The Eurovision 2024 season is beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 3

Jamala – “Мій брате”

The first song of this week is a profoundly emotional one. Jamala brought the trophy back home to Ukraine in 2016. Her latest Ukrainian song, titled “My Brother” in translation, is brimming with emotions and is sure to evoke tears. Presented in the form of a letter, the song begins by reminiscing about childhood memories and progresses to a poignant farewell to a now-deceased brother: “Time does not heal, it only dulls the pain/ Time leaves the most important things in memory/ I am writing a letter, it is worth the effort/ I write through tears, and in response, there is silence.” Accompanied by a lyrics video featuring Jamala herself, the song captures the anxiety of awaiting an answer that will never come, serving as a reminder to cherish the presence of our loved ones while they are still with us. Jamala shared the story behind the song in an Instagram post:

“One year ago in January, I lost a very close friend who was like a brother to me. Memories of him were embodied in the song ‘My brother’. This is a song/dedication to all the brothers and sisters you didn’t have time to say the important things to. During these two years of war in Ukraine, there are, unfortunately, a lot of similar stories. The least we can do for the people we loved who died protecting us is to remember and remember them and quote them. Write them a letter.”

Jessica Mauboy – “Forget You”

Jessica was the Australian representative at Eurovision 2018, and now she’s back with a groovy pop song that will have you dancing in no time. Prepare to be captivated by Jessica’s powerful and addictive voice. The lyrics convey a message of reclaiming control and stepping away from toxicity: “Life is good taking back all that you took that you thought I never could/ Don’t make me play your games ‘cause I’m no longer the same.” With confidence, she walks away from negativity, reclaiming what’s rightfully hers and embracing a future filled with better days.

Accompanied by a charming music video, Jessica portrays resilience in the face of a rough day, all the while maintaining confidence and a positive outlook. The video also features Jessica’s adorable puppy, Leonardo ‘Leo’ Mauboy, adding an extra layer of warmth and joy. This song is a sneak peek into her upcoming album, scheduled to be released next month. Jessica, speaking about her new track, shared some confidence by saying:

“This song is about taking back what’s yours! Whether you’re dealing with a tough boss, going through a breakup, or waking up from a nightmare, we’ve all faced challenges that try to hold us back. You have the strength to say a big ‘Forget You’ to anything standing in your way.”

ALYOSHA & Fabio De Vincente – “Via dall’Inferno (Розбити Вавілон)”

ALYOSHA, Ukraine’s participant in the 2010 edition of Eurovision, presents a captivating new song. This intriguing and powerful composition blends Ukrainian and Italian, featuring Fabio De Vincente. Titled “Away from Hell (Break Babylon),” the song was written by Vincente in lockdown. He later collaborated with ALYOSHA, inviting her to feature on the track and contribute the chorus. A music video can be expected very soon.  ALYOSHA has shared insights into the lyrics and the chorus she wrote:

“The content of the song is very important. It encourages reflection on spiritual matters hidden in the soul, subconsciousness, and the best manifestations of humanity. In the choruses, I metaphorically counteract selfish manifestations, symbolized by the Tower of Babel, to the other side — the soul of a person. If your ‘tower’ is built — break it, because that’s where your soul is imprisoned. Close your eyes and ears — in this state, direct connections between space and time reveal spiritual knowledge.”

Barbara Pravi – “Bravo”

Barbara Pravi, the unforgettable French artist who made her country proud in 2021, is back with a new track titled “Bravo.” This song delivers the uplifting words we all need to hear, accompanied by a music video that radiates Barbara’s genuine energy. The track takes you on a journey, starting slowly and evolving into a true disco-pop banger reminiscent of the late ’70s. “Bravo” serves as a reminder to celebrate ourselves and others for the little achievements we often overlook. It acknowledges the hard work and resilience invested in each day, urging us to recognise our progress: “So Bravo, Bravo for being, Bravo for breathing/ Bravo for doing what you can/ To become what you want/ Oh, oh bravo, Bravo for doing, Bravo for continuing/ Yes, it’s part of the dance to be stepped on/ I say bravo/ Otherwise who will say it?”

