The Eurovision 2024 season is beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 2

Sam Ryder & Kim Min Seok – “Back In Love”

Are there any K-pop fans here? We’re starting this post strong, as this week brings an exciting collaboration between Eurovision star Sam Ryder and Korean actor and rapper Kim Min Seok. Sam Ryder, who achieved remarkable success for the UK in Eurovision 2022, has joined forces with Kim Min Seok to deliver a soul-touching ballad. The new track, entirely in English, features Ryder as one of the lyricists. Their voices seamlessly blend, creating a celestial harmony.

The song delves into the theme of lingering emotions from a past relationship and the longing for a loved one’s return: “What’s the point of leaving the house today?/ Ain’t nothing outside of these walls/ Worth getting up out of bed anyway/ Plus you still haven’t called/ Life’s like a big empty cage, and I’m in it/ Keep checking my goddamn phone every minute.”

The collaboration between Sam Ryder and Kim Min Seok began during the Eurovision silver medallist’s initial visit to Seoul. Their friendship and creative partnership have continued to flourish ever since. The song has already claimed top positions on the Korean chart, Melon Music.

Chanel – ¡AGUA! 

Chanel, the iconic Spanish representative of 2022, has finally unveiled her much-anticipated album, ¡AGUA!. Featuring 12 mind-blowing tracks, this album showcases Chanel at her absolute best. Describing the album-making process as “crazy and an adventure,” Chanel’s hard work and dedication shine through in the final results.

¡AGUA! includes exciting collaborations with Abraham Mateo, Ptazeta, Maikel Delacalle, Zé Felipe, Rocco Hunt, and FMK. The album offers a mix of energetic bangers that will make you dance, alongside a deep and touching track, “Agua,” which concludes the album beautifully.

Listeners will recognise some familiar hits (such as “Ping Pong,” “Clavaito,” “Loka” and more) as well as her Eurovision success, “SloMo.” However, ¡AGUA! also introduces several new and captivating tracks that are sure to capture your heart. As a special treat, Chanel has released a new music video for “Ahora Que No Te Tengo.” Get tangled in the addictive allure of this song!

Zlata Ognevich – Віддаю

Zlata, who represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, has recently released the new EP Віддаю (I Give), named after her November 2023 single. The record features five songs, including the new single titled “Nothing is Accidental.” The song, launched on 12 January to coincide with Zlata’s birthday, exudes the vibrant sound reminiscent of the 00s, making it a unique and nostalgic addition to your playlist. The accompanying music video provides a glimpse into Zlata’s life, even featuring footage from her childhood. The lyrics are about life’s challenges, expressing the idea that everything happens for a reason: “Nothing is accidental/ On the contrary/ So many questions, questions: Who are we? Read the truth between the lines!”

About the lyrics, Zlata explained: “Everything that happens in life is not accidental, and one must learn to read between the lines of this connection.”

Zlata Ognevich – “Співаю (Ла-ла-ла)”

There’s even more from Zlata this week. The singer is part of the latest episode of online project МУЛЬТИТРЕК (MULTITRACK) – a YouTube series that sees Ukrainian artists compete against each other to create brand new songs within just a few hours. Zlata’s final product is “Співаю (Ла-ла-ла)” [“Singing (la-la-la)”]. It’s a fun pop track with a simple but catchy refrain featuring a very common Eurovision lyric — la, la, la.

Alle Farben & Lewis Thopmson feat. Mae Muller – “Love Hurt Repeat”

Mae Muller, who represented the United Kingdom in Eurovision last year, has recently announced a hiatus from music. She revealed that the past year has been the most intense period of her life, leading to creative and emotional fatigue. Taking a step back to reconnect with herself and define the artist she aspires to be, Mae assured her fans of her eventual return. Before her hiatus, Mae has collaborated with German DJ Alle Farben and British DJ Lewis Thompson on their latest track. This club hit showcases Mae’s vocals and is sure to be a perfect addition to any dance playlist. Accompanying the song is a lyric video designed as a captivating collage.

The lyrics of the song convey a sense of déjà vu, with Mae singing, “Feels like I’ve been here before like a thousand times/ You could fill a river up with the tears I’ve cried/ Yeah, it always goes so wrong when it feels alright/ ‘Cause every time it goes like: Love, hurt, repeat.” In a way, “love, hurt, repeat” becomes the modern-day equivalent of “eat, pray, love.”

