, which are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Björn Skifs – “Dreaming A Dream Of Christmas” & “Funny What A Little Christmas Can Do”

Björn has an iconic double participation in Eurovision for Sweden, first in 1978 and then again in 1981. Now, he brings a double release — two adorable Christmas songs — to set the festive mood. They are the new additions for his extended album It’s Christmas Again.

“Dreaming A Dream Of Christmas” is joyful and energetic, infused with sweetness as it talks about the little things that make Christmas better. On the other hand, “Funny What A Christmas Can Do” is slower, featuring a magnificent piano in its instrumental, making it a perfect soundtrack for watching the snow outside with a glass of wine. With these two tunes, Björn offers a delightful variety to suit different musical preferences.

Nico & Florin Ciobanu – “Chiar de Crăciun”

Nico, who competed for Romania alongside Vlad Miriță in 2008, is back with a delightful Christmas song in collaboration with Florin Ciobanu. This lovely duet features their voices, with Florin’s piano skilfully embracing the entire track. The song, titled “Right on Christmas,” emphasises the importance of being good, cherishing your loved ones: “Do not forget/ What’s valuable/ There would be no meaning without the dear ones/ I want you to show them/ How much you love them/ Acts instead of words, that’s what I want you to learn.” The music video complements the song with a perfect and cozy Christmas atmosphere that’s simply inviting.

Ester Peony & Andrei Banuta – “M-o Trimis Mama La Capre” & “Marut Margaritar”

We stay in Romania with the song that concludes part one of our Christmas new music roundup. Ester, who represented Romania in 2019, collaborates with Andrei Bănuță to perform two traditional Christmas carols from the rural Romanian area. In the live video, you can enjoy Ester’s flawless high notes while also admiring her traditional costume. The first song, “M-o Trimis Mama La Capre” (My mom sent me with the goats), narrates the story of going with the goats to graze in the forest and encountering a wolf. The second song creates a more joyful and cheerful atmosphere with “Măruț, Mărgăritar,” a well-known traditional carol that will immerse you in the festive vibes of Romanian Christmas traditions.

Which of these new Christmas songs is your favourite? Which festive tracks by Eurovision stars do you enjoy playing during the holiday period? Let us know in the comments below.

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ESC Lover
ESC Lover
1 month ago

Dear wiwibloggs, could you please react to Polish front-runner for Eurovision Justyna Steczkowska?

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Cozmin COZMA
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Roxen is really on the wave!

1 month ago

I’m glad Roxen is fine and well, she disappeared for two and a half months, got me worried honestly.