This empowering anthem will be part of Barbara’s upcoming album. Embrace its energy, and let it inspire you to acknowledge your progress and hard work as you listen.

mor ve ötesi – “Boğaziçi”

Turkish band mor ve ötesi participated in Eurovision back in 2008. Eagerly anticipating Türkiye’s return, we are delighted by the music of its former participants. Their track is a well-composed alternative rock piece, showcasing the beauty of the Turkish language. Titled “Bosporus,” it’s a cover of the 1998 song originally performed by Turkish rock band Kargo. mor ve ötesi are set to release a tribute album for Kargo, celebrating the incredible musical influence the band had in the ’90s and ’00s.

The song delves into the theme of the Bosporus, symbolising the separation between the East and the West and exploring cultural differences: “Life is quiet in the East/ In terms of silence/ In the West/ Life’s like a precious stone/ Keeping silent is a virtue in the East/ In terms of merit/ In the West/ It’s like a worthless right.” The song comes as wish for the separation created by the Bosporus to be overcome. 

Ezgi Arıkan feat. Ferman Akgül – “Anka”

The next song keeps us in Turkey, as it marks a collaboration between Ezgi Arıkan and maNga’s lead singer, Ferman Akgül. The Turkish rock band maNga competed in Eurovision back in 2010. Their track is titled “Phoenix,” a powerful ballad that showcases Ezgi’s incredible vocals complemented by Ferman’s rap, creating a perfect synergy. Experience the uplifting sensation of rising like a phoenix while listening to this delightful collaboration.

Andrei Ursu – Cântece de Inimă and “Noaptea ne fură iubiri” (with Theo Rose)

Andrei Ursu, best known by his previous stage name wrs, brought pride to Romania in 2022. While Eurovision fans may remember him for his Latin style, he’s embraced a new musical direction in his latest EP, Cântece de Inimă (Songs from the Heart). The entire record is a tribute to the Romanian music scene of the late ’60s and early ’70s. For the upcoming week, the full EP (5 songs) is exclusively available on Andrei’s official website, and soon after, it will be accessible on all streaming platforms. You can listen to the EP here.

As part of the EP, Andrei has collaborated with fellow Romanian artist Theo Rose, for the song titled “The Night Steals Our Loves” in English. The song takes listeners on a sentimental journey, reminiscent of his previously released tracks from the EP. Together with Theo Rose, their voices complement each other perfectly. “The night steals our loves/ And the night also binds them/ Where it hides them, we do not know/ Will we ever find out?/ We run madly/ It sees us and just laughs/ The night knows that new loves are waiting for us in the world.” In their lyrics, the night is strongly associated with love, bringing joy, heartache, and new adventures.

Apollo On The Run feat. Teya – “Play Pretend”

Teya competed last year for Austria, together with Salena. Her new song is a collaboration with Apollo On The Run. The track features a dark and funky sound that is mysterious and will pique your curiosity. The lyrics include lines such as “I’ll take my revenge/ You play pretend, I play pretend,” addressing a love gone wrong. The revenge is depicted as being reciprocated with the same insincerity: fake feelings and playing pretend.

Timebelle & Hunter Falls – “Broken Hearts”

Timebelle, the Swiss representatives in Eurovision 2017, have collaborated with Hunter Falls, a Belgian artist who participated in Belgium’s national selection Eurosong 2023. Their new ballad is a tribute to those with broken hearts, capturing the sentiments of anyone feeling shattered and expressing the yearning for someone missed dearly. The lyrics convey the emotional plea: “Do you miss me?/ Tell me you care/ Do you believe me/ When I say/ I sing this song for the broken ones/ Just like us/ This is for the broken hearts.” Miruna, the vocalist of Timebelle, dedicated this heartfelt piece to her late father, as shared in a touching Instagram post:

“Today would have been my father’s birthday, so I wish to dedicate this song to him. From all the people in my life, he must have been the most broken one. I think I will for ever feel sorry for not mending his broken heart. I did not know how.. Happy birthday, dad!”

Friðrik Ómar – “Í Farlægð”

In 2008, Friðrik Ómar represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest as part of the Euroband duo. His latest album, titled At Distance, features 10 tracks, all in Icelandic. The serene and peaceful songs are ideal for the winter snowy period. The album includes two collaborations, one with Friðrik Dór and the other with Pálmi Gunnarsson. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this album and enjoy the soothing melodies.