Salvador Sobral & Lau Noah – “Wooden Chair”

Salvador Sobral, who secured Portugal’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017, has recently collaborated with Spanish artist Lau Noah on a new acoustic track. In this enchanting collaboration, Lau Noah takes charge of the guitar instrumental, seamlessly harmonising her voice with Salvador, resulting in a vocal blend that feels otherworldly. Their ballad revolves around the creation of a wooden chair, symbolising a place of rest and reprieve. The lyrics delve into themes of love, expressing the sentiment of crafting a bench for a loved one to stay beside for their entire life: “If you kiss the blisters on my little hands/ So tired from carving all lonely/ I’ll pick up some wood and make a little bench/ To rest by my side for you only.”

The accompanying music video features both artists performing the song in the studio. The track is part of Lau Noah’s album A Dos. Lau Noah shared the entire story behind this song in a detailed Instagram post:

“Salvador is a wizard. An alchemist who turns everything into gold. It’s not his voice (though it’s one of the best I’ve heard in my life) as many people would believe; but his way to see life, forever preserving an innocence and child-like capacity to see it all, what makes him so absolutely important. He keeps things alive. This song is the first one I recorded for the album. I hadn’t seen Sal in over 10 years, and we met again after all this time in the best way possible: to share the highest, purest form of human connection: to sing a story of love, of hope for love. That’s all we’ve got. Hope.”

Douwe Bob – “Nothing to Lose”

Douwe Bob, who represented the Netherlands at Eurovision back in 2016, is back with a very catchy pop song that is sure to grab your attention. The music video of his new track was filmed in Japan and the track exudes a modern pop vibe, making it a perfect candidate for radio play.

The lyrics of the song capture a sense of romantic adventure, with lines like “Babe let’s get in the car/ I’ll drive you away to wherever you choose/ Where nobody knows who we are/ There is no reason to stay/ We’ve got nothing to lose.” The theme revolves around the uncertainties of love, yet there’s a willingness to escape to a distant place with a loved one. This new song is set to be part of Douwe’s highly anticipated album, Where Did All The Cool Kids Go?!, which will be released on Valentine’s Day this year. 

Michael Schulte & Norma Jean Martine – “If you love me”

Michael Schulte, the remarkable German representative from 2018, returns with a touching ballad that earns a special place in our playlists. This time, he collaborates with the talented American artist Norma Jean Martine. The black and white music video (which includes studio takes) complements the emotional depth of the song, featuring two marvellous voices and touching lyrics.

The lyrics of the song convey a plea for closeness, the lack of power to admit that a relationship is over: “Can you hold me just a little bit closer?/ I’m not ready to admit that we’re over/ We’re just breakin’, we’re not broke/ If you love me, don’t let me go/ Just keep hangin’ on a little bit longer/ ‘Cause the pain is only gonna get stronger/ I can’t take this on my own/ If you love me, if you love me, don’t let me go.” Michael’s new track encourages us to give love another chance, capturing the complexities of relationships and the desire to hold on despite the challenges.

Stella Mwangi – “Talk That Talk”

Stella Mwangi, who represented Norway at Eurovision back in 2011, is back with a powerful rap track that’s sure to leave you speechless. Her new song is a rap banger where she effortlessly dominates with her strong and confident delivery. The lyrics showcase Stella’s unapologetic attitude: “Look like I’m crashing the party/ Bling bling them diamonds all on me/ Broke lames get played like Atari/ You wanna get wild bring that safari/ Rude boy want his hands on my body/ They playin’ Dale Done Dale/ I’m making waves like tsunami/ Nobody out here gone stop me.” In these lines, Stella makes it loud and clear that she’s unstoppable, exuding confidence and a sense of empowerment.

Alain Chamfort feat. Sébastien Tellier – “Whisky Glace”

Alain Chamfort, the French singer, has crafted a classy and mysterious song with a jazzy vibe, featuring a collaboration with Sébastien Tellier, France’s representative from Eurovision 2008. The track is a sophisticated piece, elevated by the inclusion of a wonderful orchestra in its instrumental arrangement. The song’s atmosphere is evocative, transporting listeners into a cinematic experience where they might feel like they’re part of a movie, with the music serving as the soundtrack. Alternatively, it sets the perfect mood for a relaxing evening on a terrace, accompanied by a glass of whisky.

Piqued Jacks – “Aria”

Piqued Jacks, the Italian rock band that represented San Marino last year, are kicking off the new year with a fresh start, marking an important step in their career. Despite having been active since 2006, “Aria” (Air) is their first Italian single. The song brings back the beloved rock vibes that define Piqued Jacks’ music, signalling a new chapter for the band.

In the lyrics, the band conveys a powerful metaphor: “It’s like I’m wood/ Which is consumed slowly/ Waiting for the fire to dig inside me/ The spark goes off/ I always follow you/ You guide me, guide me.” The song explores the theme of finding a guiding light in moments of turmoil when everything seems to be burning down, reinforcing the idea of a fresh start.

The band described the song as “A new skin, to challenge ourselves and push ourselves where we have not yet been, a call to that person who can guide us out of the emptiest days.”

Kristian Fabrizio feat. JOWST – “La Luna”

JOWST, who represented Norway in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, is taking a delightful detour into Latin influences with his latest release. Collaborating with Norwegian artist Kristian Fabrizio, they present “La Luna” (The Moon), a song sung entirely in Spanish. The track explores the theme of bidding farewell to a loved one who has become an addiction. This song is a fusion of styles and JOWST shared some insights about their new song:

“For the first time ever, I have been part of creating a Latin song with Spanish lyrics. It was a very fun project to write a song I didn’t understand the words of, but Kristian Fabrizio explained everything to me, so I think I know what the song is about.”

Koza Mostra – “Elvis”

Koza Mostra, the Greek band that represented their country in Eurovision 2013 alongside Agathonas Iakovidis, has released a new and complex song that, somehow, pays tribute to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. The track encompasses a diverse range of elements, blending rock music with traditional Greek influences, creating a unique and captivating sound.  The complexity of the song is complemented by its humorous lyrics, a trademark of Koza Mostra’s music: “Gotta let it go, I don’t need your sympathy, don’t need it no no/ Elvis has left the building and that’s a go go, don’t mess with me I’m your nightmare and you know, NO..!” The inclusion of the expression “Elvis has left the building,” historically used by announcers to disperse audiences hoping for an encore at Elvis Presley concerts, adds a playful touch to the song.

Vanja Radovanović – “Braća po nesreći”

Vanja Radovanović, who represented Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, has released a new song titled “Brothers by Accident.” The lyrics delve into the relationships between neighbouring countries around Montenegro. The song poses questions about whether neighbours have fought together or shared moments of camaraderie. The underlying message of the song is a call for reconciliation between neighbouring nations and a plea for a harmonious coexistence. Vanja aims to open people’s eyes to the possibility of living in peace and happiness.

The song’s profound theme is reinforced by a powerful voice whispering at the beginning of the song: “Mržnja ne može protjerati mržnju,” which translates to “Hate cannot drive out hate.” These words belong to Martin Luther King Jr. and are part of a longer quote from his book Strength To Love, published in 1963. The full quote goes, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”


New national final songs from Eurovision artists

As fans will attest, once you’ve got the Eurovision bug it’s hard to let go. So it’s no wonder that every year some past participants of the contest want to have another chance at representing their country.

Here are the new songs from Eurovision stars released this week that have been entered into a national selection for Eurovision 2024.

It’s fantastic news for fans as MÉLOVIN makes a return to Vidbir, following his representation of Ukraine in 2018 where he captured the hearts of the public. The track carries a powerful message about pursuing dreams and staying committed to them. The lyrics convey a resilient spirit and determination, with lines like: “I wanted to be a dreamer/ It took some time to believe in/ They spilled my blood, called me a sinner/ They want me shut, so I lifted my voice.” About the message of his new song, MÉLOVIN said:

“Listen to it and finally get back to your personal dreams that you’ve been putting off. This is why I’m here for you! This is your song! Let it in, it will make all your dreams come true!”

Agnese Rakovska – “AI” (Supernova)

Agnese, who previously represented Latvia in 2017 as the lead vocalist of the band Triana Park, is back, and fans are thrilled to see her return in the Latvian national selection, Supernova. Her latest offering is has a futuristic and electronic vibe, titled “AI,” where “AI” stands for “Artificial Intelligence.”

The lyrics of the song touch on the theme of technological advancements and how money can acquire many things, but there are certain aspects of life that remain invaluable: “Artificial intelligence/ Artificial intelligence/ Let’s dive in the Milky Way/ It’s not that far away/ Some things are not for sale/ Money can’t buy love.” The track paints a picture of an intergalactic and surreal soundscape.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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So Valentine’s Day will be even busier than usual for Bob…..

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seonghee park
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Kim Min Seok is member of ballad group ‘MeloMance’. Not actor & rapper.

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Aria <3