We Are Domi – “Glow”

We Are Domi demonstrated their ability to shine whether the lights are on or out, representing the Czech Republic in Eurovision 2022. Brace yourself for their distinctive fusion of pop and electronic music, as they return with full power. Their new song features the lyrics: “Oh it’s so cold up here/ Can you feel it?/ Can you feel it?/ I don’t want to disappear/ Can you hear me? Can you hear me?” The lyrics express the sentiment that even as the cold winter approaches, with its snow and long nights, the best course of action is to learn to shine in the darkness.

Mike Tramp – “Ham Vi Vil Være”

Mike is a well-known Danish artist, renowned as the frontman of the metal band White Lion. He represented Denmark as part of the band Mabel in 1978. His latest song, “He Who We Want To Be Like,” is an alternative track that showcases Mike’s voice perfectly. It exudes a cozy atmosphere with strong lyrics that reflect on life examples. This track is set to be included on Mike Tramp’s upcoming Danish album titled Mand Af En Tid (Man of a Time).

Theodor Andrei – “Preludiu: ECHILIBRU.”

Theodor Andrei, who competed for Romania last year, has released a new rap song titled “Prelude: Equilibrium.” In this track, Theodor impresses listeners with an incredible flow and delivers strong lyrics that touch upon the challenges artists face. The lyrics seem to be a response to the negativity and hate he has encountered throughout his musical career. Here’s an excerpt: “I am what I didn’t want to be or dreamed of but couldn’t be/ I am everything you’d wish for, I am the truth and more/ And everything you see in the media, do you still believe it’s real?/ I don’t let Wikipedia change me, nor the checkmark on Instagram/ Money won’t change me, fame won’t, I’ll still be as I was/ I am the child who cried in a corner, always spit on and beaten/ You’re not enough, we’re not the same/ You’re not capable, you’re not sufficient/ Who do you think you are?/ Who are you really?/ A controversy? Woman? Man?/ You’re a disaster, conceited/ Disappointment but also arrogant/ Child-adult. Young-old/ I am an artist. I am who I am.”

The music video includes numerous Eurovision references, from a voodoo doll featured in the national selection to Theodor’s iconic pink Eurovision suit. Additionally, there’s a visible reference to a scandal he had with Romania’s national broadcaster TVR.

Petra Frey – “Liebe bleibt ein großes Wunder”

Petra represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994. Her latest song, “Love Remains a Big Miracle,” is a schlager track that is sure to captivate you with its incredibly catchy melody. The music video features Petra shining and a collection of memories of love that transcends everywhere and everyone. The lyrics convey a powerful and optimistic message about love, stating: “Love remains a great miracle, and when it sinks, it resurfaces with pearls.”

Anxhela Peristeri – “Para teje”

Anxhela represented Albania at Eurovision back in 2021. Her latest song, “Before You,” is a sincere ballad infused with traditional influences, showcasing Anxhela’s unique voice and the originality of the Albanian sound. The poignant lyrics express her emotions: “Did you ever love me?/ Tell me why you’re not listening to me/ Did you ever really believe in our love?/ ‘Cause my tears are going to kill you/ Even when you hold someone else in your arms/ May the Lord give you what you deserve.” In this new song, Anxhela invokes God and karma to take care of the lover who broke her heart. The accompanying music video adds an emotional element to the heartfelt lyrics. Watch the music video here.


New national final songs from Eurovision artists

As fans will attest, once you’ve got the Eurovision bug it’s hard to let go. So it’s no wonder that every year some past participants of the contest want to have another chance at representing their country.

Here are the new songs from Eurovision stars released this week that have been entered into a national selection for Eurovision 2024.

Max Mutzke – “Forever Strong” (Das Deutsche Finale)

We turn to Germany, where Max, after proudly representing his country in 2004, is eager to return and compete once again for the chance to represent Germany in Eurovision. His latest song is a captivating ballad that complements his voice, highlighting his vocal skills and warm tone. The song carries a powerful message about maintaining strength in the face of challenges that arise in love: “I don’t know where we are going/ But I know where I belong/ All I can do is keep on flying/ While my heart is busy tryin’ to stay forever/ Stay forever strong.” Max’s new ballad delivers a resonant message about resilience in the realm of love. About his song, Max declared:

“‘Forever Strong’ is a plea for hope, togetherness and mindfulness for others, especially in uncertain times like these. The song appeals to all people to stay strong in their hearts and believe in the good.”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Petra’s song is my favorite on this list

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Wow, Timebelle‘s new song is really good, very passionate. I really like the singers voice.